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So you wanna be a pilot?
Dream a common word to us and it is a vision of what we fantasize for our future. I believe everyone of us have a dream, at least at some point of our lives. And if we don’t have a dream, how can we have a dream come true?

My dream is to be an airline pilot. My dream started way before I was born, sounds weird don’t you think? It actually started with my father when he was as young as I am now. Sadly due to circumstances he failed to join the Royal Air Force, just by missing a point in his interview. But the irony is, he still ended up in the airline business. He is not in front as a pilot but behind with passengers as a steward.

Five years later, in the year 1989 I was born and was taken for my first maiden flight to Auckland, New Zealand, which also happens to be on my father’s 26th birthday. I was just over 60 days old then. I could have been one of the youngest baby who managed to enter the cockpit and be placed on the captain’s arms. While I was still wondering what are those blinking gadgets surrounding me in the cockpit, the captain told my father that one day I will be sitting on this seat.(father always reminded me of this moment by showing me the photograph taken).My dream of becoming an airline pilot started as a journey at this exact moment as you can see in the picture below where I am being held by Captain Tampati on his seat in a DC10 jet liner which was the biggest, luxurious and the most modern aircraft at that particular time.

My Dad holding me, Mum and Captain Tampati.

I was never a kid who could keep my butt on the seat. I was always curious and love to discover about the aircraft I flew in by going around. There is always a slight chance for me as the friendly cabin crew will take me to visit the cockpit.

Pictures of My self “discovering” the aircraft,With the friendly cabin crew (lady’s boy) as well as My mum and my self

My father and I (don’t I look like Uncle Tony? :D)

When I was in my primary 4, I was given a form to fill in my ambition. We were given three choices. Guess what I filled in? Being a pilot as my first, second and third choice. I still remember how my teacher disagreed with me and wanted me to change my choices. But then I didn’t and told her I can’t cause I won’t want to do anything else other then being a pilot. I told my parents about this and they told me to never give up and also my parents encouraged me to get through this field by getting me a flight simulator 2002 game for my computer. At one point I would fly in the simulator to the destination where my father would be flying on his schedule as a cabin crew especially on the scheduled Auckland flight. I always glance through my mum’s passport where my name was attached in it as well as my first flight details which were recorded almost 20 years ago.

My first flight details to Auckland and my details as a child in my mother’s passport.

While my ambition to be as an airline pilot blooming high at the age of 12, I was disappointed and was also discouraged to become as an airline pilot by many good friends. The common reason given is year 2001 September 11th incident which has resulted to unsafe air travel at that particular time. However these things did not bring me down and I never give up my dream to be an airline pilot.

On one fine 3rd of April year 2002 my dream flourished more as my school organized a trip to Malaysian Flying Academy in Malacca. I made sure that I was on that trip, to see that if it was as I had imagined before. When I had arrived there, to my disbelieve it was much more better than I had imagined .The thought of being around with people I have the same interests in the aviation industry. It’s like speaking another language without even learning it. As one of the cadet pilots were giving us the tour around the academy I was thinking in my heart, one day I’ll be one of them. Since then whenever I see a pilot I’ll tell myself that soon I’ll be one of them and also a childish thought, that is when ever an airplane flies above me or anywhere nearby, I would wish to be on that plane and imagine that I’m in command, and this is going to be a reality with Air Asia.

During my visit to Malaysian Flying Academy in Malacca.

While I’m flying high with my ambition and dreams, they were dashed again when my SPM results were not up to the required qualification to be an airline pilot , but to succeed my dream I re- took my exam just to enter into this field again. Many of my friends went forward leaving me behind but it never made me give up my life long dream. My family and a handful of friends were there to encourage me that I have to make it to my destiny “To be A Pilot”.

My brother(red t-shirt) and myself(blue t-shirt) in Bali.

Many pilots go for money, gilts, glamor, places and fame but not all go for passion of flying .As some pilots say everyday is a different adventure. Gone the days where only the rich and famous could fly ,but today as Air Asia’s motto says “Everybody Can Fly”, soon me too going to fly not as a passenger but as an airline pilot who would be serving for AirAsia The world best Low Cost Carrier. So for the question, “Do I want to be a pilot?” “Yes” certainly, “I Haansel Ananth Boss want to be a pilot and I’ll be a pilot” with AirAsia which is the best and shining Low Cost Carrier rated by skytrax.

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