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So You Wanna be a Pilot?? my answer : “I would die to become one!!”

Hundreds of people entrusts their lives into the ability of the pilots to navigate and control the airplane. Even the slightest mistake from the pilots could cause the plane to come down crashing and cost the lives of those hundreds of people and himself. Imagine the massive pressure and responsibility that is felt by the pilot. However, I love to be in these types of situations. I like the thrill of coming out tops when things seemed so difficult to accomplish. This doesn’t mean I cannot perform well without any pressure, what I mean is different working situations does not influence the way I deal with things. And I believe that it is important for pilots to have this ability in them when they fly a plane. Why do I want to be a pilot? Well it is not solely because I have that characteristic to be calm in any situations. It is also because becoming a pilot has all along been my childhood ambition. I started having this craziness for planes ever since I saw one flying pass above me and I was very fascinated about the ‘giant engineering wonder machine’ that flew so smoothly and elegantly in the clear blue sky. I watched the plane until it vanished out of sight and wondered when will be the next time till I catch sight of a plane again or even sit in it.

Seeing it was soon something like a ‘routine’ to me as I have seen countless of planes flying above me since the day I first saw it. Now, I want to know how it feels like to be in a plane and in the air. I had my first taste of traveling by air transport when I went on a family vacation to Hong Kong. As I stepped into the fuselage of the Boeing 747, my world was on a high as the adrenaline flows through my veins. I couldn’t believe that I was actually stepping into the ‘big flying car’ as I used to call it. I managed to persuade my sister to allow me to sit by the window and there I was, staring out of the window and looking at the two Rolls-Royce engines attached to the left wing. When the time came for the take-off, I was very excited. The roar of the engines when the pilot powers up the aircraft was simply amazing to my ears.

Throughout the journey, the feeling of excitement in me never vanished. As we landed at Hong Kong International Airport, I left the plane with a heavy heart although I realized that I will be in a plane again after eight days. While waiting for our luggage, the pilots that gave me one of the best moment of my life walked out of the arrival gate and I was impressed by how smart they looked in the uniform while holding a black suitcase. From that very moment, I was determined that I want to be part of these people who makes it possible for others to spend their holidays in other countries and who connects people in the world. I started watching movies and television programs which are related to planes such as Air Crash Investigation, The Aviator and Building the Airbus A380. From these programs, I learned a thing or two about airplanes which makes me even more attracted to become a pilot.

My determination to become a pilot drove me to put in more effort in my studies. I paid more attention to English, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics and Physics throughout my Form 4 and Form 5 as I knew that I must excel in these subjects during my SPM examination. I was an average student in Physics and to make it worse, I had no guidance from my teacher for three months as she was on maternity leave. However, I didn’t give up. I studied on my own and attended tuition classes on weekends. As a result, I scored A’s for these four subjects and two other subjects. I was very happy that it all paid off and more importantly, I will be able to pursue my dream to become a pilot with these results. However, my dreams were almost in shatters when I called up every single flying academy in Malaysia to find out about the fees that I need to pay to obtain my Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating (CPL/IR).

In average, the total amount I (or rather my parents) need to fork out is a whopping RM 250,000! Although my parents had told me before that they would sponsor me for anything I want to partake as long as I’m happy with it, I do not want to burden them with such large sum of money because in a year or two they will be heading for retirement. I thought that my dream of flying an airplane would only remain as a dream till I saw an advertisement by Air Asia which states that they are recruiting cadet pilots.

I was all happy and excited about it. Without wasting any time, I dashed to my computer and immediately applied for it. I pray everyday, hoping for an Air Asia staff to ring me up one day and tell me that I’m one of the short listed ones. Then, as I was reading the newspapers on 5th March, I saw an article with the heading “Blog and Become a Pilot” advertised by Air Asia. I decided that I will take part in this competition too rather than just waiting for an answer for my earlier application. So here I am blogging on why I wanna be a pilot. Well, I’ve already told a couple of reasons earlier so let me just continue with the rest of the reasons now. Becoming a pilot requires you to have certain traits that is very important while manning an airplane. Among those traits is responsibility. As someone who has already been head of a couple of major organizations (though only in school), I dare to say that I AM a responsible person. I always ensure that things are done quickly but not rushed, and datelines are always met.

Besides that, I also want to be a pilot because it is an interest to fly that has been planted in me naturally. Not only I go crazy over the sight of a plane, I also have this excitement in me each time I know that I will be sitting an airplane the next day that makes me can’t sleep the night before. My love for planes has also make me spend hours on the Internet just find images and videos of airplanes taking-off, landing and parked; go all the way to the airport on certain weekends to watch the planes; and speak to friends about planes though they’re not interested (ha ha!). Becoming a pilot will also allow me to travel around to all sorts of places that I have never been to, enabling me to widen my view and knowledge about the world and also to taste different types of food! LOL…

Seeing new posts being published everyday, I knew that I have to be quick in submitting my post. As a result, here I am in my workplace typing out my heart, soul and everything that I have kept inside me for a long time. (BTW, I have the permission of my superior and he supports me!! ) I will be really grateful if I were given one of the ten spots as I can finally realize my dreams of being behind the controls of an airplane and guide it along the sky, besides working for an airline with a good reputation, ever expanding, and have given its utmost best and professional service to its customers regardless of anything. Since “Now Everyone Can Fly”, I sincerely believe and hope that Now I Can Fly Everyone!!

Before I end my post, I would like to congratulate (or rather thank) Air Asia and the entire blog team for coming up with such unique and brilliant competition as it not only reinstates Air Asia as the World’s Best Low Cost Airline, but it also opens up the opportunity for young people like me who has a great desire to become a pilot but don’t wanna burden our parents with the hefty sum of money. Just like the posts of Herman, Jessica Lee, Yeow and Daphne, I do not have any videos or pictures with RC planes, joysticks, or real airplanes (I have none of them) to post with but what I DO have are the words that comes sincerely from my heart and now I have typed it all out. Thank you and wish you all guys a great day.

-With Great Determination & Perseverance Comes Opportunities Which Puts You Closer to Your Dreams-


  • Mohd Danial

    Hey Jonathan!

    That’s a very cool post u’ve got there.. It was just like reading thru a ‘story book’.. Very nicely composed and written.. Congrats on being shortlisted today! All the best man..

  • Low

    4am, very rajin.
    What are you working as Johnathon?

  • Jonathan

    YEEESSSSSS!!! the morning call finally came!! so so happy right now..

    To Mohd Danial: Thanks, just flow out once I started typing..didn’t have any guidelines or whatsoever.. All the best to you too!

    To Low: I’m just a part-timer at a dancing studio..wanna dance? find me! FYI, i’m only eighteen! haha..

  • Kong Sun

    Congratulation man. Welcome onboard.

  • Low

    which studio? selangor?

  • Wai Weng

    Congrats Jonathan! Today is your lucky day :)

  • Jonathan

    To Low: the studio’s in Kota Damansara, called SMASH..btw,i need to ask..what’s next after my post has been published?? pls explain..thanks!

  • Sin

    Congrats Jonathan,

    I like reading sincere and true piece of sharings, and story. And you did it!

    To AirAsia Blog, must salute for you all. This is what we call Dedication and Commitment, great spirit that we all must have. ^^. 4am, I think most of us are sleeping soundly that time.Hahaz.

  • Herman

    wala wala wala wala…hihi =P
    Congrats on being shortlisted jon, n tanx also for mentioning my name in you posting…
    kewl post u have there dude =) hehehe
    Now go feel proud of urslf n go “CeLeBrAtE”..
    party party n notty notty.. hihi
    yeah… dats d spirit m’man…=D

  • Sharviin

    hey gud luck for you. simple and nice hope that u will be choosed. air asia had done a wonderful job by this competition. pray 4 me too.

  • Chee Keong

    a dancer eh..
    good one..

    i do have the same habuit as yours too..
    whenever i start talking about planes to my friends who are not really interested in the field, they got so irritated that they have to tell me to stop..

    irritating, but definitely FUN!!



  • Princeton

    Congratulations Jonathan! I love your sincerity. You are truly inspiring.

  • Jonathan

    hey all of you, thanks for all your wishes..though its just a small step ahead to be one of the ten, but its still ONE step rather than nothing!! 😀

    To AirAsia blog team: Hey Derek,thanks for giving me that call..and yeah,i DO feel better fact,I feel like I’m totally cured! haha.. btw,where do I email my particulars to?

  • Jonathan

    to AirAsia blog team,

    Do you mind letting me know whether you have received my email regarding my academic particulars? i sent it to

    thanks and best regards

  • Low

    I go ask around about your SMASH studio =p
    modern dance or ballroom style? cos i was thinking of ballroom dance some time in the future instead

  • Wan Siong

    Surprise has never arrived this early before.
    Congrats man..

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  • Daphne Siew Li


  • Princeton

    Congratulations Jonathan! I can relate to your sleepless nights and anxiety of having to wait for THE CALL. Love the sincerity in your post.

  • Jonathan

    we have both modern and ballroom dance..if you wanna know more, visit our website @

  • Rahamat Tulla

    nice story.

  • Chong

    I’m vry admire u.. Jonathan. work hard thats a great job! I hope my son be a pilot too when he growing up.

  • Yim

    I’ve crossing my fingers very long hoping that AirAsia will fly to Taiwan and now at last u make my dream come true as I have promised my daughter I will take her there if she passed her UPSR exam with straight As.Thank you AirAsia for helping me fulfilling my promise and at the same time saving my budget.

  • Daniel Sia

    Wow.. Tat’s cool..

  • Jonathan

    To Benjamin, Daphne, Priceton, Rahamat Tulla: thanks so much guys..good luck to all of us! :)

    To Chong: Thanks, Chong! I’m sure your son will also work hard as long as he has a determination in him!

  • Saifullah

    hye jonathan.
    how to post a blog for the pilot competition?
    can I just click the column on the top ‘write a blog post’ and then start writing?
    Is this how u did it?

  • Jonathan

    hey Saifullah,
    first you need to sign up for an account before you can write a blog do this, just click on ‘sign up for an account’ on the member login column located on the top right hand corner of the page..once u created an account, just click on ‘write a blog post’ column and start writing! :)good luck!

  • Poh Hong

    I am waiting for Air Asia fly to Taipei quite long already, ………. since I know Air Asia, Yeah! Dream become true.

  • Saifullah

    hye jonathan…
    i ve posted my post just like what u have told me.
    its has been a week already.
    but the status of the post is still pending approval,is this common?
    do the airasia blog team take that much time to read the blog?
    how about yours???

  • Jonathan

    hey Saifullah..sry for taking so long to get back to u..err yeah its kind of ‘common’,i should say..i posted two actually..and this published one is my first post..i didnt have any reply for quite some time on this 1st post that’s why i wrote the second one..but finally the call patient,man..your time will come soon as long as you don’t give of luck!! :)

  • Chong

    Hi Jonathan,

    Urgent, I am Woei Liang. I need your help. I just received the email from the pilot selection team about the pilot. My pilot test will be on 28th June 2009, same dates as yours. However, I do not receive any detail information about the pilot details like the venue and time of the pilot test. Could you tell me the details? about the time and venue? Could you forward me the email all the information you received to my email address? My email address is Thanks

    I appreciate your help.

    Woei Liang