Note from Blog Team: Augustina who went chasing your dreams all the way to California, congratulations. You are shortlisted candidate number eight. The women candidates who have applied have been simply fantastic and although we received more guy entries, this is simply proof that if you want it bad enough, it will come to you. Good things come to those who wait. Congratulations and we’ll be calling you to give you a great wake up call if you’re still in bed right now.

You and me. Think of the dream that we’ve been wanting to be living on in our life. Me? My dream is, I WANNA BE A PILOT. Have we done something for our dream lately? How far are we willing to go for it? I’m sharing my passion and my story. The journey of a simple life. Starting from just a childhood dream into something that is so huge and important in my life. All my decision for this 27 years walking my path of life were made related to it. However, my dream is still a dream…for now.

Looking out from the cockpit, and telling myself, “This is my life”. Someday…I will…

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“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”

Wow! Bravo! Inspirational quote isn’t it? We try to remind ourselves with that positive energy everyday. We believed positive attitude will lead the way to reach our dream.

But, it is a cruel world out there…
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“Dreams are like stars…you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.”

Does this mean we are giving up on our dream when we start to believe on a different destiny? Well, I guess, there is no wrong answer for this question. We gotta do what we gotta do. For the love of flying. I don’t know about you, but I know, I don’t have other destiny. No matter how impossible it seems since day one, I’ll never let go. I’m holding on! Yiehaaa! :) Furthermore, I have to stop cursing “Lucky son of a *****!” every time I heard a flight soaring proudly in the sky. Ops! Sorry Capt. Positive jealousy. Hihihi. We, on the ground, couldn’t help ourselves to look up into the sky when you, the big guy passing us by…our heart beat will become faster…hmm…can’t explain anymore…wishing to be in your shoes…

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So why do I wanna become a pilot? When I fly, my heart and soul are working perfectly together. I’m content. Who ever had the chance to fly on their own understand what I’m talking about. The feeling of cheating the gravity is beyond word. When I did my 1st landing…Wow! Felt so alive! After that episode, you will challenge yourself to make a perfect landing in no matter what condition. One will be pushed to the limit for every second is crucial during a flight. The adrenaline rush never stop! The spin, the spiral, the emergency landing, the precision 180 and etc. The brain will be trained to process a lots of information (Yup! Don’t need Sodoku anymore! Hihihi). Eyes and ears will capture latest situation for hands and feet to execute the precise command to fly the flight safely. Things can be a bit overwhelming when entering a busy airport or a control zones. Experience tells a person what to do and confidence allows him / her to do it. Good judgment comes from experience and practice. A very important tool that will become One best friend whenever facing some intense moment in a flight. Every flight has it own story to tell. I love the challenge! Big power comes with big responsibility. With that in mind, One is forced to be better everyday. Since my 1st flight, I have becoming the better Me both in flying and as a person. After my 1st flight, I knew, “This is it! I’m a high flyer and will always be!”. What’s the point of living if we can’t do what we love the most?

All of us, the pilot wanna be, will never back down. All of us has fall in love with the plane, the uniform and the responsibility behind the control. We love to go from one point to another point around the globe, updating our logbook, seeing places…collecting beautiful scenery in our memory from the cockpit. Yes, of course, we are the aspiration to others in that uniform. Waking up everyday and being able to fly and being paid for it, is a blessing that we always pray for.

Life is just like a plane cycle. We depart…we cruise…we land. Both are influence by so many forces and situations that will result in what kind of ride we gonna have. When facing a rough ride, we as a human being are program to put on our best knowledge and discipline to fly through it. Hope, faith, family and friends will keep us stronger to our destination.

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MY DEPARTURE EPISODE! “Singing…I’m leaving on a jet plane :p…”
I could not explain why, how or when it started, but my heart has been in love with flying since I was a kid. Wondering how in the world is that big heavy metal bird is able to lift herself in a medium that is lighter than herself! A fantastic machine ever invented!

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Growing up in a rural area, with limited exposure, I have no clue on on how to pursue it. Kapit is the 7th division in Sarawak. This small quiet town is connected to the other division by Sungai Rejang.

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It has a small airport, but as far as I remember, no flights were found departing or arriving from it. I grew up knowing it as an airport, but Kapitans has been using it as their jogging track!! Some even growing corns beside the runway!! I guess we are so used to travel via our beloved Sungai Rejang. With not much exposure on how I could go for pilot training course, I was clueless. So, I followed the rest of the world after my SPM. I went to university. I took Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering at Universiti Putra Malaysia. Yup! No more wondering on how the biggest jumbo jet, (at that time) the Boeing 744, with it MTOW of about 437 tons is able to do what it does best! Fly! The flight that I took on the 13th of June 1999 to attend my university year, was my 1st time being on board an aircraft. It was Boeing 734. I was so excited I didn’t sleep at all before the flight that night because I couldn’t stop thinking about what’s gonna happen the next day. Everything was so fresh in my memory. Every event on that trip was so precious. I even counted how many second it took to roll before it actually airborne! It was about 24 seconds! I sat on the right side of the aisle beside the window. The view of the Twin Tower and Kuala Lumpur city was so beautiful that day.

THE CRUISING EPISODE! “Navigating my life for the love of flying”

Graduated September 2004, I was offered a job by Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines. In March 2005, I started to work as Technical Services Engineer with MAS. I gave it all up almost 3 years later because deep inside me, I still wanna be a pilot and will always be. I resigned from MAS at the end of 2007. I went to Canada to pursue my dream. The company who took me and 4 other Malaysians will engage us with an airline after completing the course. Wowwee! Yay! So, there I was flying around Canada for 1 year. I was on the way to complete my CPL. I did my CPL written exam and I was left with only to do another 39 hours and a flight test. Until that day came. The fairy tale came to an end when the company went bankrupt and the boss ran away with the money and leaving us in darkness. So, please…I would like to advice anyone who wanna go overseas for a flight training. Think carefully of what gonna happen after completing the course. It’s not easy to get a pilot job overseas for newbies plus we have to compete with the locals. To come back and fly in Malaysia an extra money need to be located for the license conversion.

I went back to Malaysia end of February 2009. I ran out of tears and devastated for what had took place in my life. It seems like the whole world is falling apart and I was the only survivor. I know with just a PPL from foreign country, I have nothing to offer here. My hours are not recognized by DCA. But, I still keep on saying to myself I will never back down in this battle. One day, I picked up a bit and pieces of myself and started surfing with my Celcom Broadband that I just purchased. My eyes were shining with this new hope when I saw the advertisement online, SO YOU WANNA BE A PILOT?! Oh yea!!! So, I started typing and drafting my blog like all the others! I never did any blog before! Yea, I know, where have I been?! Duh! The whole world is blogging! Ahahaha. This is my first trial. Thanks to all my bestest buddies for giving me a hand to produce this blog and the video….MY FAMILY for supporting this passion of mine.


Anything can happen in AirAsia. Everything is possible here. Yup! Now, the world is listening…everyone can fly…

“When One feel vulnerable and isolated from everyone, and convinced will never find a way out. A bit of hope will help to wash away some of the negative thoughts”.

Thanks for opening up this golden opportunity to us. It meant a lot. Future is always a mystery. I might be shortlisted I might not. I might be one of the top ten or I might not. I will take every chances that come in front of me to make this LAND. I’m cursed with this passion. Pilot is what I will always wanna become. Good luck everyone! Don’t ever back down…

She is just so amazing…

  • Hare

    Hi Augustina,

    Congrats, to be shortlisted as 8th candidate isn’t that easy but you’ve made it! Just like you I got a morning call today while I’m still on the bed. 😛
    Anyway your post is interesting and guess what, I’ve seen this armless pilot before too, she’s great!

    Wish you best of luck and make through the top 10!!

  • Augustina Yati

    Oh Yea! The best wake up call ever :) Was a bit blur at the beginning. Sure gonna make my day a beautiful one today. Thanks for choosing me as one of the shortlisted candidate. A million thanks for everything…Have a great beautiful day ahead…CHEERS!

  • Augustina Yati

    Congrats to you too Hare! I like your video. Funny! Ahahaha. Yup! Jessica Cox, she’s amazing isn’t she? Never thought someone could fly a plane without arms. Amazing…

  • Low

    haha, congrats!
    yea, ive read about her few weeks back for Mr Jessica Cox.


  • Lloyd Ferguson

    Congrats Augustina. Your blog is interesting.
    Praying hard for my call too.

  • Chee Keong

    She should be an inspiration for all of us…
    never ever give up hope and faith…
    failing is nothing, but giving hope is something…

    mind over body, and determination over mind!!!

    Congrats girl!!

    you’ve gone the distance and went through h*ll(sort of)…

    lucky number 10, CONGRATS!!!


  • Daphne Siew Li

    Wish to learn to be like Jessica Cox too! :)
    Never giving hope and faith!

  • Wan Siong

    Well done girl, well done!!
    I understand exactly how you feel about the passion of flying.
    All out respect for you who dares to go get what you want. Cheers!

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  • Dominic

    nice. another example or working towards your dream :) good luck.

  • Mohd Muhaimin

    thanks for motivating me..

  • Augustina Yati

    THANKS YOU GUYS! Congrats to you guys too! Will remember you in my prayer Llyod! Let’s keep our finger cross..hope we soar in the sky together someday! Never settle for anything in our life, never back down..keep our eyes to our gold!

  • Wai Weng

    Augustina, what an inspiring story. Don’t worry, your hard work will be paid off…


  • Arvindran

    Hi lucky number 10,


  • Lloyd Ferguson

    Thanks gal. Can’t help worrying . Thanks for all the prayer. Hope we can be batch mates …

  • Augustina Yati

    yeah, Wai Weng..sure did go thru a lot. I’m thankful to have family and friends when I’m at my low. & now, even more thankful to meet a bunch of friends like you guys who’s sharing the same undying spirit! Llyod keep your spirit high. Thanks Arvindran, congrats to u too!

  • Lee

    Hi Augustina :

    The interview is just around the corner … looking forward to see you soon … would you mind to leave your e-mail address to me ? I am always glad to know friends sharing the same dream with me !!! ( my e-mail address is ) hope to hear from you soon :)