Note from Blog Team: Samuel, congrats. We felt it had to be you to make it twelve shortlisted so far. You have been patient enough and have the fortitude to make it. This is the miracle call you’ve been asking for.

Planes crash in Tokyo and Montana, emergency landing in Indonesia(updated)
There were two plane crashes early Monday morning (MYT), the first involving a cargo plane in Tokyo and the other a light plane carrying small children in the United States.

In Montana, a small plane — possibly carrying children on a ski trip — crashed Sunday as it approached the Butte airport, killing 14 to 17 people aboard, a federal official said. The single engine turboprop nose-dived into a cemetery 150m from its destination.

FedEx crash
In TOKYO, a FedEx cargo plane burst into flames after bouncing off a runway in unusually high winds at Tokyo’s main international airport Monday, killing the pilot and copilot and closing a major runway for several hours.


In Indonesia a passenger jetliner flying at 2,000 feet (600 meters) made an emergency landing Monday after encountering engine failure, airline official said.


Thousands of condolence to all victims of the air crash. It’s really brought me into bad mood while reading these. Tragedy happened with no sign and smell at all. Humans try their very best minimize errors and mistakes but just can’t avoid the disaster. Wind… which is constructive and also destructive. Wind could makes us fly but it’s would bring down the big giant bird when it’s blown in undesirable direction. Narita’s tragedy is suspected to caused by sudden change in wind direction while landing. Strong cross wind bring the airliner slide out from runway and it’s tail smash on ground and finally caught fire…

These tragedy makes me fully understand risks of flying furthermore ensure the importance of pilot responsibilities. Once the metal tube is sealed and cleared for push back, the responsibilities for the safety of all priceless lives needs to be ensured. No matter it is the thunderstorms, fiery winds and the worst of fog, it must be overcome by them. Understood that every flight is brand new with no single similarity in weather, runway conditions and flying mates etc…

Effective communication between pilots and control towel are extraordinarily important. Mistakes made when communicate with control towel and dispute among pilots could lead to accident occur.

The entire flight sector might contain many uncertainties such as weather change, air pockets, air turbulent, or emergency case happened in fleet etc…. Pilots will be tested on their ability to decide effectively and efficient in handle emergencies. Therefore, I understood that becoming a pilot is never a simple undertaking.

Despite of all these, I’m fearless with all risks and my passion for flying still remains constant. Dream of becoming a pilot and making big bucks are my lifelong commitment as long as the thrills and excitements of flying never cease. I would plead that my sky-high aim to be a competent pilot could continue but the truth is…

Reality was never this good…

My resume was deposit in many foreign airlines company mailbox. Those includes Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Dragon Air, Etihad Airways… No one respond to me except Cathay Pacific. Their reply goes like these:-

“Dear Mr Yee,


Thank you for applying for a position as a Cadet Pilot.

Cathay Pacific Airways instituted this Programme to provide an opportunity for Hong Kong resident to pursue a career in commercial aviation. A key requirement, therefore, is that applicants are permanent residents of Hong Kong. We regret we are unable to process your application further.

You may consider applying as a direct entry Second Officer.”


Here are some additional experiences to share after reading Jian How blog on 2/4/2009. He recall my memories for few interviews that I’ve been gone through previously with MAS,SIA And Airasia. He makes me brave to voice it out to all about failures experiences…

April 2005
I received a letter from Malaysia Airlines to attend for psychomotor test. I’ve totally no ideas about what I am going to be tested. On test day, I reached the vanue an hour earlier and eventually I met some guys who did the test before me. I been told that the test was very tough, even tougher than SIA’s one…. Finally, it’s came my turn to sit for it. I did well for each of the exercises except the last one. The last exercise required me to fly a plane through the path by joystick… I lost control of the joystick as I felt it’s response is too slow and sensitive… Initially I thought the joystick is faulty but eventually it’s not. I failed the test as a conclusion and I started to learn to control with joystick by playing flight simulator…

February 2006

Received email from Edward (SIA admin staff) to attend an interview in Nikko hotel. Felt very excited after received the email. I start to prepare for the interview by do research of SIA history, their fleets etc… On the interview day, a panel of interviewer by a captain and HR staff was interviewing me. They asked a lots of technical question about flying, aircraft and their company background… I manage to handle all their questions and finally received their second email after 2 weeks about attending their final interview cum tea party in Singapore. Extremely happy…

April 2006
I reached Singapore together with 10 new friends that going for the same purpose. We studied together and exchanged information in order to pass the final challenge.
First day, aptitude test for 2 hours. It is a combined tests of both psychomotor and psychometric. Second day came the written test, group task, interview and follow by tea party. During the group task, I learn about how to do a simple airport planning. E.g design runway direction, positioning of rescue, radar, terminal, taxi way, control towel, oil reservoir etc… which I never came across before.
About the interview, it was the nightmare part of all. All interviewer seems very unfriendly which they pressure me a lots by talking loud and criticized me in every single aspect.. Understand that they are trying to test how good I could handle pressure. They turned very friendly during the tea-party later.
Third day, each and everyone of us was lined up in front of the public phone booth start calling Edward for the interview results…I’m unsuccessful…

Return to KL together with those who not successful…felt sad but we keep everyone up by cheering each other. Although I failed the interview, but gain a lots of knowledge about airlines, aircraft and airport planning. A wonderful experience.

June 2008
The previous failures didn’t turned me down and I wrote in to Airasia in 2008. YOU called me up to attend the academic test. This time, I really spend all my hours after left my work place in the library to read about SPM physics and maths. I did most of the past year questions to make myself familiar with the questions format as it’s become dale to me since graduated from SPM in 2008. I even met up a guy from kuching (chris) who also attended the test. Many Q & A been went through with him as he was fresh from SPM. We went to the test together on that Saturday…

I did well for maths, physics, english but not the IQ test. I didn’t manage to finish all questions in time but I just leave it blank without simply ” tempak” to try my luck.

After 2 weeks, bad news came to me that I’m not successful to proceed to next test…

Never mind… I told myself. And I’m going to try it until success unless I’m disqualify when I reach 29.

High training cost to bear for such intensive flying course is the main barrier that I’m facing…MARA and most of the commercial banks received my calls often but unable to proceed me further as I have nothing to collateral to them. Therefore, It ended my hope join the private school studies. Striking rotary might be slice chance of making it happen but I rather spend more effort for blog writing and pray for miracle…

Ended dreaming and achieve it in reality is what I’m hoping for..and AIRASIA, you are my call of miracle. A thousands thank to your effort of creating such a good opportunity for us to voice out our thoughts and share our experience… With you, my dream became possible…


  • Kong Sun

    Congratulation to you man. You’ve made it

  • Chee Keong

    hey yee…
    CONGRATS for becoming the latest shortlisted candidate!

    well, i think that we went for the same AK interview last year for the cadet pilot intake..
    well, i flung it but it definitely doesn’t mark the end of my journey to become a pilot…
    here i am, becoming one of the candidate…

    anyway, CONGRATS again and best of luck to u!!


  • Low

    yea, failing ain’t good feeling huh?
    Feel the pain but hey, congrats on this one hehe

  • AirAsia Blog Team

    Low, don’t ever start with failure in mind. Believe and it will come true. It is not easy and the road is long but believe. Do not ever give up and do your best. Desire and passion will carry you all the way.

  • Kong Sun

    Yup Low, never start with failure. I just know that RMAF has close their cadet pilot application I still don’t give up as I know that God will make a way for me when there seems to be no way. So Low just believe in yourself is what that is important.

  • Wai Weng

    Yeah, all of us will be flying high one day. It’s just the matter of time. Congrats Yee…

  • Low

    If I believe in failure I won’t be even alive right now =D
    Yea, you give me lotsa encouragement Mr Derek, I won’t let you down hehe

  • Wan Siong

    Congratulations on joining the short-listed bandwagon. In case for the readers who want to know the technical term for “metal tube” as stated in Samuel’s post, it’s called “fuselage”. Just thought you guys might want to know. =)

    By the way, a shout out to all other candidates: Try to proof-read your post before submitting. It’ll be easier for you to get your statements and points across. Good luck!!!

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  • Mohd Danial

    Hey Yee!

    Many2 congratulations to u as well!!!
    I really admire your persistence.. Have a wonderful evening ahead..

  • Sin

    Hi Yee,

    Congrats Congrats. You earn it ^^.
    I think ur Exp and Never-Die passions and desire will bring u thru all the bumpy roads.

  • Chay

    congrats to you my friend!!!finally you made it after all the hard works!!!me so happy for you,let’s fly high in the sky one day ya!!

    Best Regards,

  • Daphne Siew Li

    dun let failure pin u down!
    gambatte! 😛

  • Chee Keong

    when there’s a will, there’ll be a way…


  • Yee

    Hi Everyone.. Thank you so much for warm wishes. YES, I will keep it up.

    Team, Thank you for release my blog to share with everyone here.

    Hi Sin, Thank you and we will meet when I get back from offshore. Currently I’m at Kota Bahru and probably will be back on sunday.

    Hey Nick, finally I putted a step closer to you. Hopefully we could fly together one day. Thank you so much bro..

    Best regards,

  • Norbert

    Who is samuel? In this page he speaks about failures for tests. So I assume finally he made it?! It is good to hear these though.. I am ahead of all this, but will make it too…