Note from Blog Team: We called and you picked up. This is your chance Herman. Nothing is at its end and live your dreams. Thanks for being candid and let us put it in one sentence. Congratulations! You are number 19. Now go find happiness.

So you wanna be a pilot?……

Just Plane thoughts, why not if I am given the chance? Of course, being a pilot has also been among the many obsessions I have when I was a kid, similar to those that have got themselves shortlisted. But to me is not about simple economics like getting paid highly, or the chic uniform, which is bound to impress chicks domestically or internationally, or maybe for having to travel daily while on the job.

To me, becoming a pilot is all about having to do something hmm i would say different, which we don’t often find on newspapers classifieds like marketing executive, manager, finance administrator, graphic designers, IT technician and etc. I am looking for jobs that are exclusive and rare. I know, i know i did not manage to get through Aussie’s Greatest Job on earth because I guess my posting were not up to those “Gweilos” standard. But if there is a contest, so you wanna be the prime minister of Malaysia, I would also go for it.

Like many pilot enthusiasts here, I do play the flight simulator or the RC airplane as well. But that’s just a hobby and I am not devoted to it. Instead my favorite hobby is still riding the 50cc mini bike and race with a couple of retards like a rempit.

If flying an RC plane is considered a pilot’s passion, then all pilots spare time would be spent on flying RC planes? But that is not the case and it will never be even for another thousand of years to come. Hobby doesn’t necessary give good reason for who you wanna be. It is only one of the many paths taken through the ups and downs of life, learning new things and abandoning old stuffs. The feel good factor I would say.

As of today, Pilot is akin to a living NOKIA having to “connect people” at various places around the globe because they can “purportedly” fly, like what most people say. However, if only there are more planes than ground vehicles in this world, or maybe the world is made up of flying cars, being a pilot wouldn’t sound as exclusive as it is today. People would then be lining up to become train or bus drivers instead because working on land has become exclusive. THinK!! If only an ATPL is as cheap as getting a lorry license, do you think that people will be crazy about his job? My best guess is ‘NO”. hahaha

At present, there are so many people young and old like me vying for this limited cadetship entry, and I reckon only a few will successfully make their way through. In economics, this is an oversupply in demand. And an oversupply in demand would merely reduce the uniqueness of a pilot into some Datuk’s driver. That’s economics, and I am relating it with economics because my current job is related to economics and furthermore I am no physic whiz. Ouch! I’ve just stab my own back with a knife and further downgrade my chances. HAHA

From the many blog posting of “so you wanna be a pilot” I’ve read, everyone here is trying hard to fulfill their self esteem, which is well described as the highest needs fulfillment under the Maslow theory. Telling stories about their childhood and dream, and uniform, first ride on board an airplane,photos of airplane so and so and so, the blog postings are just static. As if they are a guidelines on how to write a blog, begin with autobiographies and end with a high anticipation of fulfilling each dream. Like school essay formats. Geez man..everyone is doing the same.

Surely Air Asia, you might want something different instead of reading autobiographies? Can you see any difference in this posting of mine? If yes, then don’t hesitate and shortlist my post. Or would you rather put me through only if I tell you about autobiographies and trip here and there, and when is my first ride on a plane and etc? If so, let me cut I short. I was born in a navy base, and I grew up like other kids imagining stuffs, having those wet daYS and hope one day dreams will become a reality. And obviously one of my many dreams is to be a pilot.

On why my entry should be picked as one of the top 10? Everybody should be given a chance since Air Asia believes in equal employment opportunity. Besides, give me a break. I have been living in this so called earth for 28 years, and yet to feel the sweet taste of real honey from the hive. It has been five years since I have been trying hard to slot myself into any commercial airlines cadetship training programs in Malaysia, but have failed too many times. I am not using my old age as a reason to get through this, though i might sounds as if I am. I am only emphasizing that this could be my last attempt.

So I’ll end my posting here. Brief and short! No photos of me in an airplane cockpit, no photos of me in any uniform organization nor any photos of me nearby some jetliners, or replica jets of RC Cessna. This posting is gonna be the most down to earth laid back posting here, but i know my chances together with the others with fancy postings are equal. If I managed to get shortlisted with this posting, sure only god knows why, i will have to agree with kid rock.



  • Herman

    “screaming from the top of my voice”… I got through. (unbelievable)…piak piak slap my face.
    hahahahhahaah..i’ve never been this happy….Gosh.
    What am i to do after this.hahahahaha

  • AirAsia Blog Team

    For the record, the names Derek ya’ll. No need for thanks. You’ve earned it like the other eighteen. Just chill and go enjoy yourself.

  • Herman

    I will… :)

    Cheers Derek

  • Ng

    Oh yes, only god know why. Believe it or not, mine post is similar with yours, no photo, no video just text. Only different is yours been published, mine not. Hopefully they like my post. Anyway, congrats!

  • Low

    Félicitation mon ami !

    Just wanna ask, what’s with all the italics words? But seriously, your post is way different than all of us, and I love it cos you don’t care if people discriminate against non science degree or something, cos you believe that anyone can do it if there’s hardwork. yea, hobby is something you enjoy, but it doesn’t really have to be flying.

    Que Sera Sera Mr Herman =)

  • Sin

    Great post!
    I like ur approach, yea, u got a strong point there, everyone seems to write bout the biographies. Do these mean that, those who do not have chances, being on a plane or flight secure higher chances? I believe AirAsia will have equal opportunity for everyone as AirAsia treats everyone and appreciate every efforts and also treating people like their own family ^^. Great Team, and Thx AirAsia, this is a very unique post, different and yet interesting.^^ I learn something NEW today. Thanks

  • Chee Keong

    I like your straight forwardness…
    congrats to you!

    Best regards,

  • Herman

    Tanx Ng, Tanx Low..

    That was very kind of you guys =) n i appreciate it not just lots, but waaaayyyy lotsss dudes.

    To Ng,
    D competition is far from over..It’s still a long way ahead before the competition ends on May 15. Cheer up, n they’ll soon read yours and yeah, published it to,o n only god knows why. 😉

    To Low,
    Why Italics???
    Simple..i just hate schematics, and i try to be different. Dare u 2 b diff. =) kih kih kih
    I agree with you a 100% dat we are unique in our own ways n no matter which background we came from, it’s sheer hardwork dat’s gona ensure our success

  • Mohd Faliq

    Congrats to you

  • Wai Weng

    Wow Herman, your post is really different. No photos, no videos, but very interesting. Awesome :)

  • Low

    Argh, I really wish I can change my name to Yang instead of Low in this blogosphere. Anyway, let’s be different when we reach the final interview k?

    Don’t fall behind when you’re running with me k? 😉

  • Mohamed Nasri

    hey herman.. congratulations bro..! :)
    btw, when did u submitted this blog of yours?

  • Chee Keong

    all of us are tough competitor..
    worry not..


  • Kong Sun

    Hey herman, congratulation ya.

  • Herman

    Tanx a million to everyone for the congrats wishes..lurve y’all. Dun worry, I’ll ‘literally’ run wif u, low. haha.. And Nasri, hmmm actually i’ve submitted 2 postings. This one was the latest, which i probably have submitted hmmm last week or maybe over d last weekend.. =P
    Nevertheless, i feel so good dudes…hehe

  • Wan Siong

    I was thinking “For the love of god, could someone come out with something different already?”
    And then your post arrived!
    I have to say this.
    After reading your post with fresh ideas and good English, I suddenly felt… Intellectual!!
    If I were to pick a team to fly together, definitely you’ll be one of them!
    Great post you have there..
    It would definitely be great if we could come out and get to know each other over lunch.
    And now that your post have been selected.
    Sit back and enjoy the journey!

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  • Herman

    Speaking of d devil,benjamin, join me for a free lunch over here, in the world’s 3rd largest mystical island of borneo. Hahahaha
    Not so far as u imagined, just an hour and 40 minutes flight, for RM0 – first come first served – and, who knows u’ll could stand d chance 2 be d next Alan Ho who’d just won RM10K ‘for d lurrrveee of God’.

  • Hamimah

    woho..I should give you a standing applause.

    it’s amazing !!

  • Deleila

    Sayang Papi…
    Smile n show ur sparkling teeth cos you simply deserve it!!;D
    All d best n GBU…

  • Herman

    Tanx Hamimah for the heartfelt comment, that was very warm of u =) Hihi


    Tanx Mi Corazon, that was so so so suuuuweeeeettt of ya!!! Mwaaahhsss Mwaaaahhhsss Mwaaaaahhhhhhssss =*