When Hillary Clinton visited Beijing recently, I was in there too conducting a media announcement on the AirAsia X’s kick-ass new route, Kuala Lumpur- Tianjin. We landed on a Wednesday morning with light snow flurries and freezing cold temperature. I must consider myself to be really lucky as it was the first snowfall of the year, I could see the city blanketed by silvery sparkling snow, so beautiful. I got off the plane in my thick coat, hat and gloves; a Chinese driver met us at the airport and drove us to our hotel.

On the ride we passed by TianAnMen Square, I saw a large portrait of Mao ZeDong hanging on the rostrum of the gate, that’s where he declared the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

I thought it was special and very significant. I’ve always wanted to visit the capital of China, to climb the great wall, and take a long slow stroll in the Forbidden City. Bumped out that I don’t get to go for a tour, working trip there just isn’t much time to look around. I will have my chance when AirAsia starts the route from KL to Tianjin on April 2nd. Tianjin is a gateway to Beijing, it takes a mere 30 minutes to commute between the two cities on the super fast CRH bullet train. We took the train and it was quite an experience. As soon as we finished the events in Beijing, we packed and headed straight to Beijing South train station to catch the 4:30pm train to Tianjin.

We arrived at the terminal around 4pm, still in time to take a photo at the gate. Boarded the train 5 minutes before departure time and left the station at 4:30pm sharp.

The seats were comfortable and clean, during the journey we were served mineral water, every seat pocket contained an onboard magazine, and there’s a screen that showed how fast we were going. When I was just about to doze off, we arrived at the Tianjin station at exactly – right on the dot at 5:00pm. Impressive! Overall it was a smooth ride and we’ve come to a conclusion that train is efficient for business travel- on-time guaranteed. One way ticket is priced from CNY58 (around RM30).

In Tianjin; the weather was icy cold too.

I was amazed to find out that the Tianjin Eye is the world’s largest ferris wheel. Yes, as of now it is the highest, even higher than the London Eye. There are just so many places to go around in Beijing and Tianjin, but my time there has been short, hopefully I’d be able to write more in depth when I visit to the cities again in April. I’ll be back!


  • Almond

    I like to see snow too, but dunno if I can stand the icy cold weather!

  • Derek

    I think being able to get to BeiJing that fast is simply awesome. Think youre as beautiful as all sights.

  • Calvin

    i like snow//

  • Maiza

    i also like snow