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22 October 2008

A (Night) Race to Remember!

By Katherine

What a weekend it was!

To be in Singapore for not only my first time (!) but also for the first EVER night race was quite amazing! I’m a lucky girl…and the envy of a lot of my friends!

I went along with the internal and external AirAsia winners who had won tickets to the race. We were able to enter on all three evenings to catch a glimpse (literally!) of the F1 cars zooming around the track.

Before the first evening I was able to wonder around the city and get a feel for the place. I really liked the feeling of Singapore and of course I went along to the famous Raffles Hotel!

Singapore Sling anyone?!

The first night we were all deafened by the sound of the cars going by – and frustrated that my camera was not quite fast enough to catch a good picture of them!

But there was a great buzz around the place. Bands, drummers, dancers, hawker stalls – it almost felt more like a festival than an F1 race – and with the back drop of the Singapore esplanade it was really something special!

AirAsia was of course very happy with one of our AT&T Williams driver coming in 2nd place but for me it was a great weekend watching a fantastic race. I think I am a new fan of F1 and definitely of Singapore – I’ll be going back there again soon!

Walking around the track at the end of the race.

  • Andrea

    That sounds like great fun. Wish I was there too! Maybe I’ll get a chance next time 😉

  • Riki

    It is a memorable race. I am watching livecast whole night. The track is not as bright as day race. Those photographer must have hard time then.