Dear Readers,

I flew into Singapore recently and cannot help noticing what a big and beautiful Changi Singapore airport is.

Changi Airport has 3 terminal, Terminal 1,2 and 3, and Air Asia flight landed at Terminal 1, Bay number D38.

i spend a good 1 hour browsing in the Airport, of cause there were lots of shopping outlets enough to make you drool, but finally, i decided that i should make a move.

And hence i proceeded to the Immigration check point.

Huge, beautiful set up with palm tree image and just after the immigration counters are more shopping outlets with the smell of Burger King in the corner.

Outside, was the check in area, another huge section.
Notice the high ceiling, that what makes it so refreshing.
AirAsia counter is at number 11, just underneath the big ,big display that show all flight around the world from Changi Airport.

While browsing the area, i notice certain things that i think add on to the speciality of this airport. for instance, this free charger kiosk that has chargers for all gadgets that you can think of ….for Nokia, cameras, Sony, and other brands as well.

just choose your charger for your gadget, put in your gadget into the slot,lock it, keep the key and walk around till you feel that your gadget has enough power and go and get back your gadget.
It’s free.

This one is real super. Free internet access, with the laptop as well.
Its simply everywhere in the airport.
i dont mind being delayed …please be delayed …hahhahha
but you know what …AirAsia aircraft came early!!!!
oh god …to my dissappointment.

And if you feel the urge to send a postcard home …. there’s post stations everywhere …but oh my ,arent they cute

And the airport is a totally enclosed area all the way.
Here I was on the way to Terminal D48, the furtherst bay in Terminal 1.
All the way, i need only to plomp myself to the moving walkway, watching the palm trees as i pass by, my legs not moving at all …till i reach my flight waiting area …… cool …… of cause …


I am always running about, making sure EVERYBODY gets into their flight (terms and conditions applied) and into the RIGHT aircraft.
I love my job because I have a very BIG space to run about and I get to give a thumbs up to the pilots and engineers. I'm in the Ground Operations - Customer Services.

Besides running, I love the usual stuff - food, laughter, snoozing, diamonds, perfume, sports car .......... whatever you can think of.

Will be sharing with you as I go thru day by day here in AirAsia.

  • Muqaddis

    Maria, indeed Changi Airport is one of the the airport in the world that I do sincerely feel alive and ever changing in providing the best facilities to the users. T3 is indeed the latest addition and inevitably you will feel ‘free’ due to the high ceiling and the ‘ingredients’ in the terminal. Indeed I’m glad AirAsia is connected via T1 whereby I do frequently visit the pool on the roof top at T1, swimming and watching planes.

  • Maria

    what?!!!!! They have roof top swimming pool?!!!!! That one i missed. The airport was so spacious, upways and sideways, and like you say,”ingredients” in the airport is fantastic, plus they really serious about their service that they put up an electronic kiosk for your opinion of the airport. And also there’s info/suggestion what to do in changi.
    really first class airport!!

  • Farhan

    Changi airport is amazing – Duty Free Shopping is experience by itself

  • Yeni Stania

    Singapore is now connected directly to Bandung, thx to Airasia ! I plan to use this service next week . My question is : Is there any Indian Rojak’s Stall at Terminal 1 ? Coz I’ll get this fave stuff as soon as I’m in S’pore ..

  • Abdul Agis

    Yes indeed! And I am proud to say that I work here! It used to be the best airport in the world…Too bad, it’s now on 3rd place, tracking behind HK Airport and Incheon Airport (S. Korea)…However, the CAAS (Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore) are now doing ways and projects to get Changi back on track…T1 and T2 are now getting facelifts and renovation works…Hope Changi will lead the airport race once again…:-)