We have just returned from Bandung, Indonesia and I have been recommending this destination to all my friends and relatives. This is actually my 3rd trip there!!!! This time with my family. We had a great time so much so we are going to make this a yearly trip.

It’s all shopping, shopping, shopping for me and family. Four main shopping areas are Dago, Riau, Rumah Mode (I forgot the street name, but taxi drivers will know) and Pasar Baru. Prices at the first 3 places are fixed but at Pasar Baru MUST bargain and start early like 9am.

Food is excellent here. A must try….nasi padang! If you have time, go to this two malls, Ci Walk at Cihampelas and eat the Risoles and also go to Paris Van Java mall it’s very nice. Be sure to try the Martabek manis, chocolate and cheese at one of the stalls here, it’s something like our Apom Balik but much better.. it’s out of this world, must try!

To get around it’s cheaper to rent a car and driver, for an Avanza its only about Rp300,000 per day. Petrol, parking and some makan money for the driver is on your own. For 3 days usage I only put petrol once which is Rp150,000. Parking very cheap Rp1000 to Rp2000. Give driver Rp50,000 for his whole day meal, and some tips on the last day. Must stay at least 3 nights. You can book your accommodation at GoHoliday.

I hope my experiences will help readers to plan for their next family vacation.


  • Cheryl

    Hey Aliza! Did you go for the Safari and the Angklung show as well? They’re good! However I was advised that the trip to the Volcano is a waste of time.

    Although, I appreciate the value buys (especially Rumah Mode!), the non-stop shopping almost drove me nuts! Definitely not for the faint hearted and those without the shopping stamina.

  • Aliza

    Hello Cheryl, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I did not go the Safari and Angklung show as my kids was too excited for shopping. Perhaps I will during my next visit.

  • Almond

    I think Bandung will be my next destination of choice after reading so many reviews on shopping there.. LOL!

  • Aliza

    Hi Almond, great to hear that you are considering bandung as yr next trip. Let me know if you hv any questions.

  • Phei Lin

    How do you get a car rental?
    Can you recommend the driver to me?

  • Nurhasanah

    Hi Aliza.
    My family trip will be Bandung early next year!
    Can you please give any tips?Like the FOS (Factory Outlet Stores) to go or place to eat.
    Should we visit Tangkuban Parahu? coz our main program is actually shopping!
    And like Phei Lin, how about the car rental?

    Thanks! ^_^

  • Aliza

    Hi Phei Lin,
    For car rental you can Google “Mulia Car rental Bandung”. Take the package Car+driver only. Petrol on yr own. I used the car for 3 days, only put petrol once, I think RP150,000. Its cheaper than taking the package with petrol. Parking on us but thats very cheap RP1000-2000 only. Can choose car depending on how many people in yr group. We took Avanza as there were 5 of us.

  • Aliza

    Dear Nurhasanah,

    I went once to Tangkuban Perahu. Nothing much just volcano crater my kids not keen though. As for shopping at factory outlet 3 main areas Dago, Riau and Rumah Mode-the best. Beware of fakes. Pasar Baru would be telekung and batik kebaya n kurung modern.

    Tips: Walk around first than only buy. Also go to Ci Walk and Paris Van Java, these are shopping malls. Eat at Nasi padang Simpang Raya, Ayam Goreng Suharti, Kampung Daun-dinner, The Valley-dinner, Sangkuriang-special fish soup must try,and Ampera. If you rent a car the driver will know.

  • Phei Lin

    I got a quotation. It isn’t so cheap as you mentioned. Anyway, TQ for your info.

  • Phei Lin

    I got a quotation from Mulia Rental.
    They quoted for Toyota Avanza for 475K for 16hrs per day and Toyota Innova for 575K for 16hrs per day. Is it cheap?

  • Phei Lin

    Which FOs are worth for shopping? In this case, no need to waste time to shop every FOs.

    Thank you.

  • Mei Siew

    Dear Aliza,
    The place u mentioned for shopping do they accept credit card? or they only deal with cash. cannot bargain?

  • Kifi

    Actually if you think bandung shopping is good why not back to jakarta and shop.
    Bandung hotel is overpriced and i always advice shopper to check on price as you may end up carry heavy load and find out that in jakarta there is more choice and price is cheaper.
    Why? Because bandung has become so tourist that few indonesian shop there.
    Take notice that most that shop is foreigner or indonesia that has been overseas that do not know the real market price.

    Any way enjoy your holiday – Indonesia is still cheap

  • Aliza

    Dear Phei Lin,

    RP475k for Avanza, is it inclusive of petrol? I rented at RP300k without petrol (only car+driver for 16 hours also)as you actually don’t need to put petrol everyday, for 3 days usage in town shopping only need to put petrol once. Perhaps price has gone up since I was there 1st Sept 2008! For me best FO is Rumah Mode. others in Dago area n Riau area, there are 4 to 5 shops in each area. The shops are next to each other and opposite each other. If you r there for 3-4 days, plenty of time.But then again our taste may be different :)

  • Aliza

    Dear Anonymous, At FO yes credit card is acceptable but not at Pasar Baru. FO prices are fixed, Pasar Baru you must bargain.

  • Mei Siew


    Dago, Riau, Rumah Mode this 3 places are FO? So credit card acceptable?
    How is Pasar Baru like? air conditioned? I m so scared that all this place haveno air cond.
    By the way how is the weather in Bandung? hOt?

    Any sightseeing place for most recomend? n a MUST go?

    This will be my 1st trip with friends & family, hope will be enjoyable.

  • Aliza

    Hi Kifi, actually I am planning to visit Jakarta next year, which hotel is good hotel with strategic location n cheap. And where to shop?

  • Aliza

    Hi Mei Siew, I don’t know when you are visiting Bandung, but weather in Bandung when I was there early Sept was great, very cooling. At 3pm when we walk outdoor felt like we are in the air cond room. We shopped from 9am to 9pm with breaks in between and We didn’t feel tired at all, definately can’t do that in KL. Rumah Mode, Jln Riau and Jln Dago are factory outlets area and yes can pay with credit card. These shops are air conditioned. Pasar Baru will be small shops in a a multi storey building, air cond too, best to go first thing in the morning and need bargaining no credit card, cash only-only go here if you are keen in batik stuff, since this your 1st time its worth a visit. This is where locals shop, at least you can see what and how the locals shop, its a sight to behold. Somebody recommended (look at the first comment)the Safari and Angklung show but I have not experienced them. Perhaps my next trip. Go with an open mind and you will enjoy yr trip!

  • Mei Siew


    Wah! That is nice weather w/o sweat a lot. How abt Jakarta? I m going in 1st Oct 08.
    May I know Which hotel u stayed in Bandung & Jakarta?
    Anyplace u can recommend to shop & sight seeing in Jakarta?

  • Mei Siew


    By the way how is the water got any smell after boiling or we hv to buy from outside?
    Any 7-11 store there? or supermarket nearby mutiara hotel?

  • Aliza

    Mei Siew, sorry was out of town could not reply yr questions in time.Plan to go to Jakarta, not been there. Hope you had a great trip. Do share yr experiences

  • Aliza

    Hi Anonymous, I did not boil water so I don’t know and I didn’t stay at Mutiara Hotel. We stayed at Arion Swiss Bel hotel. beautiful hotel. What I did was got our driver to take us to supermarket and we bought all our food and drink supplies. No 7-11 but they have something similar called Circle K

  • Mazlina

    Just want to know if we need visa to visit Bandung.

  • Mei Siew

    The drinking water in hotel hv to boil but kind of salty.
    I went to Jakarta, staying near to the wholesale market @ Pasar Pagi. But the clothes not that cheap, perferably would go rather to Bangkok, for wholesale. We are staying in Iblis Mangga Dua Hotel but the area kind of dirty.
    But in Sogo Departmental shopping the area is very clean & is in fiancial industrial, that the different is totally 2 worlds.

  • Mohamad Zahar

    I’m going to Bandung on 26NOv 08 schedule to arrive at 12.40,and I am not book any hotel room, can U recommend one for me please

  • Aliza

    Dear Mohd Zahar, Arion Swiss bel is good or Geulis right smack amongst the factory outlet, you can google for their contact

  • Joseph Noel

    Arriving in Bandungon 5th january 2009 where can i find simple place to stay not too expensive for 4 nights

  • Aliza

    Hi You can find list of hotels in Air Asia websire I think cheapest is Mutiara Hotel give it a try

  • Amirah Kausar

    i missed my bandung trip last june … envy reading all u guys’ comments here …

  • Norizan

    I m going to Jakarta in March 2009 during school holidays. There’re 10 of us me, my hubby and my 8 children(8 yrs- 21 yrs) We’ll be there 14- 17March 09. I already booked a hotel in jakarta but we plan to go to Bandung too so we plan to go to Bandung on 14 and 15march direct from Jakarta airport. Pls advise me on the transportation from a’port to Bandung and also a hotel (RM100-RM140) in Bandung. This is my 2nd trip to Bandung. My 1st trip I went with my hubby, no children we only went to Pasar Baru, cibaduyut and tangkuban perahu but this time we plan to go there fo shopping coz my children want to shop. Last time we were there was in 2005 and we stay at Karang Setra. Pls advice me hotel to stay that is walking distance from most of the popular FO. We plan from a’port to Bandung n to Tangkuban Perahu, since our flight from KL 1055am n we plan to go shopping after Tangkuban Perahu, on 15 (2nd day ) we plan to shop at Pasar Baru (shop for me)and FO (shop for my children 8- 21 yrs )

  • Aliza

    Dear Norizan,I have only stayed at Arion Swissbel everytime I visit Bandung, its only 15 mins to FO. There is 1 hotel I saw right smack in FO area, Geulis, you can google not sure about price though. The other is Sukajadi hotel. But in Swiss bel you can take 2 family room for 5 persons i think its cheaper that way. From Bandung airport there’s lots of taxi but i think its better to rent a mini van for 10 pax so when you go to shop from one place to another you can leave yr shopping bags in the van, google mulia car rental they are excellent. hope my answers will help you plan yr family holiday.

  • Norizan

    Thanks Liza, I’m from Jakarta a’port, is it advisable for me just rent a coach/van from the booth at the Jakarta a’port i.e Avis etc and proceed to Bandung and back to Jakarta the next day .Or you have any idea about it?

  • Aliza

    Hi Norizan,
    renting van from airport Ithink will be more costly. Mulia car rental charged me RP300,000 for Avanza. Why don’t u check and compare prices. Mulia can fetch you from airport too on day of yr arrival

  • Norizan

    TQ, is the company (Mulia Car Rental) ok to book thr’ internet? I’ve tried to book the hotel that you suggested but full. Is there any hotel that you suggest?

  • Almond

    You can try Rizky Rent Car also, the rate I got is Rupiah 250,000 for ten hours, Avanza not including gasoline. If per hour, it’s Rupiah 50,000 per hour. Please call (022)70922042. But I prefer to use Angkutan Kota tho, way cheaper, just Rupiah 1000-3000 around town. To go to airport, just flag down any taxi, from my hotel to airport is Rupiah 35,000.

  • Aliza

    Dear Almond Star, I’ll contact Ritky Rent Car next time i’m there. Yes Angkutan kota is very economical but I think not suitable if you are in a group of 10 people!

  • Norizan

    can you suggest to me hotel which is near to factory outlets

  • Aliza

    geulis hotel, right smack where the factory outlet is but bear in mind there are 3 main areas where the factory outlets are located

  • Siti Nur Ain

    Hi Aliza,

    You are absolutely right about Bandung. It’s such a terrific place to shop until you drop hehe. Anyway i went to jakarta – bandung last week, i might say that both places are worth to visit. I went to open safari, tangkuban perahu, kawah putih and many more. It so cheap and i believe that everyone is afford to have a chance of visiting bandung with Airasia.

  • Ahmad Fauzi

    Hi Aliza.

    Besides using credit card for shopping, can we use our ATM card (from local bank) to withdraw some cash from their bank’s ATM. I was told that they hv linked the MEPS/BANKCARD with their ATM BERSAMA.

  • Emily

    Hi, i’m going to Bandung on 6-8 Nov (2pax), was wondering which area to stay. My purpose there is shopping, so i opt for budget hotel. There are 2 hotels in my list, (1) Hotel Cihampelas 2 at Jalan Cihampelas @ Rp 280,000 per night including Airport transfer, and(2) Hotel Gandasari at Jalan Seram which nearby Jalan Dago Rp 375,000 per night. Has anyone stayed this hotel before? Any comment in terms of location and condition of the hotel? Or any budget hotel which is more convenient to recommend? TQVM.

  • Aliza

    Hi Emily i just went to bandung in aug this time i stayed at rumah ebo walking distance to dago factory outlet you can google for their website, nice clean and friendly place to stay at. good breakfast unique not the usual hotel try it

  • Yoke Ting


    Do they sell clothes/ dresses in bandung?

    Or mainly selling batik, baju kurung, etc only?

  • Yoke Ting

    hi hi,

    would like to know whether bandung have clothes for chinese?

    or they are selling mainly batik stuff?

  • Aliza

    Hi Yoke Ting, I don’t know wat you mean by clothes for chinese though. Anyway there are modern clothes like jeans, shorts, shirts, blouses, pyjamas, dresses basically u can get everything in Bandung either at factory outlets or their shopping malls. Pls ya they are as modern as we are. they also have batik this u shud go to Pasar Baru excellent to but batik for kebaya or men shirts, best Batik is at Danar Hadi here u can get batik tulis one of a kind but u hv to pay the price to be unique

  • Ng

    whr shld i stay? Place near shopping areas….clubbing

    Budget: 200 – 280 per room (2 persons)

  • Aliza

    Hi Ng try Rumah Ebo rumahebo.wordpress.com/ or Bumina Nie Nie http://www.buminanienie.multiply.com

    Both are closed to FO , clubbing I’m not sure. ANyway Bandung is so small take a taxi 15 minutes drive

  • Nurul

    hi there. am interested in staying at arion swiss belhotel. which room were you staying in? hw many people does the deluxe or business room fit? thanks for your help

  • Aliza

    hi nurul at swiss bell i stayed in their family room, its 2 floors, 1st flr with king bed and top floor 2 single beds. can fit 4 adult and 1 child sharing same bed with parent

  • Gerald

    Bandung is definitely my favourite city in Indonesia. I just like the scale of the place, the history, the fact that it is cool and as I know people there, that just makes it.
    However even if I was visiting for the first time, I have found people very friendly, very laid back, unpressured.

  • Stephen

    Me and my family went to Bandung last month for holiday, I can tell you Bandung is heaven for shopping branded cheap clothing. My wife just literally shop till drop there.

    Transportation inside the city is a bit of a problem, taxi is quite expensive while their “angkutan kota” is not so efficient. The best way to get around is by car rental, one I found to have the best service is Mulia Car Rental their cars are new and the driver is very knowledegable although their English should be improved.
    They can help you book the hotel if you ask them.

    Definitely will come back to Bandung again next holiday!