Hi AirAsia team and fellow ‘bloggers’, this is Geoff (Shaw) writing from Perth, Western Australia (a.k.a ‘Geoff from Oz’ on the ‘Name a Plane’ blog).

It really gives me great pleasure in sharing with you all the wonderful memories my wife Carolyn and I will treasure upon me being awarded the winner of the November, 2009 ‘Name a Plane’ for the new Airbus A330-300.

With Carolyn’s welcomed additional input, I submitted many entries over the weeks leading up to the announcement and was in it for the challenge and the fun – with not the faintest thoughts I would ever win. On a humorous note, you’d be amazed how brainstorming for names – pen & paper on hand – overcomes those nights of insomnia – sure beats counting sheep!

When Azran’s email arrived with the surprising news we were both initially stunned, then excitement and absolute delight prevailed in anticipation of what was involved. I was invited to fly to K.L. for the ‘meet-n-greet’ ceremony and photo shoot for the scheduled arrival of the plane (9M-XXD) from Airbus, France. As I naturally wished Carolyn join me to share this wonderful event, and the fact we had never been to K.L., we decided to extend our stay to enjoy the area and catch up on some Xmas shopping.

Flying in on 18th November – with the plane due on Friday 20th – we checked into our hotel, then awaited confirmation from Azran & Co.

Friday morning it was, so we made our way out to the LCCT and, (following the expected massive security checks), were accompanied by Azran, Sumi and party to meet ‘Geoff’s Plane’ and were thrilled to see first hand the names emblazoned on its fuselage. See the photo below…….(can’t you just see the pride in my face?).

We continued with a photo shoot, inspection of the plane and felt really proud, important – yet extremely humbled – by the occasion.

My girl Carolyn trying out the ‘co-driver’s seat’……..!!!

At the conclusion of our holiday, the ultimate surprise was our return to Perth aboard ‘Soaring Xpectations’, so kindly arranged by Azran and Sumi.

Shortly after our arrival back home we were interviewed by our Community Newspaper and a great writeup of our experience was published. So now we are ‘famous’…!

I haven’t decided upon the plane naming prize destination as yet – still surfing the Net!

From Carolyn & myself, thank you sincerely Azran and AirAsia X for choosing me – an everyday guy from ‘down under Oz’ – as this winner and rest assured, you are all now our ‘family’ with one of your planes carrying my name. That connection definitely cements our relationship.

To all you other ‘bloggers’ keep the entries rolling in for future planes – the thrill of winning is worth every part of mind-searching and keystrokes!

I am appropriately submitting this on New Year’s Eve – we both trust 2010 will be kind to you all, with happiness, good health and prosperity prevailing.

To A.A.-X, go from ‘best to better’ in the next 12-months!


  • Alice

    CongratX..and happy new year!

  • Kenneth

    hey hey! another member in the Hall of Fame…maybe Azran should invite all those who have their names on the planes for a get together event!

  • Geoffrey

    Hi Kenneth, I would imagine you are Kenneth Chong, the winner of the ‘Oakland Raiders’ plane “Xcellence” of mid-2009.
    Congrats. also to you as a fellow Hall of Famer!
    I agree we propose a ‘family reunion’ sometime in the future eh?
    Over 2 U Azran & Co …..