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12 October 2010

Serenity and Mystery land of Myanmar- Part 2

By San

Hai, I am back….Let’s me share with you all my wonderful and fantastic Myanmar trip with my beloved Anata for our first trip, adding travel experience to Our Story collection. We did bring our booklet as our tour guide in Myanmar [prepared by my Anata]. Of course,and my Bunny as well….Bunny sure very happy cause this is his first time take plane, special thank you to Air Asia for this amazing trip….Horaay…here we go…

Bogyoke Aung San Market

A wonderful prewar structure in Yangon known as Scott Market before. It is the most famous shopping place in Yangon,hehe, suitable for girls shopaholic like me. Myanmar arts and handicrafts are best souvenirs available there at reasonable price. A great place to see what kinds of crafts and jewels are available in Myanmar. Also, fabulous for people watching. If you have a chance have lunch in the middle of the market. The food is good and we had a lot of fun watching the people go by from our seats!

My Anata happy shopping tho

National Museum

The building does not seem strikingly interesting or monumental as a National museum from outside view.There are a huge collection of historical and cultural items. The most interesting exhibit is the life size Lion Throne Show Room which was used by the King of the old kingdom to adjudicate on law cases. p/s: No camera and video cam inside.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

We stopped by Holy Trinity Cathedral to have a pray for our safe and wonderful trip. I must say that out of all the incredible cathedrals we visited, Holy Trinity is by far the most impressive and beautiful. When you walk to the entrance and look up it seems to extend beyond imagination. It makes you appreciate the age of the structure and how it truly has stood the test of time. While the exterior is an impressive enough the interior is absolutely breathtaking! When you walk in you are immediately greeted by the exceedingly long nave with the high vaulted ceilings imaginable. We arrived on a sunny day so the light shone in illuminating the vibrant colors of the stained glass. Fantastic!!!!!

If we have the opportunity to visit Myanmar again we wouldn’t miss it! It is definitely a nice and wonderful trip, warm and friendly people. The country is swathed in history and culture, overflowing with old-world charm and a way of life rapidly disappearing in the rest of the world today. It is certainly an astounding experience.