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11 October 2010

Serenity and Mystery land of Myanmar- Part 1

By San

I’ve found Our Story 2010 column on the Air Asia blog and it really amazed me where i can express my feeling and my travel experience. Anthony and I were childhood sweethearts. I really wanted to find ‘the one’, as did he, but deep down I knew that Anthony had only ever wanted to be with me. After 11 years, we got back together. When we got to know that Air Asia is finally flying direct from Kala Lumpur to Yangon, we were so happy and get prepare for our first trip – Myanmar, the serenity and mystery land. It is difficult but I will try to force into word by word this deeply feeling, never ending romantic and passionate adventure. I’ve picked up some of the highlights that are not to be missed in Yangon. Fantastic travel and i will definitely back there if i got chance. Myanmar is a mystical land. A country of hills and valleys, mountains and beaches, temples and jungles.

Park Royal Hotel

Thank you to Air Asia hotel+flight book together and save package. The room, the staff – superb. Everyone – so professional, kind and gracious. The facilities where just right. Nice fitness room, beautiful pool area. What a lovely city too. Fantastic buffet!!

Shwedagon Pagoda

This amazing Shwedagon is the crown jewel of Myanmar and definitely must visit place in this country. For the Burmese, Shwedagon is the most sacred of all their temples, and the most visited [you can walk on the clean marble floor].Besides, the huge 98 metre golden paya can be seen from almost anywhere in the city – glistening gold above the jaded glory of the Western style houses and buildings, and the squalor and poverty of much of modern day Yangon. However, Its would be a good idea to employ a guide to take you around as it is a large complex, and we found the assistance and additional information very helpful, charged $10.

Monsoon – Restaurant & Bar Yangon

All so often, great food can come with insincere service. I am happy to report that Mosoon has bucked this trend. Ground floor at Monsoon where you will discover a setting that is quaint & formal appointed in a white & yellow color scheme. This is a perfect place for entertaining us in privacy set amidst a romantic warm ambience where photos of Yangon people hang on the walls. The menu is not voluminous but is varied enough to suit all appetite.

Well , If you want to view more and more pictures [ limit of 6 here , sadly ] and read more about the travel experiences that we had in Yangon – wait for my next blogging time (Part 2 coming soon)….. See ya