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20 June 2011

Revenge Is Sweet – It’s Comeback Time! : AirAsia X Ultimate NZ Action Hero Day 5

AirAsia Social Media team

By AirAsia Social Media team

We arrived at Kawarau Bridge – the site of world’s first commercial bungy operation which was opened in 1988 and both Team Kaitaki & Team Kairiri was welcomed by the scream of someone who did bungy jumping just as we arrived.

And boy, the expressions on their faces are simply priceless! A mixture of fear, excitement, panic and anxiety attacks and the numerous trips to the washroom before the challenge summarizes how they feel about today’s challenge.

Now, without further delaying – today’s challenge have 3 stages : the trampoline flips, the horizontal bungy and the tandem bungy.

The challenge begin with each team selecting one team member to the trampoline flips in which they need to do 5 flips on the trampoline and upon completion of the challenge, they need to run to their other team members and tagged the next team member to do other challenge (either the horizontal bungy – which one person is tied on the bungy rope and have to run forward to grab 4 items laid down, OR the tandem bungy where 2 team members will be strapped together and need to jump off the magnificent Kawarau Bridge which is 43metres high and once they have completed all the challenge – they have to run to the assigned finish line and grabbed the T-shirts prepared by the AJ Hackett Bungy team.

The first challenge was between Uzair (Team Kaitaki) & Vincent (Team Kairiri) and although this was their first time doing it – they were doing it so well that the first challenge was completed within 30 seconds. Vincent tagged his team member – Thenly who will be doing the horizontal bungy and the challenge appeared to be non-challenging at all to him as he was able to complete it within minutes!

Meanwhile Uzair tagged Zaid & Auntie Zara who went up for the tandem bungy which got us rather anxious (actually we’ve been anxious since the day we found out that Auntie Zara will be one of the participant as we wasn’t sure if she is up for all the extreme challenges that we planned out) but at the count of 5,4,3,2,1 – both Auntie Zara and Zaid jumped off the platform and their scream went all the way down the depth of 43 meters.

Team Kairiri was waiting for their turn at the tandem jump which caused them to lose quite some time while Team Kaitaki’s Budiey was already running toward their last challenge which was the horizontal bungy!

Once Team Kairiri’s James & Franly was strapped on the tandem challenge – it was a race between the teams where the fastest team to reach the finish line and wear the T-shirts will win.

Everyone was screaming their lungs out cheering for their team members – even the teams in AJ Hackett Bungy was cheering on for them and you can say that we are the liveliest crowd in the venue.

And the result is Team Kairiri lose to Team Kaitaki – in just a matter of split seconds which sent Team Kairiri into the brink of utter disappointment while Team Kaitaki was ecstatic that they won the most extreme challenge ever in the race.

The team in AJ Hackett Bungy threw in surprises for everyone by offering them an opportunity to do a solo or tandem bungy. Many of them faced their fear by taking up the offer – including me and gosh, to share my first hand experience – I can’t even walk to the platform thinking I would fall off it but then I finally found my courage and just JUMP! And then something funny happened, while I was hanging mid-air – I didn’t move at all because I felt I was slipping off (paranoid feeling!) which got everyone worried that I fainted and went unconscious. Hahaha – that was really funny and what was funnier was they got it recorded down in still pictures *sweats*. My pictures are the worst among everyone *sobs*

We bid everyone in AJ Hackett Bungy goodbye and head to Queenstown Waterfront, boarded the ship to Walter Peak – where Team Kaitaki & Team Kairiri will be having their next challenges.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Tom & Peter from Walter Peak High Country Farm and their best friends – Meg & Bess (short-haired Border Collie – very cute and smart!

Tom & Peter gave a special dog whistle to everyone and taught them how to use it – which was hilarious to us who were watching them by the side because all of them only can blow out some saliva at the start of it!

After 15 minutes of “saliva” practice – they have finally managed to get a hang of how to blow the whistle (although the dogs didn’t respond to them at all :-P) and the teams were brought over to the sheep farm where their next challenge awaits them!

Sheep herding!

Here’s how it work: There are 12 sheep and half of them sheep are coloured in green and the other half in orange. Each team has to get a minimum of 4 sheep into the assigned pen.

It sure sounds simple but the problem is the sheep moves as fast as lightning! So everyone had a hard time chasing after the sheep in circles and when the teams finally got the sheep into the pens – they faced another problem which was they got both green and orange sheep! It was pretty amusing for us who were watching by the side ‘cos it was pure entertainment filled with laughter for us!

Throughout the last few days there has been no obvious conflicts between both teams but today, the stress has finally built up and the team members between Team Kaitaki and Team Kairiri during the sheep herding challenge.

James (Team Kairiri) and Auntie Zara (Team Kaitaki) gotten into a heated debate when the sheep were mixed up in each other’s pens. One refused to open the gate and the other had their stand on the gate must be open!

The debate went on to no avail – we decided to restart the challenge by getting all the sheep out. This time, the teams seemed to have some strategy on how to get the sheep into the designated area but still it failed.

So what is the last resort? GRAB THEM! Hahaha which wasn’t an easy task too because the sheep may look weak and slow but they are the opposite of it!

After 30 minutes of chasing, screaming and falling down – both Team Kairiri & Team Kaitaki finally managed to grab a few sheep into the assigned pen and the result was Team Kairiri managed to grab 4 orange sheep and Team Kaitaki only managed to get 3 green sheep.

So the winner is Team Kairiri!

And just so, the teams thought they can rest – they were told that they have to move on to their next challenge which is pikelet challenge!

Pikelet is small, thick colonial style of pancake that can be found in New Zealand.

The teams were given a 5-minute cooking lesson on how to make the lovely and delicious pikelet. Before the challenge begins, our bet was that Team Kaitaki will win because Auntie Zara as a housewife will definitely cook way better than the group of bachelor boys aka Team Kairiri.

It was hilarious seeing Team Kairiri with Thenly being the chief chef giving instruction on what to do and how to coke, while he used up all his energy trying to make the perfect whip cream!

When the teams are done with their cooking, it is time for the judges to taste it! And surprisingly, the result was that Team Kairiri’s pikelet is the best in terms of taste, texture and thickness of the pikelet.

So, the results of today’s challenges are Team Kaitaki 1 : 2 Team Kairiri!

Queenstown is infamous as the adventure city – sky diving, bungy, swing, luge jet boating are among the list of adventures that can get your adrenaline pumping like the speed of a Formula One’s car! And just 15 minutes away from Queenstown Harborfront, you can visit the beautiful Walter Peak.

With just one more day only, everyone of us is feeling a little sad that tomorrow will be our last day in the beautiful South Island.

  • Renuka