i’ve answered that very question more than 8 months ago and walla, here i am on my way realising my dream in Gold Coast (yeap… its the Gold Coast in AUSTRALIA and not Sepang)

well, I’ve been following the blogosphere since the 35 candidates got shortlisted from the ‘So You Wanna Be a Pilot’ competition till today and i can see that lots of people out there of all ages, races, gender and skin colour still wants to represent AirAsia in the white uniform with a black tie with the wording of ‘AirAsia’ on it and they are looking forward for the competition again next year… The competition itself has opened doors to people who dare to dream the impossible and to realise their dream like myself and my other batchmates and seniors here…

Ok, lets talk about my life here in Australia..

I’ve completed my first flight 2 weeks after I’ve landed here in Gold Coast and trust me, flying is not as easy as what you think (you pilots should know well enough)… it requires one (the pilot) to have the guts and put in lots of effort to fly a plane… A man in the cockpit has to manoeuvre the aircraft while looking and confirming with the instruments on the panel that everything is going alright and no steam nor gas is coming out from the engine (and not to forget, avoiding birds in the air!) while on the ground school, all of us are expected to pass every single exam with a passing mark of 80%…

picture of my first flight taken by my friend!

‘Nothing comes easy in life’ and definitely this quote applies to the course i am doing currently.. All of the cadets here have to literally study everyday and to be able to understand all the lessons within the given time and not to forget, perform well in our flights and classes (all the results here are sent back to the company and we’re to be assessed weekly!)…. The classes and flights here are scheduled and monitored tightly so that in another 11 months to come, we are able to finish everything here and to return to Malaysia for our 3 months training and to call ourselves, P-I-L-O-Ts representing AirAsia.. What I am doing now is just a beginning of my long journey in my aviation life, and new chapters are ink-ed down in my diary daily as i learn and see new things in life…




  • Kung Yung

    Good on you mate! I’m also pursuing my flight training and I fully agree it’s not easy to begin with, but our brains are eventually “programmed” to fly so it’ll get easier eventually.

    Enjoy the journey as I currently am. All the best in 2010!

  • Adrian

    hey…..i wish to become a pilot…arrrrrrrrr
    when is my turn? my dreams……

    so great when i saw all the picture that u posted….
    how is your life there?

  • Muhammad Syafiq

    hi bro!!
    so how ur stdy??
    do air asia giv u allowance??
    how much??

  • Chee Keong

    Hey Kung Yung… i feel you totally.. haha.. its not easy but yea.. am glad and proud to be able to go through all these…

    Adrian, my life here is great and everything is going according to plan currently.. Put in more effort and take actions when the situation allows.. all the best to you!!

    Anonymous, I am doing not too bad now.. Studies comes first before enjoying the place though.. LOL… AirAsia do give their cadets allowances but I think that its somehow P&C… sorry bro!

  • Mei

    i just finish my spm…any upcoming scholarship for pilot training offered by airasia?is my best dream to become a pilot..

  • Muneer

    Hi You Guys , the Future Aviators in the Air Industry which is fast becoming the only mode of travel at far distant lands in relatively short period of time.
    Your stories of dreaming of becoming PILOTS reminded me when I dreamed of becoming one way back in Jan 1977,and yes I applied to one of the leading Airline of the time in the Region and I was selected amongst 1000 or so aplicants for the batch of 8 Cadets Pilots to begin an 18 months Abe Initio Pilot Training Course in the United kingdom at the College of Air Training which was owned and operated by BA to obtain UK CAA CPL/ATPL & Instument Rating Licence before returning home and begine the Aircraft Type Rating Training as (2nd Officer) following 3 months of “Line Training” before being cleared as fully fledged First Officer and subsequently Captain many Years later(5 Years Apx.) in many of the Company’s fleet & types of the aircarafts held at the time. My Flying career really began in earnest in Jan. 1969 working my way up and became Captain . I have since retired from flying Commercial flying however I am still doing flying now as a hobby and to keep my licences valid though no neccessarily the type ratings I once had .Yes flying is beautiful and so long you keep yor wits about one should be all right, very hard work is required duringg the basic training,we were trained using the traditional way of flying, subjects like Navigational Plotting, Mose code(examinable), Radio Telephony,Mateology, Aerodynamics, Aircraft technical(jet propulsion theory)and Cockpit Management & Procedures .Today’s training has taken into consideration the advance technology introduced into modern Aircrafts ,however the basic flying tachniques has remained the same. Well I wish you guys all the best in your careers and the best to those attempting to persue this wonderful career indeed it is very rewarding. m

  • Chee Keong

    Hey Muneer, i think that you’ve been through lots of stuff to just get to where you are and what you’re doing now… am glad to know that you’re still having the aviation in you till today… keep it up, and i will too!

    keep checking in the web and newspaper to see if AirAsia is hiring or having any intakes for cadet pilot.. all the best to you!


  • Muneer

    Hi Chee Keong,

    My Compliments to Air Asia for making it possible for every one to fly to various destination indeed for their on going programe of training youn men & women in this what seemingly a rewarding Career.I had been selected as graduate in Bsc Mech. Eng. from Oxford Polytechnic in UK now renamed Brookwood University . 41 years ago when I did my training after that flew on Commercial Airliners the B737-200&300,L1011 Tristar, DC10s,B-767&777(Towards the end of my Career0 to name a few . Yes you are right alot has to be done to obtain Type Rating of each aicraft and must pass the practical flying eamination conducted by the Authorised Examiner of the country Civil Aviation Authority, hard work but refreshingly rewarding.With mordern advanced technology flying commercial has become a little easier but the enourmous resposibilities of the Crew and Captain at helm remained to this present day. I wish those who seek to persue this Career all the best and go for it one will never regret it. more so that the financial rewards and other benifits are equally good if not excellent. Once again thanks to Air Asia for all of us to be able to fly to so many more destinations at fraction of the fares charged by other regular Airlines this way we are able to fly to many destinations in any single year to holiday and enjoy in my case my retirement time Well Ardious God bless you all including Mr Azran who is doing an excellent job and extremely efficient in responding to some of our difficult questions!!M

  • Chin Siong

    Hi CK, congrate for the great opportunity u get from AirAsia. I’m on of the less fortunate inspiring pilot who applied for cadetship but never get a reply. But i never gave up, and i’m here in Aussie persueing my dream, doing my flight training self supported.
    Actually I have a question for you, so what license will you be obtaining in Gold Coast? CPL only or CPL/IR with Multi-Engine or up to ATPL? Then what other training will you be doing when u get back to Msia?

    Your info will help me decide my pathway here in aussie. Thanks