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24 October 2008

Red Hot Identity!

By Cheryl

Red, the colour of blood. Blood, the essence of life.

Like blood which contains our DNA which identifies us, Red is the DNA of AirAsia.

I have observed over the years when before AirAsia came to be, advertisements in newspapers were either full-coloured or black and white. Further, the prices of goods and services offered (other than supermarket ads) were often hidden. AND this was an accepted norm by publishers, readers and consumers alike.

Today, turn the pages of our national dailies and like me, you will realize how many ads are RED. Be it holiday packages, banking services…anything! Not only are they red, they all advertise that their pricing starts as low as RMX.99! Gee…if one is not careful, you could end up taking a loan when trying to buy a holiday package!

Your advertisement statement that said “We innovate, others imitate” provoked my line of thought. How true. AirAsia has so much to be proud of for driving change in so many areas including the advertising arena. However, instead of imitating (an admission that they could not come up with a better idea, perhaps?) organizations should take pride in their individualism. People identify with their 5 senses. Are there insufficient colours or combinations of colours, editorial fonts & layouts and ways of presenting your product or services offerings that practically everyone has to “steal” a bit of AirAsia’s brand, fame and success?

Indeed, AirAsia has every right to take pride in its Red Hot Identity!