It was such an exciting weekend in Abu Dhabi with Tony Fernandes, Lotus Racing Team and Air Asia. Met many interesting people. Here’s the Lotus Racing Team with Heikki and Jarno at the front wheel of their cars. Truly an inspiring team and given a chance I would want to be with them all again.

Spend most of my time at Lotus Racing’s Paddock at Yas Marina. It’s an excellent place to chill out and enjoy the race. It has a lounge and an engineering workstation at the ground floor, offices and meeting rooms at the second floor and a rooftop that promises an amazing view.

The engineers and mechanic at the garage putting up a great teamwork to get Jarno’s race car ready before the practice. There are more than 50 of them in the team. I spent complete time at the garage during the practice sessions and joined the pit stop practices – where you get see how all the four tyres on the car are being changed to new ones in front of you. And all that happens in close to four seconds flat. Lotus Racing gave me a chance to be part of the practice. With my gloves on, I was all set with a pneaumatic gun to changed the front right tyre. It was really an experience.

A spactacular view of the iconic Yas Hotel, the luxurious Yas Marina & Yacht Club from the rooftop of Lotus Racing’s Paddock. The Yas Hotel with a truly breathtaking location set half on land and half on water, overlooking the Yas Marina & Yacht Club and positioned on the middle of Yas Marina Circuit, It’s of 2 buildings and connected by a bridge with the race track passing beneath.

It’s was a big race for Lotus Racing and Virgin. The representative of the team that finishes second to the other has to serve as a stewardess on the other’s airline. Well, Tony and Richard Branson weren’t kidding. They have gotten the measurements ready for uniforms before the race and Sir Richard Branson will be wearing one soon.

It was an amazing experience and it would not have been possible without the opportunity from The Team Principle, Tony Fernandes and AirAsia. Thanks a million!! Three complete days at the pit, the garage and the paddock with the team, definitely beat any grandstand seats flat. And, here’s Tony and I at Lotus Racing’s garage after the qualifying race. I have many more interesting memories to come on my blog at I have so much more to share and I hope you’ll enjoy them all.


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