We’ve been spending the entire morning coasting from one webpage to another collecting tokens. Tokens you say? Absolutely yes. We even tried putting on our pirate gear but the airport security had issues with us all dressing to kill. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. This Monday morning is a morning to die for. Treasure is all around and nothing more tempting than a 5D/4N trip to THE Gold Coast!!! We’re all hyped up for free stuff. Yes, we are that cheap but come on, you too would be salivating for a free trip to happiness!

AirAsia X is connecting the dots on the map to Gold Coast. If all ye pirates out there lurking and surfing the net want your worth, check this out! All it takes is a little time, lotsa cunning and of course the source where you got the news, only on the AirAsia blog where all the amazing stuff happens!

The AirAsia blog team loves shiny stuff. These tokens will be taking us places soon. Join us in the hunt and we’ll see who walks the plank off Sea World’s Shark Bay! By the way, caring is sharing, tell your friends, spread the word, and get more tokens. Besides you need friends anyways to trade tokens. Who says sharing does not pay off? The first to get there wins simply at our Quest for Gold conquest! The AirAsia blogging crew now known as the pirates of the Net says “Come and claim it!”

Look out for the tokens like below mateys!

  • Chu

    Hello AA Blog Team, trying to understand:

    The rules stated “Surf the net and collect the tokens”.
    – What are the items to collect?
    – How to collect?

    Can you further elaborate for us?

  • Chu

    Ok..manage to get the FAQ help..good one

  • AirAsia Blog Team

    Hey Henry and our guests,

    You need to visit the site which is linked in the post, http://www.questforgold.airasia.com. Have fun playing this game of collecting tokens and you really have to share this with your friends. Because there are two ways to gather tokens once you have registered, by surfing the sites and secondly, by trading the unique tokens you have with your friends. Once you have all 108 tokens, you could be on your way to Gold Coast for 5 freaking days and 4 absolutely enchanting nights absolutely free. Remember, you heard it here on the AirAsia Blog where amazing happens.

  • Chu

    Mmm…pretty tricky.
    I already log in with my facebook user name

    1) I do not see any unique code given to me
    2) I do not see any request for installing the “Quest For Gold Application”

    Trying to surf the net recommended, but I do not see any token given. Btw..trying to understand further.
    -> How the token look alike? Is it when detected the token, there will be message prompted out for us to click ‘Yes’ to receive the token? Is the game behave something like this?

    Mmmm…tricky tricky game ya…
    Much tricky then writing a blog 😛

  • Chooi Mei

    I’m frustrated with the questforgold website. Can I change the language to view the page? I’m Malaysian who is currently in Taiwan, and I login to that page, it’s in chinese. Too bad I can’t read chinese. I think the server automatically detect my IP address and switched the page to chinese…

    Can you please help me on this problem? I really wanted to know how to collect the tokens.

  • Izarydah

    Where do i log in using the unique code?

  • AirAsia Blog Team

    The unique code is only required once when you need to login to the three different platforms (microsite, Facebook and Friendster). This code will automatically connect and sync your vault in the three platforms, thus all your tokens will reside one vault.

    You will be requested to key in your unique code only once when you are logging into a different platform from where you signed in. For example, if you signed in at the microsite, you will be prompted for the unique code when you sign in at Facebook.

  • Junky

    I have got 6 friends to enter, but I only get 1 unique token. And that token is untradable. Is there a bug or something?

  • Izarydah

    Hi! on the 1st day, i manage to grab the token several times.. but now i can only grab for once.. is it an upgrade from your side or there’s something wrong with my pc.. BTW bloggers, i have several token which are similar..anyone would like to trade?.. hehheh

  • Triany

    in FAQ the token will be changed in 3hours but i wait it only changed in 1 day, how come???

  • Triany

    is there anyone who wants to trade with my coin?? add me at boniee20@gmail.com

  • Triany

    is there anyone who wants to trade with mt token in facebook platform please add me at boniee20@gmail.com

  • Denise

    hi triany ive added u

    i have lots of tokens to trade

    hoping to trade with someone.

    please add me a howtwisted@gmail.com

    or click on my vault link

  • Wei Woon
  • Peh Siong

    anyone would like to join me together throughout the whole competition and trade tokens along the way, pls add me at tehpehsiong@gmail.com

    vault link.

  • Ai Bao

    AirAsia team,

    Great job updating the questforgold mircroside!

    I’d like to suggest AirAsia team to display the tokens which already appeared on the questforgold microside so that we are aware of how far we are there to 108 tokens~

    Hi all,

    join me for the trading of the tokens~~


  • Yanfang
  • Chu

    Hi all,

    Trade tokens? Add me in facebook.
    Email: raymondchu_kl@yahoo.com

  • Chu

    Blog Team,

    2 question.

    1) how to claim tokens for every 3 friends that i invited, joined the quest?

    2) how to submit the token when finished collecting, is it automatic?

  • Katrina

    It would also be great if you could post on your website the stats of the players who have the most number of tokens. 😉

  • Wing Wai
  • Nyon

    i got lot of tokens to trade with u all, pls add me at nkeny84@hotmail.com

  • Aidah

    Allow me to add in a suggestion if I may.
    Would it be possible for Air Asia to publish a page showing all the 108 tokens we’re supposed to collect so that we have a check-sheet to refer to. In this way we can trace what we don’t have and so can trade with other people for the ones we need. It’s still early now, it’s only towards the deadline date that we’ll be busy looking for people to exchange tokens with. Thank you

  • Aidah

    P.S. I forgot to mention that when we click on “my vault” a page appears showing the number of tokens collected e.g. 20/108 on a background showing pictures of only 23 tokens. That means any tokens that we collect matching those featured tokens will only be shown on the page.
    Lastly I would also like to add my name to the list of potential ‘token exchangers':- eidelweiss99@yahoo.com
    Would appreciate a comment from Air Asia.
    Thank you.

  • Samantha

    Tokens to spare. would appreciate it if you can add me to your trade list.



  • Aidah

    Today I made a terrible mistake, I wanted to trade my tokens but I didn’t read the rules. I don’t know how but there is only 1 name that shows up on my trader list and I don’t even know that person. So I requested 4 or 5 exchange of tokens without waiting for a confirmation from that person. I realized the mistake when I noticed that my total number of tokens collected remained the same in spite of my traded tokens. So does that mean I have lost them due to my carelessness. BTW I see a lot of people adding vault links to their request to exchange tokens. Where do they get them from, how come I never got mine or how do I get mine. There are some friends who want to trade with me but we don’t know how to make our names appear on the trader list. Will the AirAsia blog team kindly advise asap. Thanx

  • Nyon

    add me at chengying902@hotmail.com to exchange tokens

  • Poobalan

    Tokens to spare, lots of them :)Please add me to your trade list.


  • Samantha


    I reckon I know what is going on now.
    Are you signed into different platforms. Let’s say if you’ve got facebook and are logged in, the questforgold website will immediately connect it to your facebook. The list of friends connected to you via facebook will then appear.

    To get back to you original list, all you need to do is logout of your facebook and logout of the questforgold website and log in again through your email address. That should give you the other connected friends.

    Hope I make sense and this helps.

  • Joyce

    I have about 9 friends added to my list today, but the total number of tokens in my vault remain the same. Is there something wrong with the system? Or do airasia have tokens limitation? Please explain this matter cause right now I ask my friends not to aplly since it is useless to do so.

  • Aidah

    Thanks Samantha I think I get what you mean. Sometimes it’s so confusing, I already log in from my FB connection and yet the log-in box still appears asking me to log in. Then I just press the FB connection button and everything’s fine after that. Stupid me I didn’t know I could see my own tokens until someone told me to click on the “5 very” buttons
    on top of the page. So got everything you wanted?

  • Yong Seng

    Want to exchange tokens?
    Just click on my vault link http://questforgold.airasia.com/index.php?referid=6053&platform=mc

  • Katrina

    ^^ You only get one unique token for every 3 successful new recruits, meaning they are not yet registered to Quest for Gold. If the friends you’ve invited are already registered, you cannot earn tokens. Any news if someone already got 108 tokens?

  • Zarina

    Anyone interested to exchange tokens?
    Go to my vault: http://questforgold.airasia.com/index.php?referid=31005&platform=mc

  • Yong Seng
  • Daphne

    For exchanging tokens,
    Go to my vault link: http://questforgold.airasia.com/index.php?referid=74553&platform=mc

  • Nadirah

    Lets exchange our token 😉
    The more the marrier. Yeay!!!


  • Vonny

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  • Buang Hong

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  • Mehdi Hasan

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  • Chaeriwati

    i’ve token to trade with you all. pls add me at : chaeriwati@yahoo.com

  • Sain

    when is the closing date? How many tokens are display per day ?

  • Yim Yim

    For token tradings, kindly add me at lohemillie@gmail.com


  • Shahrizat

    add me too! have plenty to trade :)


  • Sharatul Salma

    lets change tokens!copy and paste my link on your browser.:)

    or add me on facebook. sbg_tayo@yahoo.com.please mention that you want to trade for air asia tokens. thanks!

  • Tuck Hoong

    Want to exchange tokens?
    Just click on my vault

  • Shin Siang

    welcome to add me for exchange.


  • Katrina

    Anyone got number of tokens higher than 97 (as of this writing)? So that would be 98 since this will be posted tomorrow.

  • Aidah

    One last call for friends who would like to trade tokens with me with just one week left till the end of the contest period. If you are like me in the 90s category it is unlikely that you can trade with other friends in the same category because what you need they already have and they are most probably wanting the same ones you need.
    I have observed that there are 2 types of contestants, those who are content just to get one token of each kind just to fill up their vaults and the other, those who are smart in that they will collect a few extra tokens so that they stand a better chance of trading their tokens. The former I’m afraid will have to wait and pray that the tokens they want will be released by Air Asia daily. From my own experience I have waited 3 days just to get a new token although I have a lot of spare tokens to trade with. Although there are 8 changes in the tokens released daily there will be only one new release whereas the other seven will be repetitions.
    My one drawback was that I entered the contest a bit late and I didn’t know how to use the “5 very buttons” to check on my vault and other friends vault until one kind soul taught me how. Before I realized that I could log on to this contest via facebook I used to log in with my e-mail. So now my friends were divided into two platforms and I had to log out of one to get into the other one to check on my messages to trade or to check on their vaults to see what I could trade for. At that time I was struggling in the 40s when I got a new friend who traded about 10 tokens with me at one time. There were friends who traded one or two tokens with me but who are now stuck in the 90s because they don’t have extras to trade with and have to depend on the new daily releases. In fact I am now at par with some of them and even overtaken others. But now I’m stuck because I can’t trade with the friends I’ve got as they already have what I have and we actually need the same tokens. Like I said earlier if there is only one new token released a day then I don’t think I can make it to the end of the road because I need more than 7 tokens. There may be some of you out there like me so why don’t we become friends in our last attempt to fight for that seat to the Gold Coast. I’m listing the tokens I need and the rest I should have extras. So if you have what I need and you need what I have then please become my friend. Here’s my list Sea World Shark Bay/Land & Sea Tourist Buses/Picnic at Mowbray Park/Thumm Estate Winery/Tedder AvenueMudgeeraba Tea house/Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant/Cruise Gold Coast Broadwater/Tea at Gold Coast Hotel/Sheraton Mirage Gold Coast/Hot Air Balloon/Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk/Surfers Paradise Night Shopping/Pacific Fair Shopping CentreStrike Bowling Bar/Kite Surfing.
    So hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

  • Zhou
  • Azam

    add me too… zerogene_235@yahoo.com thanks..

  • Ee Keng

    Anyone interested to exchange tokens?


    i have 77 for exchange…

  • Chaeriwati

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  • Edy

    kindly please add me for token exchanging …


  • Yi Peng
  • Sonia

    i hav alot of coin 2 share..so feel free 2 add me-ohona_me@yahoo.com

  • Tong

    Hi…finally i have been collected all the 108 tokens and today is the last day for the games.Here is the last Change to join and exchange tokens with me.


  • Tong

    To who get the all 108 tokens.can post here ?

  • Chaeriwati

    anyone knows how to submitt our completed token?

  • Dewi

    Hi, I’m Dewi from Indonesia. I’ve been participating in Quest for Gold contest since the first day, I came online to grab tokens every three hours till the last day(nut, huh!? ^_^), and now I have collected all 108!! I also have recruited many friends. Hoping to be one of ten lucky winners! :)
    ps. Finally, I could sleep tight last night 😀

  • Siew Lee

    I have collected 108 tokens. I actually have 134 tokens at the first day. I did not really read the rules. Just clicking it till the end.

    Anyone knows when will the result be out?

  • Sonia

    im dyin for the result 2..whn wil it b..cant wait..help)))))))))))))))

  • Dewi

    When will the winners be announced??

  • Tong

    end of july

  • Elaine

    when is the actual day of announcing the result? I had 108 tokens collected..

  • Ai Bao

    So do I.
    AirAsia Blog Team please send me the good news. :-)

  • Elaine

    Seem like alot of people have collected 108 tokens.. Got to compare by how many frenzs recruited..

  • Tong

    finally the result is out,who is the winner,mind to post here ? im one of the winner.

  • Nyon

    Dear Airasia,
    I have joined the “quest for gold” contest to collect 108 tokens. Thought I managed to collects all the 108 tokens, I did not win the contest. What make me more frustrated is that I have been forgotten as I did not even received any email from Airasia regarding the result for the contest. Am I left out? Do advice me on this. Thanks.

  • Tong

    hi Nyon,

    im also not received any email from airasia like you but im in the winner list.actually so many people have been collected 108 token,i think AA choose the winner base on who is the faster one to collect 108 token.