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10 November 2008

Relics in Shanghai

By Nittee

上海博物馆。 Shanghai is huge but easy to commute between one place to another place. I stayed around Cao Bao Lu Zhan (漕宝路) – Shanghai Metro. When I got there , the weather was a bit cold but sunny. From my accommodation, it would take 7 Stations to People Square Station(人民广场). I took line number 1 which is RED. To use the Metro, you need to understand/read some Chinese scripts. You can only get a ticket from vending machines so bring some small change with you. Vending machines take coins and notes mostly 5 and 10 RMB. The charge is between 3-4 RMB. It really depends on how far you would travel. I used to pay 6 RMB and it was all my mistake. Moreover, there are many exits. This will make you really confused. So, be prepared then.

The museum is free for entry and there are many things to be seen. On entering the museum, everyone needs to get checked by the security clearance on the ground floor. This is no pain and it is real quick. Please remember this, you all can only enter from the back of the building where the restaurant is. I do not know why. If you want to know, please ask them then. What you might see there are Calligraphy, Sculpture, Bronze, Ceramics, Furniture, Paintings, Coins and etc. You would love them then. This would take you a couple hours to allow yourself to see all.

Pictures for you to get some idea of what might be there :

An iron water buffalo

My former lecturer(Adriano from Milan) and me(Nittee from Chonburi, Thailand) in front of Shanghai museum

if you like masks…

Shanghai Metro Map

Find our more by visiting the Shanghai Museum website for more information on the exhibitions and also check out the Shanghai Metro People’s Square Station website for the frequencies of the transits.

So! could this be one of your ideal destinations?

  • Almond

    Hi Nittee,
    They allow you to take pictures inside a museum? With flash or no flash?

    The Metro system is really complicated, I will be definitely lost in Shanghai!

  • Nittee

    almondstar : They allow us to take as many photos as possible without any conditions. Flash or without flash both are OK. hum…..
    The metro system is efficient. Only thing is that we need to communicate a bit in Chinese with them. If you want to go there, you should practice some basic Chinese. There are many exits too and when I was there I got a bit confused then. What I can say to you is that if you can make friends with the local, that would make your live in Shanghai much easier.
    Don’t be afraid of this and after all you can instead enjoy seeing Shanghai. Shanghai people speak more English than in some other places in China.

  • Kan

    Haha,welcome to my hometown Shanghai!!! If you have any questions about travelling in Shanghai, I’d like to help to answer your questions

  • Nuril Easteadad

    hi nittee,
    i’m nuril from kuala lumpur. just to ask you regarding songkran festival in bangkok or maybe pattaya, which is the best place to celebrate? i want to purchase ticket during that time. i love bangkok so much. last nov, i celebrate loy kratong in bangkok.i went to pattaya also. stayed at ambiance hotel, boyztown area. after all, its such a nice trip.

  • Nittee

    hi Nuril Easteadad;

    This might be too late to reply yours.

    I can tell you that both places are good destinatios to enjoy your holidays. For me, I have never been involved in any Songkarn for both Bangkok and Pattaya. Many of my friends went to Pattaya for this and they had so much fun. By the way, i live only 30 kms away from Pattaya.

    Bangkok is to0 busy for me but you would love it when there is Songkarn because there are more varities there.