Me and my wife have been married for almost eight years now and on 1st of august 2010, we have been blessed with the newly born of handsome baby boy – the love of our life that we have been waiting for so many years from the beginning of our marriage.

Our story began on November 2009 when we decided to pursue the fertility program in Surabaya, east Java, Indonesia. It is a one hour flight from our hometown, Jakarta. We decided to pursue the program at one of the hospital in Surabaya since we have several information that there is a doctor who is very well-known as the expert for this program with the highest successful rate in Indonesia. Many stories from so many couples who eventually have their own children have been shared in mailing list, blogs, etc, etc with the help of this doctor. This doctor have brought happiness to so many couples.

Having read and heard of all those happy stories, we thought that this might be our last chance to having our own baby. Seeing other families with their cute kids running around, cuddling with the parents, makes us want to have the same happiness.

Beforehand for so many years, we had tried to consult so many doctors, various of methods of therapy had been undergone…………….but no result yet.

The program in Surabaya takes one full month and in order to succeed, my wife had to stay in Surabaya for that length period of time. This lead us to live separate lives. I stayed in Jakarta to make a living and she was in Surabaya all alone – approximately 700 km away from Jakarta. And this was not easy since we have not been apart since our marriage.

On 6th of December 2009, we both flew Air Asia to Surabaya to start the program and this was the moment that I had to leave my wife all alone in Surabaya. It was not easy for both of us but this was the path we had to take. I promised my wife that I will visit her every weekend so she will not be lonely at least on the weekends. And ever since, I flew Air Asia every weekend to Surabaya to meet my wife.

On 4th of January 2010, this was the day we both had been waiting for from the program. The announcement day. We went to the hospital early in the morning for blood check then wait anxiously, praying to Allah and prepared our self for whatever the result may have come.
Four hours later, I called the hospital and asked the nurse, “what is the result ?” the nurse congratulated me………..Alhamdulillah……..…Thank you Allah.
My wife was pronounced pregnant… can not imagine how happy we were to hear the news.
I was overwhelmed and down on my knees with tears, I felt so happy and grateful. Allah has been so kind to us by giving this precious gift.

On the afternoon on the same day, we met the doctor and he delivered the news personally and congratulated us. The doctor suggested my wife to stay in Surabaya for a little longer for in-depth observation and to make sure the pregnancy was strong enough for flight back to Jakarta.

Eventually my wife stayed almost three months in Surabaya and I flew Air Asia every weekend to visit my wife until we finally returned to our hometown, Jakarta. On weekends, we laughed, catch up stories, and shared happy moments.

This has been a tremendous journey for me and my wife.
Now our little family is complete with our cute chubby two months old baby boy in the house. Me and my wife are happier than ever.

And thanks to Air Asia budget airlines, I can fly back and forth Jakarta – Surabaya – Jakarta with affordable airfare which definitely helps us to make the overall program affordable for us. And it is worth it!