As a frequent user of AirAsia, the last flight being last night from Bangkok, I would like to suggest the following pointers in the interest of improvements at the check-in and arrival conditions and lcct, klia as well as during the flight itself:

1. In addition to displaying information on gate numbers for flight departures, it would be useful for the notice boards to also display counter numbers for checking in. This would greatly facilitate and improve the efficiency of checking in, which is frequently hampered by overcrowding and general lack of space. This is sop in most airports of the world.

2. Group check-ins should be done at a separate dedicated counter, as I have exprienced waiting in line for an excruciatingly long time for the person in front of me with about 20 passports of passengers to check in.

3. Arrival conditions at lcct is deteriorating fast. Not only is the baggage retrieval area greatly overcrowded, but also the signages giving details which baggage is arriving on which carousel is wrong. for example, the baggages for flight ak887 last night were delivered to a carousel displaying an fd ( with 4 digit numbers) flight whereas the carousel displaying the ak887 number remains empty!

4. There was a mad scramble to board flight ak 887 at the e3 terminal of suvanarbum airport, bkk last night, with no consideration given to express boarding passengers. to overcome this, why don’t air asia practise allocating seat numbers, as practised by other budget airlines, eg virgin blue?

5. Announcements on board the plane by both the flight attendants and captain can be improved upon. the attendant ( male ) obviously made a wrong announcement by saying the plane is about to land, just 5 minutes after taking off on flight ak 887 last night.

5. Whilst there is improvement in the variety of in-flight dining options, the local food such as nasi lemak contains too much coconut milk, which has a tendency to deteriorate with time, causing indigestion. perhaps you should stick to more stable food such as sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs, and they are less smelly too, especially on board.

Above are some of my comments experienced taking your flights in the hope you can take remedial action to improve conditions for frequent travellers of air asia.

Thank you.



  1. I guess our Nasi Lemak is not smelly , just a bit of strong smell. I think hot dog and burgers not really a good idea tho, too much of processed food. More on healthy food would be an advantage. Hope that AK will be the 1st LCCT that care for their clients health !!!

    Bravo AK !!

  2. Congratulations to AirAsia success in Now Everyone Can Fly.

    I fly regularly with AirAsia for work and holiday. Most of the time my one way taxi fares of RM140 from Malacca to LCCT cost more than my AirAsia fares.

    Can LCCT through the influence of AirAsia provide direct express shuttle bus services between LCCT to Seramban and Malacca Sentral; similar to current express shuttle bus services between LCCT and KL Sentral?

    Low cost airports in foreign countries like Australia provide very efficient and affordable airport shuttle mini buses and vans. LCCT should look into this to make AirAsia’s Now Everyone Can Fly more meaningful for budget travel.

    Looking forward to hear some good news on the above.

  3. Mohd Irwan Reply

    AirAsia should make use of its hubs wisely. I notice several routes were introduced and later slashed from Senai airport, one of AirAsia major hub. Taking example, Medan and Palembang were taken out from the list without proper notification. Furthermore, for route CGK-JHB, it is always delayed and has cost passengers much frustration. We hope to see more frequencies and new network, esp JHB-KUL and JHB-DPS.

  4. I totally agreed with Point 2 raised by Abdul Majid. I was once caught for more than 45 mins at check in due to a group of more than 30 checking in by their tour leader. Worse of all some of them did not do the security scanning of their bags but the tour leader continued to stand in line while waiting for those idiots to come back thus causing problems for other behind in the line.

    To be honest I don’t mind paying a bit more for a allocated seat. I have used express boarding and I can report the abuse of this and the cabin crew DO NOT EVEN BOTHERED!!! I have seen groups who only pays for 1 express boarding and that guy will start blocking seats for the group once he gets on board as a express boarder. Honestly AirAsia think about improvements and just not think of yourself as a LOW COST CARRIER all the time. Paying a low fare do not means we should be treated as cheapskate.

  5. I strongly agree with the seat allocation for customers that book their ticket/seat well in advanced. It will encourage ppl to plan their journeys and to minimize the rush to get the best seats and passengers can board the the plane in a more civilized and orderly manner.
    Although I always use the online check in facility as I always travel light, I sometime pity those who needs to check in their luggage, as they need to “Q” for some time just to check in.
    AirAsia rawks!!!

  6. I have been trying to get through to the office by phone for the last week(5 days), do you think I could even speak to anybody, I have deliberately left the phone for an hour, yet, all I get is an recorded message that keeps repeating “all our sales agents are busy due to overwhelming response to our promotion” why bother having a phone number that has no people behind it?

    There are only so many things one can do online, but having a real person speaking to you and solving a problem would be a real treat. If I was running an outfit where my customers cannot get through, some heads will roll.

  7. Please introduce the seat allocation facility. We’re happy to pay a bit more just so that we can board in an orderly manner, no pushing or shoving. Once you introduce it, people will start using, it will be a win-win situation for AirAsia and the travellers.

    Thank you AirAsia.

  8. Ahmad Johari Reply

    I recently flew with Tiger Airways, just to see how they do things there.

    One of the features that I liked was that they will assign you a seat number when checking in. You don’t get to pick which seat, but they’ll ask if you liked a window or aisle seat and then gives you a randomly assigned number. Maybe that could work with AirAsia.

  9. I agree with you En Ahmad ,I fly to Bangkok 2 times a years, It’s happen to me last few trip . I just came back from Bangkok on 3rd Sep 2008 .Good thing is, this time Bangkok Check in counter now is 3 hours before departure.

    But Upon my check in on this trip was ok, Because they change their system to 7 counter for all international flight or maybe is because my flight was cancel Ak883 and they put me to next flight FD about 2 hours later.

    Good thing is Thai AirAsia check in counter did give me Baht 100.00 voucher for purchase food inside the departure hall. I suppose to fly back using Airasia new Airbus , Insted using old Boieng flight and this is not so great. And I did purchase Nasi Lemak thru online,insted Thai AirAsia crew only allow us to use Baht 50.00 for exchange , I fell this is not fare to customer. One more area Airasia should be improve is call center,we have to wait so so long until we manage to talk to customer service .

    Anyhow’s AirAsia is still my choice for travel .

  10. I was also caught in a similiar situation in Bangkok before like Lee. I was delayed for more than 3 hours and that time ‘On time guarantee” was not implemented yet. Even though AirAsia provides Bath100 food voucher which is a good gesture but it is not even enough for a simple meal complete with a soft drink and you have to come up with more than Bath 100 from your own pocket due to no fault of yours. Moreover the coupon is restricted to only 4 outlets and the only reasonable outlet is Dairy Queen. Perhaps AirAsia should look into this and I wonder if AirAsia management even reads this blog and response accordingly!!!!!!

  11. Muhammad Faidzal Reply

    About 2 weeks ago I had to endure a long queue of guests checking in at one time. However I noticed that the next counter had no queue at all. The staff at that counter seemed to had been waiting for the next guest for quite some time. I asked if the staff at the next counter can help to check me in, unfortunately he could not as that counter was meant for another destination. However, I learnt from my colleague that a different counter cannot accept baggage to another destination and guests must queue at the correct counter to ensure that their bags reach their desired destination.

  12. Speaking about group travel, I wish that the cabin crew can control the passenger’s behavior to disallow them to place their bags for many seats so that their group could sit together. Its annoying, all it take is one auntie or the tour leader making sure that he/ she is one of the first one to get on board, then starts using his bag or other items to “reserve” seats for their members.I have sat on European Low Cost airlines, the passengers are more civilized and one would be embarrassed to behave like the Asians furthermore they would certainly be told off by the cabin crew.
    Nevertheless, in Asia, if people don’t behave, we might have to control them.

  13. Well we always get through to a machine on the AirAsia hotline and it is very frustating on a international line.Sometimes it takes more than an hour before you get through to a sales person who can help you.For example,i tried calling the number this morning from Indonesia trying to enquire about my domestic flight booking in Malaysia but have to hang up after 40minutes of furtile waiting with the machine repeating the same message of ‘all our personel are busy due to the overwhelming response to our recent promotion’Any suggestion how we avoid this like a separate line to accomodate the overseas enquires.

  14. My wife & I are frequent travellers & we flew out of Coolangatta, Queensland Australia to KL, Penang & then to Bangkok. We find the staff very efficient & always with a smile. We normally fly Qantas over the years throughout Asia & we find AirAsia with its airfares excellent value & looks after its senior passengers with its preferential boarding. Congratulations!

  15. Hi Yong and Lim,

    Thank you for trying to contact us and for your constructive feedback. At the moment we are going through a transition period in line with the progress of our company where our call volume has doubled. Indeed we are aware and are upgrading the call centre and bringing in new web technology to deal with all the queries. We are glad to have you with us, and hope that you will bear with us through this time. Our Call Centre agents are doing their best, and we recommend you call us between 8.00am to 10.00am for us to better receive your calls. Hope to attend to you soon. Thanks.

    Call Center

  16. Lily Sui Chia Reply

    Safety of passengers on board while the aircraft is still refueling and the flight stewards/stewardess again and again always remind all passengers to switch off all handphones and electronic devices. Some passengers are stubborn enough not to heed the advise and I think it is a very serious case. I suggest that all flight attendants on every aircraft should be more alert enough to see on every passenger whether if there is any passengers with a earphone on means that the electronic devices is still on. I had this experience recently taking a flight from Kuching to KK. There is this young lady sitting on the same row as me and I noticed she had earphone on her ear and using her sweater to cover the handphone or an ipod. Immediately, I inform your crew on board, and she was being told to switch off but she ignored it. I continue to stare at her but she completely ignored it. This electronic device is on throughout the whole flight flying until we landed at KK Airport. Can you see the danger. Luckily nothing happens. Our life is at risk and I think we are an innocent passenger if it really explode while flying due to one careless mistakes of a stubborn passengers. FLIGHT CREWS MUST BE MORE ALERT!!!!I think more explanations or illustrations should be made known so that the passengers know the dangers and consequences. KINDLY LOOK INTO IT SERIOUSLY. TQ

  17. Dear Anonymous ,

    This trip back from Bangkok on 3rd Sep 2008 Bath 100 voucher can be used for almost 20 food outlet in the departure hall.

    One more thing is I hope AA check in counter in @ oversea country like Bangkok, Singapore, Guangzhou can allowed early check -in like maybe 3 hours before departure time.

    Because for 2 hours , sometimes we have to waste 1 hour waiting for check in, 20 minutes to immigration, we don’t have much time for shopping. Please consider, Thanks

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