Note from Blog Team: This is an impromptu decision as well because…well simply because we felt like it. Congrats Corrine. We can’t control the devil in us either. You are number 30. This is special. We’ve finally hit 30 and the huge announcement is yet to come. We think the rest should also be waiting for their turn. All we can say is wait longer.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard to my blog. Warmest greeting from me, the pilot-wannabe. Allow me to bring you through the journey of my blog. As for that, I hope you will enjoy reading my blog. Let’s soar to the skies.

Frankly speaking, this is my first attempt to write a blog. I have not considered writing a blog but I do enjoy reading peoples’ blog. Why so? This is because of the ability to gain knowledge and experience from the experts of this blogging industry. Due to this, I am surprise that AirAsia is actually giving an opportunity to all aspiring pilots by just writing a blog. Looks like blogging nowadays are becoming a craze.

Looking at the amount of potential candidates, they had done a lot of research to become a pilot. As for me, I am just beginning to do a little research and I have to admit that mine is not as extensive as theirs. At times, reading from the blog posted makes me feel intimidated. But I am a tough girl and coming from a science background allows me to be analytical and critical thinking. Therefore, if given me a chance, I will certainly be a silverfish whereby I will glide through all the necessary books and references to become a fighter.

I remembered during primary schools where teachers create a liking of composition by the title “My ambition”. I will pick the high flying jobs and never thought of the actual meaning. Eventually it all happened by some chance, as I was accompanying my father to fetch my uncle from the airport. As a kid, I was completely awed, impressed and obsess with the planes. The moment I saw a couple of smartly dresses pilots walking pass, it was as though as lighting just struck my head, I told myself that I will want a chance to drive a plane by myself. The smartly dressed pilots gave me an instant blow and had greatly influence me to be fascinated by planes. I enjoy seeing plane ascending, descending and flying.

A lot of people like travelling and I have to admit it for myself. As for this, driving on the road became my passion. Hm… I am usually the chauffer for my parents as I felt that I am of control and independent. But we do not have the privilege to travel as frequent as we want to. As such, whenever I see a plane airborne, the hunger for me to pursue for this industry grew simultaneously. In fact, to be honest I envied those who can fly and travel by plane to place be it business or vacation. I knew that a commercial pilot hold a huge responsibilities for his duties and commitments and therefore I would salute them for the passion that they hold, glorify, disciplines and not forgetting theirs sacrifices.

I had a degree in chemistry. But somehow, it wasn’t my calling to pursue a career in this. Life moves on and now I am working with a consumer products company. I was happy and I am still happy with my current job. But the little devil in me is still hungry for more. Job satisfaction is the main source of food and blood to control the hunger pang for my little devil.

I think many will be thinking of the reason for me not pursuing something in this industry. Pilot was stereotype to be a man dominated job, so I was rather skeptical. But with media coverage and advertisements, I was amazed and fascinated that there were female pilots out there. I am waiting for the moment to come. Just time…..opportunity…… or chances…….. to give me a tinge of hope.

Ding dong…..the advertisement came by. A ray of light passes by my docile brain. But still, I was rather afraid to start writing. But deep inside me, a little voice, urged me to give myself a shot as this opportunity might not come by again. And here I am, writing this blog to give myself a try and impress the panel of judges from AirAsia. I just hope that I would be able to fill the occupation column as commercial pilot and for the company column will be Air Asia when I have to apply for loans or other application.

If I were given a chance to become a pilot, I will:
1. Be hardworking, study hard and smart to become the top and most successful female pilot. I will become a fighter to strive to succeed.
2. Make my family proud and treat them to travel around the world with me driving the plane.
3. Take the huge responsibilities to being a commercial pilot
4. Whole-heartedly be committed to become the best female pilot
5. Strive to bring AirAsia to a much higher level
6. Pledge to support AirAsia forever

That’s all for this blog. This is your captain speaking on-board. Have a pleasant day. Thank you.

My masterpiece. I hope I can soar to the sky one day and make my family and myself proud. Forgive me, if the drawing was wrong from the aviation point-of-view. I just cannot control the devil of me.



  1. Tan Reply

    To Derek, Thank you so much for this opportunity. No words can express my happiness right now. Never expected a call from you in just a mere 10 minutes. Thank you once again.

  2. Ah u draw as well. Yeah, like your point No.6, loyalty is the key to everything, something that we all should do.
    Congrats Ms Tan!

  3. Congratulations.
    Finally hit up 30.
    Nowadays, there are more female pilots already. Don’t worry, you can make it.

  4. Mohd Danial Reply

    Hey Corrine!

    Welcome to the club! Ure blog is very refreshing, and I love ur drawing.. It looks like we’re looking at the airplane from way below.. 🙂 Congrats! and have a super evening ahead..

  5. hey, congratulation for getting closer to what you want. Everyone would have their own devil.. so do I..haha… Keep going without worrying much about present. Cheer.

  6. Congrats Corrine, welcome ^^
    Finally the blog hit up to 30.
    Female pilot can be as good as male pilot or even better ^^

  7. Congrats Tan, your piece of writting is natural… I like it!!!

  8. Corrine,
    This might come in late, but it’s definitely sincere.
    Congrats on being short-listed.

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  9. Chee Keong Reply

    Congrats girl..

    number 30, way to go…
    lurve your drawings!


  10. Hi Corrine :

    The interview is just around the corner … looking forward to see you soon … would you mind to leave your e-mail address to me ?( i am jessica lee -4th candidate ) I am always glad to know friends sharing the same dream with me !!! ( my e-mail address is ) hope to hear from you soon 🙂

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