June 7, 2009 and woke up early for me not to miss my 8:55 AM Air Asia flight from Phuket to Bangkok. The last part of my Asian trip (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Phuket and Bangkok Thailand).

Sleepy and tired but full of excitement. That’s what I exactly feel when I reached the fantastic airport of Phuket.

But I still managed to save some energy for my half-day tour to Bangkok because of the warm welcome of the Thai personnel in the airport.

They’re very glad to help you in any ways that they can offer. From the airport’s entrance, trolleys, waiting area and until you reach your destination.

But even if I already reached my destination, all I can feel is their kindness and hospitality.

Honestly, I found too hard to understand some of their words but you can feel from the smiles in their faces of how special you are to them.

While we’re waiting for our FD 3022 plane in Phuket airport, all I can do is to sit, think, plan, stare at the map (and look around the surroundings) what I’m going to do in Bangkok.

At first, my plan is to have a back-pack style of touring the city from Suvarnabhumi airport with my sling bag, plastic full of souvenirs, and my big stroller bag. I think that’s the weirdest plan I ever had, because Suvarnabhumi is toooooooo far from the Bangkok’s CBD.

Good thing I was looking around and saw this Tour Information stall in the waiting area just in front of me.

Then here’s the roll-call to the passengers for Bangkok. And eventually, I left that guilt in the airport when I board the plane because all I can feel is excitement. Excitement because I’ll be going to Bangkok and of course, another plane experience for me again.

When the plane’s wheel touched Suvarnabhumi, I was greeted by different planes on the way.

Fantastic! Whoah! I really love planes.

While the plane is taxiing in the airport ramp, I’m wondering why our plane is not going near to the terminals. All of a sudden, we were dropped-off on the tarmac for us to ride the shuttle bus going to the domestic airport. Ugh! A little hassle for us, that’s what I thought. Anyway, I have no choice but to follow the line.

But to least of my expectation when the driver started the engine and left the pick-up area, it’s like we’re touring the airport (hmmp). And suddenly I saw a lot of planes, as in LOTS OF PLANES.

I saw B747, B777, B737, A340, A330, A320 and a lot more in different airlines. Oh my god! That’s the only word I can speak in my mind. This is such a nice place. I wanted to tell the driver to stop the bus for us to take some pictures but it’s already in the mid-day knowing that all of us passengers and I are now starving.

Next time, I’ll ride Air Asia again because of this one-of-a-kind experience.



  1. Quote: “ride the shuttle bus going to the domestic airport. Ugh!”.

    Just a clarification, the shuttle bus takes passengers to the domestic concourse at Suvarnabhumi Airport (not another domestic airport)

  2. Ahsan Imaduddin Reply

    Nico, I’m also have same thought.. My last flight was last April and so exicited waiting this coming December.. going to Chiang Mai for 4th time!

  3. Nico Jerric Reply

    Ahsan, that’s cool bro.. I’m wishing that I can also go to Chiang Mai.. Send some pix once you get there.. And happy trip!

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