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25 September 2008

Sun, Sea & Sand!

By Katherine

p beach 2
Lots of people think of Thailand when they think of islands, crystal waters and stunning beaches…I have to say Malaysia does it for me!

A favorite little get away was a trip to the Perhentian Islands. A friend of mine was visiting from the UK and we went there for a 10 day trip (this was before starting work!)
After a quick flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu, you buy a ticket at the airport which includes a taxi to Kuala Besut and boat ticket from there to the islands. You can either go to the big island (Pulau Besar/Big Island) or the small island (Pulau Kecil/Small Island).

We opted for Pulau Kecil as it has cheaper accommodation and tends to have more young travelers in comparison to Pulau Besar which has more resort style accommodation.

After a rather bumpy boat ride (!) we arrived on the island and walked to Long Beach which is where most of the accommodation is situated.
Our hut was a stones throw away from the beach, where my friend and I happily lay soaking up the rays, swimming, reading, snoozing…until sun set. Then we would shower, change, lather on the moisturiser to try and maximize the duration of our tan then walk along the beach to one of the many restaurants which have BBQ’s at night. This was usually followed by a couple of the bars where there were always other interesting travellers to meet.

Most people go there for the scuba diving and snorkelling but after 3 previous attempts at snorkelling – each time as frightening as the next, I decided not to test my nerves and that my time would be best spent on the beach!

I highly recommend The Perhentian Islands to anyone who wants a taste of bliss… days of pure lazy luxury….ah, can’t you just smell the coconut sun screen lotion!?

Have you been…what did you think of the islands??

perhenthian beach

  • Asfa

    Aweeesooommeee…splash..splash!!XOX BDolphin

  • Almond

    Wow.. you were in Perhentian Island for so long? 10 days? That’s amazing, you really know how to kick back and relax!

    Snorkelling are not scary.. although it’s hard at first to learn how to breath through your mouth. You should try and keep trying. I love snorkelling. :)