AirAsia flies to many airports around the world and each one holds a special place in our hearts. Hence, you can understand why making such a list was a difficult task. However, after much deliberation we finally managed to round up our top 5 airports!

Why We ♥ Incheon International Airport

Go to Korea and you’ll soon understand the concept of the “Ppalli Ppalli” culture which is the need to do things quickly. So you can imagine how awesome it is when it comes to immigration where one can get through it with a breeze. The average recorded time for arrivals is 12 minutes (compared to the 45 minutes world-wide) and departure time is 19 minutes (compared to the 60 minutes). Talk about efficiency!

Why We ♥ Changi Airport

Honestly, we’ve lost track on how many awards this airport has won but it just goes to show how Changi Airport is committed in maintaining the quality of its service. We doubt they will be relinquishing their title of being the world’s no.1 anytime soon. The airport itself is an attraction with beautifully landscaped gardens, top-notch amenities and crowd-drawing events which have included Star Wars, Pokemon and Hello Kitty to name a few.

And don’t forget about their newly opened Terminal 4. Everything is shiny and brand new and best of all, everything is automated from checking in to clearing immigration. We are confident to say the airport of the future has arrived and it’s in Singapore!

Why We ♥ Haneda International Airport

If you’re a clean freak then you’ll have no qualms about falling in love with Haneda International Airport. It is frequently voted as one of the cleanest airport in the world. So all you germaphobes out there can breathe a sigh of relief. It doesn’t hurt that Haneda International Airport is also a great place to shop and eat in. With all of Japan gearing up for the 2020 Olympics visitors can expect more goodies from this airport as they make their own preparations as well!

Why We ♥ Hong Kong International Airport

The airport is a one-stop gourmet paradise and it’s here that you’ll be able to savour some of the best dishes that Hong Kong has to offer. Besides the food, avid shoppers will feel right at home, brands are well represented here from budget to high-end. And of course, if you missed out on shopping at Hong Kong Disneyland there’s still chance to get something special before your board your flight home. Oh and let’s not forget about the golf course at Terminal 2.

Why We ♥ klia2

Our Top 5 Favourite Airport of All Time

Flying out from klia2 is relatively cheap and with AirAsia, guests are connected to more than 150 destinations in Asia Pacific and beyond! Sure, it takes a little longer to get to your gate which is why we would advise to arrive 4 hours during peak seasons. We all know that KLIA2 is HUGE…and there are many shops to explore. But don’t lose track of time! Be at your gate early and you can buy Duty Free onboard and enjoy our yumilious SANTAN meals too!

Why We Will Forever ♥ LCCT

Times were simpler back then and everything was straightforward from checking in to clearing immigration but more importantly there were no delays! LCCT will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Travel advisory: As mentioned, it can get hectic during peak seasons so make sure to follow these steps to ensure you won’t miss your flight!

Danny Lau

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