At a little after 3pm on Friday, Captain Michael and First Officer Zulishmadi flew the newly painted 9M-XAC aircraft (AirAsia X’s latest Airbus A340) back from Singapore, after it completed its livery painting. I was fortunate to be back in Kuala Lumpur during this historic event! I personally knew Captain Michael and was pleasantly surprised to find him being the test pilot assigned to bring back the new big bird!

The first thing I did when I arrived on the aircraft was obviously make my way to the flight deck. Captain Michael was so helpful to even snap a few pics and tease me with “soon.. soon..”. Boy was I high sitting on the deck. This time around, looking at the instruments and reading the flight data computers etc, I kinda had a rough idea of what everything meant! Imagine, less than 6 months ago, I had no idea what most of anything meant…. but yeah, I kinda knew that if you move the joystick down, the plane goes up. Hahahah

Now down to business. My first impression of the seats in the new Airbus A340 was, oh my god, was it big!!! I mean for a guy like me, who could actually sit in the regular seats…. and still feel comfortable, okay I was VERY impressed!!! Check them out!!!! They are 8 abreast…. and they are spacious!!!

Of course when it comes to the XL Seats, now they are to die for! Here I am seated with Captain Michael who is also the Chief Flying Officer for Technical Development at AirAsia together with Azran Osman Rani, the CEO of AirAsia X and Kathleen Tan the Commercial Director for the AirAsia Group.

Here is a pic of the plane from the outside…..

Oakland Raiders Baby!!!!! Yeps.. thats us again together with the Co-Pilot for the day, First Officer Zulismadi Sham from the A340 Fleet.

So now, if you wanna go to London…. You could be flying on this beauty!!!! BTW, I strongly recommend the XL seats. Like FOR REAL. Of course if you don’t have such a big bum like me, the regular seats are good enough…….. but hey, Xtra Comfort goes a long way when doing long haul on the worlds best low cost airline… AirAsia!

More updates soon…. Stay tuned!


Johan Farid


JFK has been writing for the AirAsia blog since it first launched, but back then, he was still a student pilot, learning to fly on the Gold Coast, Australia. Now, he is back on our blog as a Senior First Officer with AirAsia X flying the Airbus A330. Part-time too (when he is not flying), he still deejays on the radio, emcees events, gives talks on aviation to students in colleges & universities, plays basketball and spends way too much time on his Playstation 4. Insta/Tweet him @jfkjohan.

  • Mohd Muhaimin

    To JFK,

    Soon.. Soon..

  • Mohd Muhaimin

    you got high riding the A340.. I got high reading your entry.. :-) hopefully to get the spot and become airasia pilot..

  • Amirah Kausar

    kinda cool and beautiful, baby .. cant wait to hop in there for my london flight next year .. guys, you shud post the XL pics as well, so i can imagine myself relaxing in the business class-sort-of, without flying with MAS ..

  • Almond

    Is this Xcellence?

  • Chee Keong

    love the A340..

    well, within years, hopefully, we’ll be able to see the A380 as well..

  • Sin

    A340 rocks~~

  • Anildip

    hey guys…congrats….hopefull we’ll be seeing some a340-600s… muahaha… anyway…how many a340s is air asia getting?