The Merdeka spirit is here! Malaysia’s 51 years of independence celebration is around the corner! I’m eager to catch the memorable National Day parade. My fellow colleagues displayed the ‘Malaysia’ flags everywhere in the office. As you can see in the following pictures taken in the office.
A mini flag on a working desk Haha! I spot this on my way to the lounge.
O_o In the lounge. How patriotic! In the background, are the ramp guys having their break. Mini posters hanging along the library-Chamber of Secrets.
Somewhere in the office.. :p My desk! haha
Let us all put our hearts together and celebrate this memorable day! Merdeka!


  1. Ahmad Faizul
    Ahmad Faizul Reply

    Carrin…..we have such a lovely workplace!!! I have not realize it and now through your lovely photos will take time to savour it!….;)

  2. Colourful, inspirational and patriotic!! Simply brings out the MERDEKA spirit in us!! It’s really a nice workplace you have there =).

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