It’s along time before we got ticket, in my office we got a plan going to bali so we’re looking for a promotion ticket and we got return ticket but our trip to Bali 9 months later it’s no problem because we got a promo ticket we’re 13 people go together by AirAsia it’s wonderful trip, I can bring my office friends to bali.

We stayed 5 days in Bali and during on that island we going around Bali and we leased 2 cars with that car we can go whenever we like, now I still looking a promo ticket from AirAsia to go a another destination, I wish get it, anyway thanks AirAsia.


  • Paulus

    Thank you very much to Air Asia who always support on Bali Tourism by flying many Asian to Bali. The people here still looking forward to having visitor to enjoythe culture an nature of Bali.
    Many thanks to all visitor, too. Hoping everybody has enjoyed their holiday in Bali same as the above group. If anybody wish to come to Bali in small group number ( 2-6 pax) I will be very pleased to assist you on having a trip in Bali. Again thank you very much to everyone.

  • Muqaddis

    Indeed the much awaited connection from Bali to Perth will indeed stimulate the crowd visiting Bali and definitely another option for the Aussies to connect to Malaysia (KUL-LCCT).