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03 January 2012

One Night in Bangkok!

AirAsia Social Media team

By AirAsia Social Media team

The title suggests something, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, it’s just an annotation that 2 Days 1 Night in Bangkok is simply not enough!

For your information, Bangkok flood has cleared, and the marvellous city is now back open for easy-on-the-wallet travellers like me! I hopped on the first AirAsia plane on Saturday morning over! Though the flood has just ended, the city’s back to normal with its busy roads filled with cars, people and tuk-tuk!

If you’re ever in the amazing city, make sure you explore the night markets – amazing sounds and an amazing experience. There is so much to see, as we explored the Patpong Night Market, Silom Night Market Klong Thom Market and many more in the city that almost never sleeps. Remember to bargain for the best price, and don’t miss out on the street food! Every market has its own special attraction – Patpong is for avid shoppers and Go-go bars, you can find 2nd hand goods and knick-knacks at Klong Thom, and Silom is entertaining to watch and buy!

My favourite part about Bangkok is that you can get food almost all the time! Don’t miss out on the Khao San area (it was crowded as usual), and I searched high and low for my favourite Mango Sticky Rice (it’s everywhere! No fret!). No trip to Bangkok is complete without some lovely Tom Yam and Pad Thai, and of course it’s fabulously amazing desserts! One surprise I had was in the night market in front of Platinum, where it’s basically Roti Pisang with evaporated milk…but the taste of it is so unforgettable! Food in Yaowarat, Chinatown is still an amazing galore of authentic Thai food and great shopping, so it’s my duty to make sure I pay it a very well-deserved visit too!

The streets of Thailand were beautifully lit up during His Majesty the King’s birthday – Ratchadamnoen street is one of the most historical and beautiful street in Thailand to be litted up during then. Cultural performances are seen, and even the Grand Palace is open for night viewing during the King’s birthday! I was extremely fortunate to be able to catch the glorious celebration where Ratchadamnoen is very much a gathering place for all Thais during the festivities!

Exploring Bangkok in December, I was fortunate enough to catch the Festival of Happiness at Rajprasong Intersection! Christmas trees, dazzling light and colorful decorations can be found in front of Amarin Plaza! The theme for this year is cupcakes…and a giant teapot! You can also catch the teddy bears of different nationalities at Central World!

There were no traces of the flood at all, as transportation is back to normal. The airport Suvarnabhumi looks amazing as usual, and we got to take the BTS line around town. My favourite part is always going on a joy-ride on a Tuk-tuk as he bravely turned corners and manipulated bends to get us there quicker than lightning (almost!). The amazing city is back in business and better than ever! What an unforgettable holiday!

Like I said, 2 days in Bangkok is never, ever enough. I’m so glad that one of my favourite cities in the world is back on its feet and life goes on as usual. Next time, I’ll make sure I book myself for a longer (and more satisfying) trip. Bye bye Bangkok, till I see you again!