Hello there, our Malaysian people…ya, I am proud of our own low cost carrier which is made from Malaysia. I know, Malaysia Boleh and it will “boleh” for everybody and everyone can now fly anywhere and anytime that they wish for. But, I am still in doubt, about AirAsia’s On Time Performance for September is 90% on time…just want to know, how AirAsia determines this as I am curious about that statement. Thank you and I am actually one of AirAsia’s regular customers.



  1. I travelled to Shenzhen on 17.10.08 with Flight#AK80 (0650 hrs) but delayed by 35 mins. Reason given was some permit/visa issue for the chinese crew/engineer and they need to get a replacement.

    I took Flight#AK89 (2045 hrs) from Shenzhen back to KL and this time was worse! Delayed by 55 mins and the reason given was immigration held back the flight…after a female chinese officer came on board to get some document and Flight Attendant (FA) announced ok and ready to depart but no…
    I missed the last shuttle bus to KL and need to pay RM160 for the taxi.

    On time performance hit >90%??? I don’t think so.

  2. Syukri Reply

    so pity of you,my friend.yes, i also don’t think that AirAsia achieve 90% on time performance by looking at your problem. that why, i still doubt about how the AirAsia can determine on time performance. by looking at what element, factor or whatever it is. i just pity for those who are travel with a big family where it have small children. they will face difficulties in this matter if the flight is delay.come on,AirAsia..we, as a consumer, really need your best shoot as we encourage and support by fly with you.i know, everybody can fly but please, don’t disappointing us. thank you…

  3. At AirAsia we calculate On Time Performance (OTP) based on flight departures. A flight that departs early, on-time or within 15 minutes from the Scheduled Time of Departure (STD) is considered on-time and a flight that departs more than 15 minutes after the STD is considered delayed. This is inline with the industry standard. In September we operated a total of 11,603 flights across our network and achieved OTP of 90%. Of out these, 1,214 were delayed i.e. 10% departed more than 15 minutes after the STD. 50% of our delays are between 16 – 30 minutes which is very minimal compared to other low cost carries.

    We regret that unfortunately some flights were delayed. However, not all delays are controllable. For example, a delay due to bad weather is something that is beyond our control. As safety is our top priority, we also don’t risk flying without eliminating any technical problems. Rest assured we have been improving over the years and all of us at AirAsia are doing our best to ensure your flight departs on-time despite us being a low-cost carrier. On that note, we have initiated the On Time Guarantee program which provides our guests the guarantee that they will be compensated for flights that are delayed by more than 3 hours from the scheduled time of departure and recently we have decided to reduce it 2 hours, effective 1st November 2008. (Term and Conditions apply)

    Moving forward, we are confident that our flight performance will improve significantly when we operate a full fledge Airbus A320 operations across our entire network which we expect to accomplish by December 2011. For your information, our Malaysian operations is already running on a full fleet of Airbus A320 and we are in the process of phasing out the old Boeing 737 from our Thailand and Indonesia operations.

    Assurance & Quality Improvement

  4. I started flying Air Asia on 2004. Since then I had 22 flights with AK, 5 with FD.
    Out of that. 2 departs ahead of schedule, 5 was delayed significantly (Not sure how long, but it’s irritating enough for me to include in my travellogue). To recount 9 flights on 2008, none were delayed however.

    Well, time is money! If you don’t like the delay, why not pay for the time?

  5. Hey, I found out that now they are giving RM 200 e-voucher for delay from 2hours instead of 3hours last time. I never encounter delays that last more than 2 hours though. But this sure shows they are improving lot.

  6. My 1st flight With AirAsia (also my maiden) since may 07 all AK flights are on time but my bad experience is from QZ flight.
    Last Nov & Dec i need to fly from SUB to Jakarta and vice versa all flights was delayed.The worse is when I change my original flight to and earlier flight from Jakarta to KUL but it was delayed to the time of my original.

  7. Well. I think I can qualify as one of the 1st few people who got the OTG, as my flight got delayed on 16 June, the day they launched the thing. It was from Clark to Kota Kinabalu and we were all stuck at a foreign airport (at least I was). It was a truly unpleasant experience and just to show you how bad it was, I took the 10.30am bus from Manila for the scheduled 4.25pm flight (that is the last bus for the day, unless, of course, you want to charter a taxi). We reached Clark airport before 1pm but was not allowed to enter the airport until 2pm, but was instead made to wait in a shed-like structure. Once we were allowed in and checked in, I got an SMS from Airasia about the delay to 8.45pm, and another about half an hour later to announce a further delay to 4am the next day! Imagine, a 12-hour delay, and I only have enough money for the departure tax!! So, what choice do I have but to stay there and wait… the RM200 was only a little piece of consolation… after considering that my day began at about 9am from my accomodation to the bus station…

    Perhaps they should offer RM200 for EVERY 2 hours of delay? I sincerely believe that they had left out our flight intentionally and skipped to the next ones in line so that they only needed to pay one batch of passengers the compensation, and not all the passengers in all subsequent flights that were scheduled for that particular aircraft (what i term as the snowball effect) if they had operated the flights in sequence.

    And… (aren’t I the master of all flight delays?) I was “delayed” for a whole day from Macau to Kota Kinabalu because the powers that be decided to cut back the frequency from daily to 3X a week (and since a few days ago, they have cancelled off the route entirely) and they quietly sent me an email about 4 days before the returning flight (when I was ALREADY there, and by the way, how many of us check emails when we are on holiday?)… how thoughtful! But, this of course, does not qualify as a delay as technically, they did inform me “earlier”. How thoughtful, eh?

  8. Syukri Reply

    thank you for your attention. although AirAsia have given RM200 for the voucher, for me it still can’t cure how patiently the passenger keep in waiting for the flight. can you all imagine how a big family have small children to wait until 2 hours delay?ok…it is fine as long as the management of AirAsia have an idea how to overcome this problem.but, day by day, try to keep up the service for the future. thanks.

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