Just came back from S’pore using AirAsia. Have travel many times on domestic and this is the first time using AirAsia for international travel.

Was surprised that on the outbound trip on Sat(22 Nov), the flight took off and arrived in S’pore 10 mins ahead of schedule. The boarding at LCCT was completed more than 15 min before take off time of 10.00 am. The flight was almost full and this is surprising considering the delay which is always encountered on domestic flights.

However, the return flight on 25 Nov was not so and we only took off from Changi at about 11.50am though it was scheduled at 11.30 am. This was mainly due to waiting time for take off.

I hope that this on time incident is not a one-off thing and not limited to international flights. Many AirAsia users have a delay story to tell and hope that effort be made to change the mindset of the people.

Heres to a great outlook for 2009 and hope that this will continue into 2009 and beyond! Go AirAsia!


  • Eu Hon

    I was flying from HK back to Singaproe, delay for 20 minutes due to busy HK Airport, with SQ. Due to that, I am not able to catch a train back, have to spend additional S$30+ on taxi, yet no compensation from SQ, juz an apologize for inconvenience.

    Even SQ got delayed and do nothing about it, shouldn’t we forgive AK for the same?