Note from Blog Team: We would like to announce our first Taipei winner. Congrats to Chee Keong. Make sure you pay for everything they need in Taipei. We will be contacting you by phone. To the rest, we still have tickets to give away. Blog and make your dreams come true.

I want to fly to Taipei because¡KOk.. Ok.. To be honest, I don¡¦t want the tickets for myself.. It¡¦s for THEM!! (They neither can really write nor speak English and they didn¡¦t know about me participating in this competition YET)

In my life, there are two ladies whom had played a magnificent role in forming me and making me a greater person. Without their presence in my life, I wouldn¡¦t be here, typing and telling everyone why I want the 2 tickets to Taiwan. These 2 wonderful and caring women whom I was saying are my maternal grandmother whom I called AH MA, as well as my mother whom I called MUMMY. I am not trying to say that the rest of the world and other people did not play an important role, but without their presence, trust me, I will be some ¡¥Ah Beng¡¦ or ¡¥Ah Seng¡¦ lingering and loitering in everywhere doing the ¡¥rempit¡¦ or even start stalking the public.

Obviously, it was my Mummy who brought me into this lovely world, and she was the one who had to carry me in her womb for months. Imagine this, when I was still an infant, I weigh about 5kg. My mom was and is a small lady of height 160 and of weight 47kg. She had to carry me and you know, go through the entire nuisance that I caused. I am not only thankful to her, but I am grateful for all that she has done for me to this day.

My maternal grandma of course was the lady who brought my mom to the world and not me. Although she wasn¡¦t involved directly in the crazy/ stressful/ torturing 9 months of pregnancy of having me, she was the one who took care and baby sit me since I was a month old. YES!! A MONTH OLD / BABY/ TINY / ANNOYING / CRYING ALL DAY LONG FAT LITTLE INFANT. She was the one responsible of raising me up, providing me with food, shelter, and of course, love. She went to great length to just keep me warm, and make me go to bed when I woke up in the middle of the night. (You parents out there should know how it feels to have a baby crying in the middle of the night while you¡¦re in the slumber land. Its painful I can say!)

But guess what people, my Ah Ma and Mummy has never ever got upset or tired of all the annoying + irritating + irksome stuff that I did when I was still a baby; instead, they just took it as a blessing in disguise that they were able to be with me when I was still a baby boy.

Basically, this was how I grow up.

Mummy (9 months in womb) + 1 month after birth „³ Ah ma (1 month old till ¡Û) + Mummy till ¡Û

¡Û means infinity

Both my Ah Ma and Mummy showered me with love, and of course, once in awhile with sugar cane deducting the sugar (Its CANE people!!). Although they gave me all that they could give, they did not forget the saying of ¡§Teach the young to fish, not providing them with fish on the table everyday.¡¨ They both taught me important lessons in life which one doesn¡¦t learn in school. My Ah Ma taught me how to cook although I am a boy so that one day, when I grow older, I would be able to provide food to my family. My Mummy taught me reading and mathematics and everything which is related to studies so that I would be successful one day, becoming a great man.

Believe it or not, they both were fantastic and lovely people and they has never given up on me although I did upset them as well as disappointed them. They were the one who gave me the strength to stand up again from every single failure as well as the one who motivated me to go on with life.

Basically, everything was fine and great till lately. My maternal grandfather, Ah Kong, passed away last November in a sudden and then, my Ah Ma was left alone without much companion. My late Ah Kong was a man who has little to words to say, but he was a remarkable man. He was the one who brought me to my school bus everyday to kindergarten, and he was the one who quietly brought me to buy sweets and all the tit-bits (my Ah Ma was the strict type of lady that disallow children taking sweets as it is unhealthy). My late Ah Kong was the one who played with me when I was staying with them, and he was the one who tried to protect me from the caning session DAILY. We missed him dearly and really hope that he is still around with us. If he¡¦s still around today, I would definitely fork out the money for him to visit Taiwan with my Ah Ma and Mummy as he too is and always will be a noble man in my life.

Why I want the 2 tickets?
As the annual Mother¡¦s Day is around the corner, I would really like to make both the mothers of mine special on that day. As I am here in KL doing my studies and would be having exams during that few weeks while they both are from and in Penang, I would really hope that they will get to enjoy that day as much as possible as they are the most special ladies to me. I am not saying that I do not shower them with love and gifts on the rest of the 364 days, but I just want them to feel extra-ordinary special on that day, just like they both, extra-ordinary special to me everyday.
As my Ah Ma seldom really got to travel when she was younger as she had to take care of me and my cousins, I hope that with the tickets won, she would be able to visit that lovely country, and for her to go for a short holiday. As my Mummy is the lady who would do everything for her family and less for herself, I hope that on that very trip to Taiwan, she would be able to enjoy herself and be pampered by warmth and the friendly people there. Words will not be able to describe how much I care and love them, but with the tickets won, I hope that at least, it will be a memorable memory to them. Winning the competition is important to me. Even that if I can afford to buy the two tickets for them to visit the country, I want them to know that the little fat baby boy that they took care of years ago, won them the 2 tickets, specially and only for them both. It is the winning of the competition FOR THEM that is special, so much more than the trip itself.

Dear Air Asia Blogging Team,
Even if I am not selected as one of the winner for the 2 tickets to Taiwan, I would really hope that my post can be published, just as an article, a real-life story, to everyone out there, for them to treasure and cherish their parents and grandparents when they are still around and also for me to tell my both the fine ladies, I LOVE YOU!



  1. Chee Keong Reply


    trust me..
    i am speechless…

    THANKS AIR ASIA, and not forgetting, DEREK for helping me to thank both the special ladies!!


  2. Chee Keong,
    Wassup with mothers always getting more attention and credit than fathers?
    Don’t you think father should also get the same equal credit?
    Blog team, why not throw this fella another extra one more free ticket for his dad to do justice for the male gender?
    Anyway CK, great job…

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

    P/s : I always wonder why old people likes to powder their face in such manner. My late grandma use to do that and always creeps me out. Can someone explain to me? =P

  3. Hey CK rmber me?I am Huey Shyan from A-lvl SPUS!!haha..we did worked 2gather for the prom nite.rmber??anyway.congrats boy!!=D

  4. congratulation chee keong, a good son and grandson… ya, it is our responsibility to treat our parents well… hope you have a nice trip at Taiwan with them…. haha…
    Woei Liang

  5. Hey congratulation man. Wow win this competition and got shortlisted for the pilot competition. Man you are great.

    Both competition also the first to win. congratulation again.

  6. Congratulation pal, you win again. Hahaz, you are really fantastic, you won the pilot blogging and now this.
    Great ^^.
    And ask your beloved two to buy me some souvenirs ^^, and get me ”Jay Chow and Zhang Hui Mei” signature..LOL

  7. Benjamin,

    It’s rice powder la.. cooling & good for skin, supposedly. My Ah Ma also used to use it, comes in little pebbly lumps.

    Anyways, congrats to CK too. Can imagine how happy yr mom & gran will feel when they get the news!!

  8. Ailin,
    I see!!
    Now I know where SK2 got their idea from for their product!
    Such an enlightment!

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  9. Congratulations! It will be the best present for mothers day. 🙂

  10. Chee Keong Reply

    regarding the white powder, i used to apply them when i was still staying with my ah ma..
    well, its good la, according to her…

    anyway Wan Siong,
    I have less words with my dad la..
    its not that i don care nor don love him..
    the 2 tickets are for the 2 ladies just in conjunction with Mother’s Day..
    Dad will be getting his share too..

    thanks everyone..
    my mom and grandma was like WAH!! VERY PROUD LA!! GOOD JOB!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH AH!!!
    they were very happy…

    Hey Shyan,
    sure i remember you..

    Thanks everyone!!!


  11. Congrats Chee Keong!!! I am sure your mom and ur grandma are very proud of you. Enjoy Your trip to Taiwan. It’s a nice place.

  12. Chee Keong Reply

    thanks bro…
    well, to be exact, its my ah ma and mummy..
    i don think i’ll be going..
    i’ll be sending my dad along with them..


  13. Chee Keong Reply

    well, i don’t know whether its me or what, but i still haven’t receive the mail regarding the details for the booking..

    has any of the other 2 received??

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