After FIVE years of waiting, finally AirAsia has 2 daily flights from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. I have been waiting for this since I came to Singapore few years ago. It’s good to know that I can be home by 11pm and have mamak food with my friends every Friday night and a nice breakfast with my family on Monday morning before flying back to work again!!!

Would be great if the flight is earlier, saving me few hours loitering in Changi, and saving me some half day leave. Thanks AirAsia and looking forward to more routes like Singapore –> Langkawi, Singapore–> Penang, Singapore–> Kuching, Singapore–> Kota Kinabalu etc. So that not only can fly back home, but can also fly for a break on the weekends!!!



  1. Shamrol Azly Reply

    Cant wait to the time where AirAsia X starts their maiden flight!!!

  2. Singapore –> Langkawi, Singapore–> Penang, Singapore–> Kuching, Singapore–> Kota Kinabalu ….

    I am sure AirAsia would have figured out, such lucrative routes. Question is, landing rights… as it took them sooo long, finally to get it. At the end, its the consumer that wins and increased competition opens up the market and innovations. (ahem…my implied message)

  3. Passengers are more excited than us. hehe. Actually we have received many comments that there should be another flight which close to mid night around 11-12am. So that people can go shopping, watch the F1, visit night safari, go to the zoo, and take a night flight back, without spending any penny on a hotel room. Smart choice, we are passengers too!

  4. Eu Hon Reply

    Yap. you should have hinted us more clearly on the promotion today…

    Anyway I did managed to grab a december, March, April Ticket, at the total cost of $165

    Before Air Asia, I flew the cheapest option JAL for $216 for one return trip.

    Spot the different?

  5. Thanks to AA for the current promotion , 0 fare and 0000000 fuel surcharge that great . Return flight just cost Rm 120-00 / passenger .

    I just book 3 hours ago for 9 adults and 1 infant just cost me Rm 1180 including 4 check in bag. Tq Tq Tq

    Any plan for Bangkok, Bandung, Macau, Hongkong for 0 fare and 0 fuel surcharge ????/

    Thanks again AA
    (Now everyone can always fly )

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