The decision of the LCCT parking management to relocate staff parking to the car park in front of Pos Malaysia (Zone B) comes into effect 1st August. To offset the pain of having to walk 15mins (20min tops) from Zone B to the terminal, they reduced the monthly charges that we normally pay.

Frankly, I’d rather pay more to park nearer. It’s nothing to do with the distance but rather more to do with the fact that we’re walking 15mins under the morning sun. Being sweaty and smelling funny is not my idea of a good start at work. I shudder at the thought of the days when the heavens decide to open up and rain cats & dogs. On hindsight, car park Zone A is only relatively better since it’s still an open air car park albeit a little closer to the terminal.

Of course, there’s the free shuttle service provided. FYI, these are the stops: Zone B car park – Maybank – LCCT. At each stop, the bus will wait for 15mins. So if you board the bus at Zone B, be sure to have at least a minimum 15mins spare, depending on at what point you board the bus.

If you board the bus as soon as it stops in front of Zone B, then chances are you’ll be in the bus 30mins. You decide whether you’ll walk or take the bus. For me, I think its time to consider buying a kick scooter to lessen the effort.


  • Amir Faezal

    My issue is not the distance or the exposure to the elements. I just do not get why are there knee high chains erected across the path that pedestrians walk through. Why do we need to walk within meters of the rubbish collection area behind the food garden? The crossing to and from the car park at the Pos Malaysia bend is so dicey that it should be part of an X Game. Call it Xteme Jaywalking.

    It all points out to the thoughtlessness of the whole plan. Build a car park and good luck, you are on your own dude.

  • Riki

    Every morning I cross the road like chicken. It’s like crossing the track at Sepang Circuit. You know the drivers.

  • Engku Zulkifli

    i think MAHB shud do and re build well organized LCCT instead of drag and expand here and there… the expansion become disorganized!

  • Daniel

    but I still see some staff get to park infront LCCT there one…me too dun mind to pay extra RM20 for nearer parking lots. Hope the airport authority can consider relocate back the staff parking :S

  • Cheryl

    I guess every staff here dont mind to pay more. Everyday got to stop breathing for a while whenever passing by the rubbish area..what i more concern is safety especially those ladies who work late and please be careful and alert coz the place (behind food garden)so quiet and sometimes you will see one group of foreign workers are waiting their shuttle.

    Well..just be careful and you wont know what is gonna happen..P!

  • Muhammad Faidzal

    Getting across from / to the new car park is the most dangerous thing that I have to do in my working experience for AirAsia so far. And I would have to do this every working day, Monday to Friday, twice a day at least. Not a good thing to do. It is scary and stressful. I hope we will have a zebra crossing or humps to slow the traffic down soon. Think they will greatly improve my chance of living up to 80 years old at least.

  • Douglas

    Don’t know if anyone else experienced this but just this morning the bus that was supposed to shuttle people to the terminal didn’t bother waiting for me. I even signaled to wait. To my surprise, it started off without me and the others behind me. I was quite certain that at least the people(passengers = other parking users) inside saw me gesturing if not the bus driver.
    Anyway, I told this to a friend of mine who said that he now doesn’t even bother to catch the bus cos as long as I am neither a flight attendant or pilot, they wouldn’t wait for me. Unconfirmed but I hope that is not true. That said, not all drivers are ignorant or biased. Some of them are quite attentive and I am grateful for their services.

  • Nattapat

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