A notification to all guests about our Tianjin flights. We regret to announce that we have to temporarily suspend our Tianjin services from 23 Nov 2009 to 31 January 2010 due to adverse winter conditions and very poor demand, making the flights unviable. We expect to resume services to Tianjin from 1 Feb 2010.

We are sure a lot of you will have some questions, and we hope with the answers below will provide enough information for now.

1.Why is the Tianjin flight suspended?
AirAsia is suspending the flight due to adverse weather conditions. This is our first foray into the Tianjin market and to consider the weather factor, we have decided to postpone the route until Februrary for closer monitoring.

2.Will this be temporary? If yes, when will the flight resume?
The management of AirAsia will be monitoring and reviewing the case. As of today, we have temporarily suspended flights between 23/11/09 and 31/1/2010. Flights are likely to resume anytime between the first half of next year pending assessment of the current situation.

3.How will AirAsia compensate the guests who are affected?
Affected passengers will be given a full refund.

4.How has the affected guests been notified of the suspension of the Kuala Lumpur- Tianjin route?
Guests have been notified via email, and sms notification has been carried out.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and we will keep everyone updated on this.
Thank you for your kind understanding.


  1. If this is true, AirAsia should give the passenger options to choose. AirAsia should let the customer choose whether to put them on Malaysia Airlines or Air China flight without additional charges, or full refund. This is good for both AirAsia and the passengers. If AirAsia didn’t do it, the reputation and image of AirAsia will be affected.

  2. Dear Airasia,

    I’m terry from Kota Kinabalu, sabah. I would be flying to Tianjin around april 2010. Let say, I’m flying from Kota kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur to catch a Tianjin Flight. Eventually, there is a flight cancelled notification as it above, Are we able to get full refund on the on the ticket puchase. BKI-KL-Tjn-KL-BKI. Await your soonest reply.

  3. I am totally disgusted and tire with all this sudden change in schedule and cancellation.

    I have booked on KUL-TJN flight in January 2010 during the promotion period. While they provide full refunds on the airfares, what about the costs I have incurred in making travel plans in China? ie, domestic flights, hotel bookings and etc?

    They for commercial reasons, suspended the flight and this leave us in hundreds dollar of losses for bookings that we have made with China tour agent.

    As a matter of moral and ethics, at least they need to rebook us on other flights to nearest city of Tianjin.

  4. Absolutely true. Air Asia needs to give guests options of either flying on other airlines or they may opt for full refund.

    Put yourself in my shoes – I have booked domestic flights from TJN to other cities in China, who’s going to reimburse the costs of my domestic flights?

    I have planned the domestic trips after I have been lured by the low fares campaign, booked and paid. and now for commercial reasons, they suspended the flights.

    Since the number of passengers flying on the KUL-TJN is low in number, please ensure you book guests onto other flights. it’s your duty to ensure guests get to their destination. Else, you’re indifference to other scam business type.

    You launch the route, collect money upfront and if there is enough number, you make money and you’ll fly. Now you launch the route, collect money from us, and number not enough, decided to refund and call it over.

    Please have some conscience!

  5. For the Kuala Lumpur – Tianjin route, why don’t AirAsia follow what Malaysia Airlines had done for their Kuala Lumpur – New York route?

    Although Malaysia Airlines suspended the Kuala Lumpur – New York route, but they did give passengers option to switch to KLM flights without additional charges. This is a good thing to be learnt by AirAsia. AirAsia should follow the same for the KL – Tianjin route.

  6. So, AirAsia, since now I have a return ticket KL – Tianjin, Nov 21 and back on Dec 25, should I buy the Tianjin – KL from other airlines, and wait for your full refund later?
    Is the full refund a full cash refund?

  7. AirAsia , I’m unhappy because I was not notified by email or sms for this cancellation, what if i did’t know till the last minutes, that will cause me a lot trouble. I really hope Airasia can improve on this matter, as nominated as airline of the year to achieve better height.

  8. We have booked the KL-Tianjin flight 10 months ago. We have also booked the Penang-KL domestic flight for transit,paid the money for visa, booked the hotels .We don’t want to cancel our trip.
    Airasia should give passengers option to switch to other flights without additional charges. We don’t want full refund. Its your responsibility to get your passengers to the destination.

  9. G. Sumitra Reply

    Dear all,

    Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    To answer your questions above:

    We are progressively informing affected passengers of the cancellations via sms-es, emails and phone calls. If you have yet to receive any of the above notifications, it’s because we are progressively informing passengers, starting from 23rd November 2009 onwards.. you should be receiving your notification soon, unless you have already contacted our call centre, sales counters, etc.

    We are unable to offer alternative flights on other carriers as we do not have any alliances with other airlines.

    However, we are offering guests affected by the cancellations the following options:
    • Full refund of monies paid
    • Possible to move to a later flight of their choice (from February 2010 onwards)
    • Move to any other AirAsia X destinations, namely, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Taipei, Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne and Abu Dhabi at no additional cost

    Refund methods
    • For bookings made via credit card – refund will be made directly to the credit card
    • For bookings made via direct debit/cash – refund will be made to guest bank account

    However, we regret to inform that we are unable to compensate guests any further. Should guests require a letter confirming the cancellation to be provided to their travel insurance provider, please drop us a note here with your booking details so that we can forward the same to you.

    Thank you
    Operations Manager
    AirAsia X

  10. Dear Sumitra,

    Can i Have your confirmation. is your full refund cover flights from east malaysia. as we are taking return flight from KK to Kl

    or Can we change our flight KK-Kl flight to accomodate your 3rd option as to choose whichever airasia x destinations at no addtional cost.

    Await your soonest reply.


  11. Chee Keong Reply

    Hi Sumitra,

    Because of the Tianjin flight suspension, 3 of my flights from AirAsia will be affected since I am not able to travel to Tianjin now. They are namely:

    1) Kuala Lumpur to Tianjin
    2) Hangzhou to Kuala Lumpur
    3) Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

    Will I be refunded for all the flights then?

    Chee Keong

  12. Dear All,

    I have a group of 10 people which already book and paid for travelling included accommodation because of the cancellation of flight, I have to rearrange everything.
    For the information yesterday I already do live chat at the web and they told me that I can change the date.
    My problem is they ask me to call your customer service but really disappointed because no one pick the phone for the whole day included today only can heard voice machine messenger.
    Please once again give me other option to call you and clarify the matter.

    Thanks and regard,

  13. Mohamad Rafie Reply

    Dear Sumitra,

    I already bought 8 ticket from LCCT to Tianjin from 4/12/09 until 11/12/09.We are very upset with the announcement. Air Asia should make an official announcement inside the website rather than in this blog.It is not fair to us as we already bought the ticket, booking the ground tour and some might already bought the hotel online through the hotel’s w ebsite.

    With reference to your statement, Air Asia is offering 3 type of refund method. My question is :

    If i choose Option 2 : Possible to move to a later flight of their choice (from February 2010 onwards)
    – Can we choose our seat? This is because we already paid for ‘PICK A SEAT’ service.
    – When can we choose the date?And when is the last date?

    If i choose OPTION 3 : Move to any other AirAsia X destinations, namely, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Taipei, Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne and Abu Dhabi at no additional cost
    – Is this mean that i can travel to the stated destination on the same date?What if i want to change the date? Is it possible and is there any extra charges?

    Please give the confirmation on this matter. Air Asia should give some kind of notice, email, etc on this announcement.

    Waiting for your confirmation.

  14. Let me give my comments.

    Some Low-Cost Carriers in this world have code share with some other airlines. This is also a good thing should be learned by AirAsia.

    If AirAsia don’t want to code share, then at least co-operate with other Airlines, so that any affected guests of your canceled flight can switch to other airline without additional cost.

    I think Spring Airline, a low-cost carrier in China, is welcoming AirAsia.

    I know that AirAsia want to keep operating cost low, but this does not mean AirAsia has the rights to abandon the feeling of the passengers, making them face losses for the paid hotel and other fees.

    If you are AirAsia’s staff, I hope that you can imagine that you are one of the affected passengers, imagine what do you feel if your face losses for the money paid to the hotel.

    And, not only passengers. The travel agencies also face losses for your decision to suspend the route. How will AirAsia compensate the travel agency?

  15. Dear Sumitra,

    Initially, i was very upset with the flight cancellation. Then on further thoughts, i am glad that
    1. Airasia has suspended the flight due adverse weather condition. Otherwise, we would have been strained in Beijing with the current weather there.

    2. I am indeed impressed with Airasia’s offer. I am inclined towards Option 2 or 3. I definitely want to go to Tianjin on another date at no additional cost or even Airasia X’s other destination.

    I am a happy man again !! Thanks

  16. I think that the admin of this forum is blocking most of messages. I do not belive that so scandalous situation is not intresting to clients of AirAsia.

    It’s more outrageous that AirAsia still do not send to passengers the notification about suspend Tianjin service by e-mail or sms.

  17. Hi Sumitra,
    I am also extremely disappointed that our booked flights to Tianjin in Janurary have been cancelled. We booked tours, hotels and transfers in Beijing many months ago and now we may not be able to go. I contacted Air Asia in Australia to try to arrange flights from Kuala Lumpur to Huangzhou instead and was told that I would only be able to receive a credit voucher or refund. However, this is contradicting the information you posted above, giving us this choice for no extra cost?
    I really believe that this is the least that Air Asia can do for us. (Even then I will still have to arrange flights from Huangzhou to Beijing, which will add greatly to my cost and also cost us extra time lost whilst waiting for flights at airports etc.) I would greatly appreciate your response and hope that you can help us. Also, to date, I have not yet received any personal notification of this cancellation.

  18. The thing is the approach AA has been taking and is still taking, is wait and see. They are still promoting the flight route but it must give them return otherwise they would use this roguery cancellation.I think if AA just cancel the route completely because of losing money, it is still alright.
    If this is just their business model, I would say they risk long term development from the short term gain.
    I will wait to see the destination of AA.

  19. Ting Kai Gabriel Reply

    Would like to add, til now, there is no SMS or Email notification to me on the cancellation. So, it is another lie that they are progressively informing affected customers about the cancellation. It has been nearly a month now. Maybe they should “progressively slowly inform the customers while we hold on to their money”

  20. Hi! Sumitra,
    we are very upset for this suspend flight to Tianjin witch affected our long planned family trip to Beijing. We had spend a lot of money on winter clothing, hotel booking and ground tour booking…etc. Anyhow, I wonder how Air Asia can compansate all this loss?!
    If we want to change as per your proposal i.e. “Move to any other AirAsia X destinations, namely, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Taipei, Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne and Abu Dhabi at no additional cost” – pls advise can we change the destination to Gold Coast on 6/12/09 to 13/12/09 with NO additional cost?
    Wwe aprreciate your reply within this 2 days!
    We are very angry as we don’t know this suspension since last 3 weeks – NO email, No SMS, NO announcement in News paper, Website….until I accidently enter this blog!
    Looking forward your reply!

  21. Ting Kai Gabriel Reply

    as usual, my post have been deleted. Just to make it short, the “FULL REFUND” will take 30 DAYS processing time from the date of request. If you need the refund to book other airlines, u may need to pay again using your own money before airasia refund u in 30DAYS. thanks

  22. Ting Kai Gabriel Reply

    I accidentally got to know some from my relative, there are a few “aunties” going to Beijing by Airasia on Dec 6. I told my relative to ask them to check with Airasia that the flight to Tianjin has been cancelled. However they are adamant that the flight is ON and they will be going to Beijing on Dec 6. I hope Airasia can notify ALL PASSENGERS of the cancellation. I have not till today received any email or SMS or calls. Old folks don’t surf the net to know the LATEST UPDATES. YOU HAVE CANCELLED THE FLIGHTS, AND PLEASE DO THE ONLY DECENT THING. INFORM ALL YOUR AFFECTED CUSTOMERS ASAP. MAKE A CALL. thanks.

  23. This is utterly disgusting guys, i have planned this trip to Beijing via Tianjin almost a year, and because of some “reasons” which is lack of passenger demand and bad weather, the flights is cancelled, it caused me a lot of money already, i booked rooms and domestic flights and etc, how could they did this, they should transfer us to Malaysia Airlines or reduce the frequencies of flights if its really necessary but DO NOT suspend all the flights during that period, i am disappointed deeply by this and even
    Air Asia already return the refund or whatsoever, you just ruined somebody’s dream plan that set for a year and by easy.

  24. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    We would like to re-iterate that we are doing what we can in terms of notifying our guests and we sincerely apologise for all the hassle and inconvenience we have caused. Trust that we do what we can in our capacity and although our best at the moment is not enough, we are here for all of you. We pledge to uphold quality service and continue to our best effort in reaching out to all affected parties with acceptable resolutions to the issue. We wish all a nice day and kindly be patient as we do the right thing

  25. Dear G Sumitra,
    I have just spoken to a Ms Ramenjit from the AA call center and she have confirmed that the flight to Tianjin in Mid Jan 2010 is cancelled. I was advised to make the necessary changes via the call centre or the AA sales office in KL Sentral, LCCT or Subang Airport. My issue is I have already booked a non-refundable accomodation in Beijing/Tianjin running up to more than a thousand ringgit. Who can I turn to resolve this matter. Th hotel policy does not allow cancellation or modification. Can AA GoInsure Travel Protection help? Thanks for your input.

    P/S: You mentioned to leave a note for a letter to be addressed to the insurer on this matter. Kindly assist. My details are with Booking Number: FNTYBW. Thanks.

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