Hi readers,

Last night, I took a very quick tour at the newly expanded Departure hall at LCCT Sepang.

There are all together 18 gates.
The area look gleaming and clean…. hope it stay that way in future.
The chairs too… alll nicely in rows… hope it stays the same too in future ..heheh

Quite a number of shop outlets to gaze about if you have the free time.
(Do come early for check in )
Some still not open yet, but already the signboards are up.

The very familar outlets – Body Shop,Dunkin Donuts, OldTown Kopitiam, ….and Chocolate shop … ooh my …

Closer look at the chocolates on display ….
(make sure you put alarm on your watches …. dont want to miss your flight …..)

I interviewed the chocolate shop staff, they have already start operating for 2 weeks…
and the chocolate shop is full of chocolate, that i remember ….. no one having chocolate or coffee when i was there, he said, maybe due to they are slightly hidden at the corner , hidden from outside view.

Anyway, you can find this chocolate haven after you pass McDonald outlet.
It is to the left of this photo shot.
It is also the way to where your aircrafts are waiting for you.

As you can see, to the right , would be where all the cars and buses that jammed up this airport area.

If ever you suffer panic attack or disorientation on whereabout your aircraft is waiting for you,
please dont hesitate to ask these people. They will with the might of their feet catch the hurrying plane for you !!!!!

Have a wonderful trip!!!!!


I am always running about, making sure EVERYBODY gets into their flight (terms and conditions applied) and into the RIGHT aircraft.
I love my job because I have a very BIG space to run about and I get to give a thumbs up to the pilots and engineers. I'm in the Ground Operations - Customer Services.

Besides running, I love the usual stuff - food, laughter, snoozing, diamonds, perfume, sports car .......... whatever you can think of.

Will be sharing with you as I go thru day by day here in AirAsia.

  • Kong Sun

    Wow expand so much already. The next time when i will be flying will have a tour on the new departure hall. the last time when i was there not much changes yet also.

  • Sergio

    Do we still have free Wireless internet and electricity for our laptops?

  • Maria

    yeaaaa …. its still expanding today … workers are tearing down the walls all around the check in area ….maybe it’s gonna be open air check in ..who knows … Wifi is still in the air … never give up, change your position to the left or right or put your laptop on the floor so to get better absorption of the Wifi wave.
    electricity ?? Maybe not enough around if I m not mistaken.

  • Jimmy

    Wow..its been awhile since i travel to KL at the new airport expansion looks good…but will see how it handles the crowd when they actually open up to the public…but still there is still lack of wifi connections for those who are waiting for their flights…if you be good if they can offer that kind of service