In light of the Qantas incident that involved its Airbus A330-300, I hope this will serve as a lesson to all to ALWAYS, ALWAYS wear seat belts whenever you are seated on an aircraft. You will never know when the plane will encounter extreme turbulence.

The Qantas Airbus suffered a drop of 650ft in a matter of 20 seconds, and as a result, many passengers who were not strapped in, suffered serious head injuries because they hit the aircraft ceiling. Some even suffered spinal injuries.

Remember, folks, flight safety is always there for a reason. Life matters more than inconvenience.


  • Daniel

    oh scarey wei… found a news clip on utube.

  • Almond

    I have some air travel tips too..

    1. Always stay alert of what other passangers are doing eg: carrying hot drinks, removing luggage from overhead bin

    2. Please pay attention to the in-flight safety matter how many times you have seen it, okay?