Ever wondered what it meant like to embark on an exciting career in a cockpit? A few privileged ones have set foot and are continuing to make their mark in the skies but who will tell their stories? Will we, the intrigued ones have to wait until they retire to hear them? The AirAsia Blog is starting a mini series on a pilot’s career from the eyes of three different generation of pilots which will be blasting into blogosphere starting today and we aim to publish weekly entries both for your amusement and for your reading pleasure. We are here to be the platform and we would love you to be our guests as we take a ride with them. Buckle up people!

The end of the “So You Wanna Be a Pilot?” adventure opened many doors for people and we were wondering if we managed to gain some loyal followers from that episode, why not let our own existing pilots also tell their stoiries? We promise to get them to be brutally honest and take a ride with us through the cockpit of their lives and perhaps you could also share these stories with your friends and people that matter. Its more than just being a pilot, its about living your dreams. Even if you do not aspire to be a pilot, we hope their stories will inspire you to reach for the stars. Enjoy, and today we begin by introducing the main characters who have taken their time from flying to tell their stories in their own words.

We have the wily and battle tested veteran of AskCaptainLim fame with us;

Captain Lim

I have been flying since 1968 when I was sent to the United Kingdom to train as a pilot with the Royal Air Force on the Chipmunk. After serving for about 13 years with the RMAF, I left to join Malaysia Airlines. I retired from MAS on my 60th birthday after 25 years of service.

With my FO at Kansai Airport on a MAS Boeing 777

The most memorable fleet that I flew with the previous airline was the Boeing 777. I spent about 9 years on this wonderful plane. I am fortunate to be employed by Air Asia after my retirement in 2006 and since then, I have been happily flying the Airbus A320. I have just returned from Toulouse after attending the Airbus A340 course.

I have been very passionate about flying and have been running a website “Just About Flying” at www.askcaptainlim.com to help and motivate aspiring pilots to take up flying for the last 9 years. In this website, I have tried my best and have answered more than 1000 questions on everything about flying to other air travelers as well.

I have been quite busy lately that I have not been able to answer many questions from my readers. Instead, I occasionally contribute to the Air Asia Travel 360 Magazine on topics related to flying.

Unfortunately, I may not be very active with JFK’s main story due to my other commitments. I will leave this to the younger and more dashing pilot like Captain Dominic Henry Chin. (We just had dinner together at Toulouse about a week ago as he is currently attending an Airbus A320 instructor course there!)

With FO Shara Azlin on an Air Asia Airbus A320

Give it up for current generation captain, Captain Dominic Henry Chin, another of our frequent contributors to the blog;

Captain Dominic

Greetings chaps!

A big thank you to Captain Lim for his introduction – but please believe me, Captain Lim is younger at heart and mind than most of us! My name is Dominic, and I have been flying since 1992.

I started as a cadet with Malaysia Airlines and was trained in Adelaide, South Australia. I flew the B737 for 4 years and the B777 for 10 years before deciding to move on to Transmile, flying the MD-11s. As my family grew, I preferred to stay home, and Air Asia offered me that opportunity – to stay close to home, to be with my family and yet do what I do best – fly for a living!

As I am currently away at the moment, as mentioned by Captain Lim, I promise – I will upload some photos and stay a little more active on the blog once I get back to KL. I am sure JFK will be able to entertain you guys with the latest happenings in the flying school anyways – I only have old stories 😛

Take care folks, and stay tuned!

And introducing last but not least, our hip hop popping, rhythm busitng, new generation kick a^$ pilot and one who will bear our flag in the future, Johan;


The initials stand for Johan Farid Khairuddin.

My career in entertainment & broadcast started more than 10 years ago as I started singing with R&B Group V.E. then, Worked ON-AIR for Malaysia’s #1 Hit Station – hitz.FM and Malaysia’s Premier Teen Radio Station – Xfresh FM. On the Tele, I’ve hosted various programmes on Astro but the most prominent would be TV3’s Reality TV / Entertainment Programme “Mentor”. During then, I spent my free time composing and producing music for some of the country’s biggest acts ie. Sheila Majid, Anuar Zain, Kaer AF2, Dayang Nurfaizah etc

After coming back from London having completed my MBA in 2005, I completed my private pilots license course and have been actively flying ever since! Late last year, I said “enough is enough!”, and decided to give up everything that I have worked so hard for (yes, those pennies included!) – to press the “restart” button, jumping into an industry which I have been truly passionate about since the day I could see, read & speak!

Some people still wonder why I gave up a life of being in the limelight, which is dreamt by many, to pursue a life dreamt by few – my answer has and will always be, “Because, I am of the very few!”. Join me as I throw the Malaysian DJ, TV Personality & Music Producer role in the back-burner and switch on the “Cadet Pilot” role at the Australian Wings Academy in Gold Coast Australia.

Living up to what AirAsia truly stands for– Inspiring & Innovating Creative Change!

Oh, and for the record, I love flying planes. I don’t really care what sound which engine makes or, what aircraft can fly higher, all I really love is flying an airplane the way it was meant to fly. Oh, and I’m such a nerd when it comes to flying books too! And flying movies, documentaries… if it has wings, i’m in love with it.

Yes i’d love to marry a bird. Haha.

PS. Some of the stories will not be for the faint hearted! There is blood (seriously), tears of joy & sadness and countless nights of book worming. Oh, this is going to be so much fun! Gulp.

JFK signing off. Booyaah!

Watch this space people. These pilots are going to rock your world old school, new school and everything else in between! You heard and saw it first on the AirAsia Blog, we innovate, the rest imitate….

  • Kung Yung

    Dear JFK,

    Like you, I also said “enough is enough”. After obtaining 2 degrees, worked for 7 years, my calling came and I dropped everything and I’m now pursuing my JAA ATPL course in Perth. Not a lot of people understand our mentality but hey… we’re pursuing our dreams!

    All the best with your training and hopefully we’ll be colleagues one day!

    Take care…


  • Low

    To express, no impress =)
    Let us all be the 4th Generation (like ipod nano)
    See ya soon~*

  • Rahamat Tulla

    i donno if u remember me jfk we meet in bernam river airfield

  • Johan Farid

    Kung Yung – Thanks for the note, yes man, enough IS enough… I am proud to have another friend like you who really understands what i’m going through! Lets together, help others who would want to follow in our footsteps and take to the skies! :)

    Low – Affirmative Man! We Express, Impress and Kick-Ass! Yeahh!

    Rahamat – Hi Rahamat! Of course I remember you! I had fun at the fly-in as it was my birthday too! As you can see, i’ve taken my flying to the next level :)

    Guys.. more very soon! This is just the intro article, the actual game play will start soon enough!

    Thanks so much for the support from me, the Blog Team, Captain Dom & Captain Lim.

    Boooo Yah!!!!!

  • Sin

    Great! Great!
    I will follow the this blogs always ^^
    Support Support !
    Great to have first-hand information from experienced and great pilots for their thoughts, exp, and knowledge.

    And, JFK, I myself compose some melody and songs too, hahaz, great to know ppl that love music as well ^^

  • Chu

    Captain Lim!! Having known his great site…mmmm..really wish to meet him personally one day.

    Yeah..I am looking forward the great stories to be shared to all.

    Waiting you all..

  • Mohd Muhaimin

    To Captain Lim,

    Thank you for your guidance in yur website.. compiling videos of pilot training..

    it helps me a lot during my first simulator session at the AirAsia Culture Carnival few days ago.. Even get good comment from Captain Sukdavesing (hope I spell his name correct)

    Keep on inspiring me with your experiences.. I might take the lead someday..

    To Captain Lim,

    Nice to meet you at the carnival last saturday.. you look very much taller than I thought (compared to your profile photo)..

    Hopefully you can teach me some experience too.. Fly as your FO maybe.. Really hope to get the chance to talk to you more.. Last time was too short.. but at least I it was a good intro..

    When you mention about family in above article, it made me think.. What will I feed my family if I don’t become a pilot? All I want for my life is to have a family, a wife and childrens..

    At the moment, I am trying to apply for AirAsia pilot pogramme.. Hopefully I got a spot..

    Looking at you and your family give me an aspiring moment.. I wanna have a family too..

  • Johan Farid

    Hi Mohd Muhaimin,

    Thanks for writing in. Let me drop a line first before Captain Lim or Dom jump in as they might be flying, to reply fast enough! :)

    Re your dreams, chase ’em man. Godo luck with the application, a lil tip– is to always stand out and be different.

    I remember the first time i applied to work on radio, I put in my “demo tape” in a big bright yellow envelope. Haha.

    Well it worked.

    Good luck yeah and I will tell Captain Lim that you wrote in here so that he can check it!




  • Kong Sun

    Pilot writing about their life. Something to read about. haha

  • Kung Yung

    Indeed JFK… I’m ready to help anytime!


  • Mohd Muhaimin

    To JFK,

    I heard that there are MPL (Multiple Pilot License) there in australia.. Correct me if I’m wrong.. The license which allow the holder to directly fly the wide wing aircraft.. and they don’t have to go for ATPL..

    It’s like PPL > MPL rather than