Note from Blog Team:Congrats Na’im. You are our Week 3 winner for the “Where would you rather be?” competition. We will be in touch shortly over the prizes. Thank you all for participating. Where would you rather be?

Sawaddee Krub and As-Salamu Alaykum, everyone. My name is Na’im from Thailand. And let me introduce you to Mrs. Ya Ngankhaeng. She is my mother.

July 2002, I won a competition from a famous “Printing & Publishing Public Company” here in Thailand. The prize was a trip for 2 persons, THB 29,500 each, to Bali, Indonesia. I made my first passport for this special chance and was willing to take my mom along with me for this supposed-to-be an unforgettable trip of mother and son.

But after months, for various reasons, I had to give up on this prize. And until now, my mother and I still never visited Indonesia.

But my hope of taking my mom to Indonesia revived, like a flame that had been relit, once I read about the “Where Would You Rather Be Week 3” Contest from AirAsia on my Facebook page. (نعيم Na’im หนวดเขี้ยว and another one is Na’ima-natrix Spice First I think “Week 3? How did I miss the first 2? Giving I’m online for, like, 16 hours a day, everyday of the week!”

Then I saw four pictures of this contest and I just know this is the right place for me to taking my mom on our trip, even better than Bali.

The first picture of Lake Toba, credited as the work of G. P. Soon, just thrills an islander from Phi Phi Island like me. It looks just like a picture of somewhere in Europe. I never thought I could find a place like this in a nearby country! The scenery is just beautiful and deserves to be described as “Take My Breath Away”. Because it did!

And for the third and the forth picture, I believe they are beautiful surrounding of Lake Toba. My guess is right or wrong, I don’t know. I would love to discover it for myself, anyway.

The second picture is just right for my mom. At the age of 60, my mom still strictly does her fasting like every Muslim woman. I visited her in Krabi last week, for my late Mother’s Day visit, and she looks just fine. Allah blessed her, of course. After finishing this holy month of Ramadan, she deserves the prize for her hard-work for Allah. But before she meets Allah himself on Yawm al-Qiyāmah, her son will take her for our time together. Say a pray in the Great Mosque (Masjid Raya) of Medan will be the highlight of the trip for my mom. As much as she loves Allah, she also loves beautiful things and places. And visiting this Great Mosque would make her happy. (All and all, she loves me. This one is for sure. ^_^)

If I really won this contest, AK 805 on Thursday 1st of October from Krabi to Kuala Lumpur would be a perfect choice for me and my mom to redeem our prize, which starts from KL to Medan. Then AK 804 on Monday 5th October for our trip back. With both flights on Economy Promo in a Year End Escapade campaign by AirAsia: The World’s Best Low-Cost Airline, it will cost both of us only THB 4,106.00! How wonderful is that.

I’m sure me and my mom will have a lots to do there. And, if we got a chance to go there, I will share our trip on this AirAsia blog for you guys.

تكرم عينك

نعيم Na’im

P.S. For AisAsia, in case I do not win this contest, please operate the flights from Bangkok or Krabi to Medan. After these pictures and research about this place. I KNOW I have to be there!

P.S.2 For those who read this, please come to Thailand. And don’t forget to visit the beautiful “tropical paradise” of the Phi Phi Islands in Krabi. Trust me it’s blissful. I should know, I was born and raised there! (And my mom lives there, too. ^_^)

P.S.3 Merry Ramadan to all of you, Muslim or not.

P.S.4 How is your mom?



  1. Congratz Naim…….

    Ive been to Toba Lake & Medan severals time, and believe me… It is “Take my breath away” scenery. You also can do a lots activities over there, like cultural sight seeing ( visit Samosir Island, one island in the middle of Toba Lake, can u imagine how big the lake….?) and also water sports. compare to Bali?? I think they have their own character and style, Lake Toba is more calming and Highland styles, Bali more crowded and hip tourist place. Hope u also can bring ur mother….. congratz once again……

  2. Prasan Reply

    Thank you. I have to talk to my mother first which place she wanna go in Indonesia. But I’m sure she will go wherever my choice is. ^_^

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