Remember the inaugural AIRASIA X flight to Chengdu from KUALA LUMPUR LCCT on 20 October 2009?

Well, I’m lucky to be chosen as the lucky winner for their 2nd week blogging contest and hence, was sponsored 2 return tickets to CHENGDU by AIRASIA X and i’m back sharing my experiences with you guys here .

So, why i bother to blog about it when I had been blogging on my travel blog , all these few weeks on Chengdu ? Well , I just stumbled onto AIRASIAGO ( a frequent lobang hunter for cheap happy hour sales and their LOW LOW Prices for packages ) and something attracts my attention : 8 DAYS CHENGDU PACKAGE AT ONLY RM 2099 INCLUSIVE of TAXES , AIR FARE AND TRANSPORT AND TOUR AND Hotel ! So , it’s really a bargain isn’t it ?

And i went deeper in to view the details – well , it’s quite worth it because the transport are all provided and the hotel is a 4 stars hotel for CHENGDU ! And guess what – that struck me to MUST DO this blog post up because i stayed in this hotel mentioned in the package beforeENJOYABLE STARS XING YI HOTEL which i have a very very pleasant stay with them and now , staring the package right in front of my eyes , i’m really thinking whether i should take up this great bargain .

Know what? I’ve always been checking the airasia prices and they had a $0 fare just some time back – 3 months ago ? but sad to say , I DIDN’T MANAGE to grab one , unfortunately – was planning to grab 2 flight tickets to and fro chengdu again next year March but server problem and overwhelmed responses from all you loyal fans that resulted me to end up with 0 .

Nevertheless , even though i didn’t manage to book one at a low low price , I congratulate those who managed to grab theirs because Chengdu is a really great place to visit and MARCH is a great season to visit because not as cold as december where you hardly see any souls on the streets . 🙂

Honestly speaking, I REALLY WANT TO VISIT CHENGDU AGAIN . REASON : Good food , GOOD WEATHER (they have 4 seasons – so its quite cooling in March ) , SO MANY GREAT UNESCO ATTRACTIONS that you can visit – like world’s famous JIU ZHAI GOU ,



Continuing on with my post here , back to Chengdu , i checked in online using airasia Online Service – it was brisk and easy & I stayed in ENJOYABLE STARS Xing Yi HOTEL just in March 2010 with the classy corridor picture above . I guarantee you that ENJOYABLE STARS HOTEL’s services are superb – they don’t accept some tips from me though i trouble them for their services like take up internet cable for me to be connected and more . But their breakfast isn’t that nice and the menu doesn’t change so better not take up the buffet !

But overall , the rooms are trendy and beautiful , near to shopping areas and WEN SHUN YUAN which are historic streets and they do have some nice hotels there – but not as good as Enjoyable Stars Xing Yi Hotel 🙂

Moving on, I visited Chengdu Emeishan but not to the peak , because it will take 8 hours to and fro , so wasn’t advised to and LE SHAN Buddha where we took a boat ride around the beautiful place – and highly recommended because the buddha statue is VERY VERY MAJESTIC !!!!

Oh yes, not forgetting the beautiful Long Quan where we managed to hike to view the whole city – which took us more than 4 hours up and down . But its a breathtaking view and there’s more than just the hike experience – you get to see red cheeks kids that are soooooo cute and the different lifestyle of Chengdu .

I only visited EMEISHAN , LE SHAN , LONG QUAN , Wen Shu Yuan during my 5 days 4 nights FREE AND EASY trip – all by two of us though our first time , thanks to Airasia X and we didn’t get to visit other parts of Si Chuan that may take 8 hours to get to via bus like some mountains and Jiu Zhai Gou that takes 23 hours by bus to reach from Chengdu .

And don’t think Chengdu is a boring place . If it is boring , i won’t be typing like a rate of 100 words in 3 minute for this blog post, because i’m emotionally attached to the place that i feel so reluctant to leave when i check-in for airasia X flight back to Kuala Lumpur and sure , a great experience for me and my mum , whom i brought along for this airasia X trip !

Thinking back , I really want to visit Chengdu again , but i dont know when’s the chance that i will get there again ………………… 🙁 If airasia can sponsor some tickets for me and my mum to return there again , that will be GREAT ! :X (I’m dreaming again ! )

If you’ve got any questions about Chengdu , do leave a comment here below , or on my travel blog , and will try my best to answer them , based on my free and easy experiences – that requires me much research before i went chengdu !

So , well , If you want to view MORE MORE PICTURES [ limit of 6 here , sadly ] and read more about the travel experiences that i had in MARVELOUS CHENGDU – head on to my travel blog : and search for ‘CHENGDU’ and enjoy them !

Enjoy and hope to hear from you guys soon if you visit Chengdu or intend to visit in the future ! 🙂 Thank you Airasia X once again for making this trip possible for me and my mum ! 🙂

Loves you always & signing off ,


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