learning should be never ending and humble!!

that is basically what i told myself before the Final Interview i had with AirAsia last saturday, in the AirAsia Academy.. things were actually very messed up and i was honestly, very much nervous even the night before as i’ve written in the previous post.

well, on that very day itself during the interview, we, the shortlisted candidates (23 in total) were supposed to sit for 3 test, give out a presentation, as well as to attend a 3 to 1 interview with the interviewing board.. trust me, things were nowhere close to being easy and it was definitely nerve wrecking even just waiting for the results.. i was actually lucky enough to be the 3rd candidate in the list as i got to be called up earlier for the interview and allowed to leave at 5pm or so as some of the candidates at the end of the list were only able to go back at 10.30pm..

so, while waiting for my turn, i was praying so hard to God and to ask for forgiveness from my belated grandpa and to bless me so that i can successfully pass that interview.. when my turn came, i went in, greeted the interviewers then the questioning and interviewing session began.. the interviewers knew so much about the industry that they were so specific on all the candidates to know and understand how airlines and the aviation industry works..

after the interview, most of us were actually very tired and exhausted as we were all stressed out and had already given our best throughout the interviewing process.. as we were told that the results of the interview would be out on tuesday, i had a hard time trying to sleep.. i was so worried and nervous yet anxious for the results as i know very well, i wanted this very very very badly and i’ve been trying and wishing to get this chance to be a pilot, and to be able to join the cadet pilot programme by an airline..

so, after the long and painful wait, the results were finally announce on the following wednesday morning and i was so worried even before i opened the e-mail.. although i was hinted in a way the night before that i’ve successfully pass the interview and will in the final 10 list, i was still actually very nervous as i was scared that the administration or the board may just make a mistake…

i prayed so hard, crossed my fingers and toes, then clicked and open the e-mail to then only find out that i’ve successful, and officially get into the programme and became the final 10..

so…here am i… after a whole day and night of partying and celebrating, to share and to express my gratitute towards airasia…

this is actually a video i’ve made earlier…


thank you air asia…

to those who’ve failled in any of the interview, please, don’t give up.. it s*cks to fail and worst when you’re that close in realising your dream, but then giving up means the end of everything..

all the best and good luck to the rest of the aspiring pilots..!



  1. Chee Keong Reply

    ok.. thank you so so so so so so much and sorry for the inconvenient caused…

  2. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Hey Hey are u that nervous that you submited the wrong link Chee Keong? 😛 congrats by the way. Enjoy this moment.

  3. Chee Keong Reply

    thank you blog team.. well, something was wrong with my connection yesterday so i was trying with other link.. sorry for the mistake..

    thank you blogging team again for EVERYTHING… from the beginning of the competition, to the 1st day of the comp and now… everything!!

    airasia, its good to have such a strong team here..!!


    Best regards,

  4. Chee Keong Reply

    THANKS low…

    i’ll be waiting for u… do ur best!


  5. Hey CK..

    have been following.. and i believe u’ve got what it takes…

    passion, knowledge, ability, enthusiasm (hopefully this will last too) …

    All the best~~!!

  6. Chee Keong Reply

    Thank Adikk..

    haha..it will last.. everything will last and i will give my best… that is the least that i can promise all of you..

    Best Regards,

  7. Chee Keong Reply

    thanks linda and wayne…

    will keep you guys updated on my progress!

  8. Muhammad Syafiq Reply

    when was ur interviewed?
    only interview?
    no any test?
    how come the company called u for the interview?

  9. Chee Keong Reply

    Syafiq, i attended my 1st stage interview, which was actually the combination of 4 test on June…
    the 2nd stage interview was then a psychomotor test on August.. then only i proceed to the final interview with the board last week..

    Lala, thanks ya… hope to see you on board one day!!


  10. Muhammad Syafiq Reply

    so where n when they will send u for training?
    how long?
    the interview n test very difficult or easy to score?

  11. Chee Keong Reply

    hey syafiq..

    well, we’ll be starting our training within 2 weeks if everything goes according to plan.. the training will be approximately 1 year in Australia..

    well, interview and test easy to score???
    i personally don’t think that its easy.. in fact, nothing is easy.. you have to pratice, prepare and learn!
    but failing is not the end of the world ok..

    good luck to you!!

    Best regards,

  12. Hi CK,

    Although I m previous air asia ground staff but i still nervous on the cadet pilot interview. I’m STPM Art Stream student, what should I prepare before they call me for interview?

    May i know how to contact their cadet pilot administrator for amendment on the application form, because I didn’t attach my certificates.

    Donald YWY

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