Note from Blog Team: Mun Mun, we also do not know much except you’re number 25. Simple as that. Congrats. Expect your morning call soon. To the others, don’t be jealous. Just kidding. Be patient and wait for your turn.

Hi , my name is Mun Mun and I’m 18 this year, freshly graduated from secondary school last year .Unlike the other shortlisted bloggers, I don’t have a lot of experiences and knowledge to share .I have no flying experience, not even those travelling in plane .The only thing I can share is my aspiration to be a pilot .My first time to visit the airport was in the age of six .I live in Kuala Kangsar ,Royal Town of Perak ,the nearest airport to my house is in Ipoh .That day , my great grandmother came back from China and my father had to go to Ipoh Airport to fetch her back.At that time , I drew a total grand of zero idea in my mind about pilots.In the airport , the most familiar object to me were the aeroplanes . My father put my little brother and me at a higher altitude to let us saw the planes clearly .There was a plane landing and my father told us that my great grandmother was in the plane .I got nothing about flying from my father .

When I was in standard six , I felt very regretted that I couldn’t get a fresh memory about airport because the Hong Kong Airport looked so grand in the drama series , “Triumphs In The Skies “.Actually , Sam in the drama had brought me to the glamour world of pilots. Since I was utterly ruthless in my determination to be a pilot , I am always thirst for gaining the knowledge about flying.My first exposure to aviation knowledge was in my Form Four year .At first I could explain why an aeroplane can fly constantly in the sky.This was an apparent reason to unravel why I understand Newton’s First Law well.I became active in the physics class when we were going through Chapter 3 in Form Four physics which was about Bernoulli’s Principle .I was the first volunteer to answer my teacher ‘s question in class .Before that , my teacher could only get the reply by calling someone’s name .I could answered him as he had made a funny example to explain how the plane take off.He taught us to cut polystrene into two streamline shape and tied on both hands .When the motorcyclist was speeding , quickly opened our hands and we would manage to fly.His action to show how to fly is really funny and it made me remember the scene till now.He is a legend in our school whose students passed the physics exams mostly with “cukup makan”.Luckily , I got an A2 for the SPM physics paper.
“Ok class , can yous explain why an aeroplane can fly ?”
“Bernoulli’s Principle lo!”
“Absullent!”(Actually is excellent , he pronounce wrong)

I made my second visit to the airport this year .But , I went to Penang Airport this time.I got my first time to meet with many real airline pilots.I could not express my feeling that time by words.I stood beside the door and many pilots walked past me.I was very excited and shouted in my heart “I want to take photo with them !”My idols near to me ,had driven me crazy.It was the very first time I felt myself so close to my dream and I started to wonder when can I achieve my ambition .

I used my first salary which I earned by teaching tuition to buy a joystick.I started my pilot simulating life three months ago .Although I am a newbie , I have a great passion to know and learn about flying .My hobby is reading the future pilots’ blogs.I tried my best gooogle for the related blogs and linked myself to those blogs.Who are interested to these blog kindly search them yourself .And to the bloggers ,please forgive me for being such a crazy person .Actually reading the blogs will help you a lots in getting a better view on aviation , choosing a flying academy and knowing some flying instructors .This is a boon to help you remember yourself what is the do and don’t when you are flying with the instructors one day.

I had already planned well for my future before I graduated .But life won’t always go in our ways .Air Asia had lighten up my plan with the cadet pilot selection and this blogging competition .Air Asia is really a Good Samaritan in my life to lend me a hand to help me achieve my dream.Actually , it is my 2nd entry for this blogging competition .This article was vary from the previous one which I noted down all the words just following my heart .There is no organization before I started to write this article .I write this article smoothly because it just dawned on me .I just returned from Ipoh and I saw a plane flying in the night sky and I started to imagine again .

“Seize the chance !”I grumbled in my heart, along my journey went home.


  • Rahamat Tulla

    i’m jelous..:( hehe congrats bro..

  • Kong Sun

    Congratulation Mun Mun on being shortlisted. Finally someone at my age has been shortlisted.

  • Mohd Danial

    “Absullent Mun Mun!”

    Many congratulations to ya Mun Mun.. Hope for the best!

    Reading about ur teacher reminded me of mine a long time ago.. He pronounced ‘Cucumber’ as ‘Ka-Kam-Ber’.. :)

  • Hee

    Wah, so happy ar me!!!!!!
    want to crazy already,
    Thank you ~~~~
    so happy ^^
    I confirm that I am not dreaming ,
    coz i c my post here.

  • Low

    I got this question, mun mun = male or = female?
    I’m not good with Chinese names =\
    congrats kid!

  • Hee

    Kong Sun is 18 this year?
    actually my birthday havent come and i am 17 now
    Air Asia give me a good birthday gift ~

    To Rahamat Tulla:
    I am a girl la~
    dun call me bro~

    To Mohd Danial:
    My first pronounce this word by cu cum ber
    just eja this in bm
    but tat time i was just 8 yrs old
    10 years ago

  • Hee

    To Low:
    I am female~

  • Shyan

    yup..i oso gt dis quest to mun or boy?haha..anyway..congrats and hope to c u soon^^

  • Jonathan

    Congratulations Mun Mun..just like u, i’m also eighteen this year and had submitted 2 posts but still yet to get any news about it..anyways,have a greeeat day!

  • Low

    Johnathan : I know why, cos Derek’s a guy and you’re also a guy =p

  • Kong Sun

    Haha. Me also turning 18soon. We are both the youngest here. Lol

  • Rahamat Tulla

    i donno ler…
    sorry gurl

  • Jonathan

    To Low: haha im sure Derek’s not so bias right?? I want my post to get published!! urghhh!! im so so so jealous of all of u guys whose post has been published.. :(

  • Low

    To Hee and Sun : Wrong, I’m the yangest where =p

  • Hamimah

    I have a really bad dream last night..that airasia will not choose me at’s making me so sad and cried..but !!

    congrats..power of girl !!!!

    wait for me..even I failed I will never stop trying ^^

    btw, your name is cute.

  • Kong Sun

    Nevermind, age doesn’t matter right. Is the passion towards becoming a pilot that matters.

  • Hee

    To Hamimah:
    Never give up for your dream……
    My name so cute?
    and thank for your congrates …..

    To Low :
    How old r u ?

    To Shyan:
    I also hope to see you soon…
    I am a girl same with u
    I like your post
    gambateh together….

  • Sin

    Congrats Mun Mun,your post Simple and sound Cute??

    Tho I’m 22, but I look like 19-20, hahaz.

    To Jonathan
    DEREK value efforts, 3P (Patience, Persistent and Preseverence). You can! ^^

  • Hee

    To Shyan:
    I am a girl same with you
    Like ur post very much ^^
    Hope to see u soon too~
    Gambateh together

    To Jonathan :
    Thank for ur congratulation ~!!!

    To Kong Sun :
    yup~passion to be a pilot is more important

    To Hamimah :
    My name is cute?
    u r the first tell me this
    anyway , never give up for ur dream ~
    i am waiting for ur good new~!!!

  • Hee

    To Sin :
    thank you ya~
    Look younger not good meh?

  • Low

    I’m 18 yo girl with long silky hair. My dad named me Yang (Kambing) cos he wanted a boy =p

    i’m the same Yang as the one in FD y4ng la lolz

  • Hee

    To Low :
    u r y4ng style?

  • Wan Siong

    Mun Mun,
    I thought someone calling me to eat in baby’s language..
    Congratulations girl!
    Anyway, now let’s hope these good samaritans have more than just a pair of helping hands to help us achieve out dreams..

    Any luck in fishing for female pilot to be your chick?

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  • Hee

    to Wan Siong :
    my name pronounce as man man but not mum mum

    thank for ur congratulation~!!!!
    let us reaching our goals together ~^^

  • Low

    yeah, y4ng style~*

  • Wai Weng

    Congratulation Mum Mum!

    Oppsss…is Mun Mun. 😛

  • Daphne Siew Li


  • Hee

    To Wai Weng and Daphne Siew Li :
    Thank you ya~

  • Andy

    Congrats mum mum!
    You’re simply amazing.

  • Chee Keong

    CONGRATS Mun Mun..

    well, your post is somehow very de-stressing..
    feel very light after reading it..

    Good job girl!!


  • Lee

    Hi Mun Mun :

    The interview is just around the corner … looking forward to see you soon … would you mind to leave your e-mail address to me ?( i am jessica lee -4th candidate ) I am always glad to know friends sharing the same dream with me !!! ( my e-mail address is ) hope to hear from you soon :)

  • Hee

    Dear blog team ,
    I am wondering that am i still get the chance to attend for the 1st stage interview ? I am looking forward for the reply that can enlighten me .Thank you . Have a nice day ya.

    regards ,
    Mun Mun