I remember reading somewhere in this blog that we could share our collection of miniature planes. Well I thought I would share with you my very humble collection. I must say, back when I was in school, I have always been fascinated by planes, too bad for me, I can’t be a pilot because I need glasses to just drive straight, and I grew too wide to fit the aisle to be a Flight Attendant.

But thanks to my rather “expensive” hobby, my fantasies takes flight (at least figuratively)! Here is my collection, with 22 planes and counting. It would be my pride and glory to one day own AirAsia X’s 9M-XAC Oakland Rider as it bares the name I gave, “Xcellence” and my name just below that! Can’t wait!

My Collection!


  • Venice

    Hi, Kenneth!
    Impressive collection! You might want to get one from ANA. The engine turbine rotates! But it’s rather expensive!

    And I noticed, you haven’t gotten the AT&T WIlliams one from us! Limited edition wor…better hurry!

  • Kenneth

    Hi Venice, thanks! My collection is nothing compared to others I know…But I am working on it…as for the ANA, is there a link to where I can maybe view it? Been wanting to get the AT&T WILLIAMS, just that I didn’t get the chance to fly with you lately…will do so soon!

  • Safina

    Kenneth dear! last week when I went to LCCT, the Oakland Raiders one also has came out. You need to act fast. It seems that it is really hot stuff at our RedMegastore!

  • Kenneth

    Hi Safina, thanks for the info! I went to redmegastore.com but the item is not listed yet? Do you think I can get it at the Kiosk at LCCT? May I know how much it is??? Thanks you so much! Who knows? Maybe you could give 1 to me for free! Hahaha!

  • Ramnan

    Dear Kenneth, you are right… “Xcellence” is not available through Red Megastore online purchase. It was available at the LCCT store on October 11.

    And guess what… it bears your name at the front end of portside. So you better get your hands on it fast.

    If I am not mistaken, this is the number for the Air Asia Kiosk at LCCT… 03-87776983