Ever since the blog to be the pilot competition end my hope of becoming a pilot with AirAsia crash along with the contest however an unexpected email on Thursday noon 25 of June have change my life! Entitled Cadet Pilot Assessment & Selection 27 June!
Believe it or not it really make my day , i had tears of joy and some sort of unbelieving feelings i was soo happy excited and nervous!

2 days notification and form 5 syllabus that i have left since 2004 ! I burn my midnight oil with a spirit of doing my best along with help and inspirations from captain dominic , captain sugeng , captain moana and andy AirAsia cadet pilot . Not forgetting my other half captain mani and his best friend capt zeenu that has helped me alot and motivating me all the while.

with feeling of excitement and fear i step my self at AirAsia academy on Saturday June 27 at 8.50 am there is alot of people waiting there i no no one ! Some were familiar faces from the blog well i’m no one there . Quietly i sat there waiting for announcements and make some friends while waiting

There were slight delay that time as the captain in charge was late due to unexpected problems.

Then it was the time for the battle as Captain Dinesh guide all of us the candidates to the 2nd floor computer room for the battle!

It was an unforgettable experience and believe me its an experience all the pilot wannabe are lodging for ..

thank you air asia…as waiting for my stage 1 result i am taking this opportunity to share with all aspiring pilot…never give up have faith and trust that AIRASIA IS AMAZING!


  • Phoon

    Congratulations to you! Do share your experience at the academy with us!

    p/s: were u ex-esb member?
    Both capt mani & capt zeenu were my instructors before.

    Best regards,

  • Tsang

    This is my serious comment to your company.

    My flight was delayed due to the weather last week, and I need to get a flight retime approvement for me to have insurance claim. I have contacted your company from the Help & Info button in your company website last week. However, nobody has answered me till now.

    My booking number is EIJ1LQ. I hope you can do me a favour and refer my case back to that department immediately. Thank you.

    I hope my comment here can draw your company’s attention. If not, I am really disappointed to your company’s service. I don’t want to have any further action.

  • Rahamat Tulla

    guys i’m goin for my 2nd stage this sunday 😛

  • Jong

    wow, that good news. ^^ good luck

  • Kong Sun

    Congratulation. AirAsia opens doors for everyone

  • Venice

    Rahamat… all the best! Hope to see you on board soon…! ganbatei!

  • Rahamat Tulla

    i wasnt from esb …yup both of them are from esb.
    jong & kong sun
    thanks bro

    thanks…i just come bck guess i’m kindda scared as i did some error while landing…
    hoping for d best!

  • Daniel

    I’m going to Australia for AirAsia Cadet Pilot Training!

  • Rahamat Tulla

    cool daniel u were in d first batch right…me yet still waiting for my 2nd stage result..haha wish me luck n all d best bro ~