At first, i doubt to fly internationally with your airlines. with low prices like that, i really didn’t believe that i will have good flight, but surely after a while, i feel better to try than never, so i booked your flight to Singapore and luckily i got the promotion to go there when free seats period. So when the first time i arrived at Soekarno Hatta Terminal in Cengkareng Area, Jakarta, i feel afraid and expected for the worst thing happened, maybe i have to struggle for seats and everything but i was surprised when i knew that you placed the seats and not make us struggle for seats. i was very delighted and to add it all, when i got into your plane, i saw nice seats and quite comfy. i am so happy and feel not disappointed with your airline. i got low fare with great things inside.

the flight was nice, the snacks was okay and i got arrived safely and can sleep while the journey lasted. it was a very nice one. i hope i can flight with good prices with you again.

April 30Th, i came to Singapore for visiting my friends there, it was so fun, i was so happy meeting my friends and yet, i feel so lucky didn’t have to spend lots for the ticket. here are some pictures me and my friends there. it’s been a while since last time meet them. my junior high school friends that worked there now. we’re traveled around Singapore, saw the famous Orchard Road, Bugis Area that i loved to shop accessories there and surely lots and lots of other fun. thank you for made my reunion come true…