I had never gone so far to use plane as transportation until 15th Nov 2009 when I was one of more than 80 young Vietnamese representatives chosen to visit Kuala Lumpur for Yes2009 Summit.
Since this is my first flight and, besides, the airfare was covered by the organizers, I didn’t care much about the fare. Not until a few days after the trip did I know that AirAsia is kind of cheap aviation brand. I was so surprised to learn that, according to what I had received, it was worth more than flight ticket fare

You know, it was the first time that I’v traveled to foreign country. Consequently, I can’t forget it, especially the deep impression by their service. Let me share with U about my feeling.

Stepping into the plane, I was first impressed by two air stewardesses’ warm smile & sweet welcome which signed a beginning well and built up a cozy feeling in me. As I settled down at my seat and enjoy the excitement of first flight, I felt the good conditions of the plane. It may be in contrast to what was normally thought about budget airlines – low-quality and unsafeness. The plane was neat inside and seats were in excellent conditions. How about the safeness? It was great! I do believe it. I’v been threatened that there are thousands of people who are giddy and nauseous because of movement of flight. How terrible! I was in great fear at that time. I thought that there would be some shakes of flight which could make me feel dizzy. The result was what had happened that was absolutely smoother than my expectations. The flight landed as gently as it took off. I only had a little bit of nervous when it was from land to sky. And more important than that, the caring of an air stewardess touched me deeply. It was a situation that I couldn’t imagine before. Do U know? When I sat on an armrest chatting with three friends of mine in their seats, an air stewardess came to me. I was anxious about her coming, probably to get me to turn back to my seat. My heart was thumping when she told me to stand up. Unexpectedly, she, to my surprise, took the armrest down and then invited me to sit down. It’s regrettable that I forgot saying thanks to her as it was all of a sudden. She must have had noticed my discomfort with that position, so she came to support me. For the rest of my life, I may never forget that kind action.

Flights are not just a means of traveling from place to place, they’re also for us to experiencing this meaningful life and get the warm-hearted feeling across, from someone to somebody. And as long as customer satisfaction is their prime concern, AirAsia can turn their slogan “Now, everyone can fly.” to “Now, everyone WILL fly with AirAsia.” Good luck on U, AirAsia.
We are on the flight:


  • Kenneth

    Nicely done! Gland that you enjoyed your trip…I was in Vietnam in December, Hanoi is nice and the air cool…HCM City is very modern and a great place for shopping!

  • Luu

    Thks u, Kenneth. It was regret that I didn’t know u was in Hanoi cause I can pick u up around Hanoi capital.
    By the way, Are u a person who work in AirAsia?^^

  • Chinh

    Hey Girl!
    You are good at English more than. Congratulation!