I’m a typical girl who likes music. since nowadays the K-POP(Korean Pop music) thingy is just growing up everywhere,i can’t be left out. Instead of speaking the different language, i think i can understand the language by just listening to the melody and stage presence. There is one band from Korea that i’m crazy about.They are called FT Island.Since the band is not much known by Malaysian, me and my friend Sue willing to go Bangkok just to attend their Men’s Stories concert which was held on 6th February 2010.

We managed to book the overseas fan package from the concert organizer. One thing that was not settled yet is to book our flight. We prepared for this concert as early as December, so we have so much time before booking our flight. We are planning to go to Bangkok as backpackers, and we think hard for not to spent much money on flight ticket because we want to do shopping there.yeah as we all know the currency exchange from ringgit to baht is not that much different and even our currency is slightly higher than baht. And Air Asia just make it, we managed to get our flight ticket cheaper than other airline system. To add thing more excited, this is my first time ever to travel overseas, and of course also my first time ever to be on plane~!!! Since both of us are from Malacca, we take a bus ride to LCCT airport, we took the first flight on saturday morning to Bangkok.

Before boarding at LCCT

And because this is my first experienced be on plane i’m all excited and really didn’t feel any nervousness when the plane taking off.
However my friend, sue who i don’t know how many times she already on plane,is the one who felt very nervous.
The flight taking about 2hrs to reach Bangkok. Upon arriving at Suvarnabhumi airport, i was really amazed with the airport itself, because it is very big and i really felt like i’m in foreign county because on the signboard the curly words of Thai were everywhere, and i can’t understand any single word, but of course english was there too.haha
We rushed outside of the airport and took a cab there to check in to our hotel at sukhumvit road.
Since we booked this hotel earlier with the package, we managed to stay at the hotel same with the ft island boys. YAY! it’s a win for us because we can go stalk them later in the hotel. But fortune was just by our side that day because, as we arrived at the hotel’s lobby, we saw so many fans were waiting outside of the hotel waiting for the boys to go for rehearsal. To be a true fan girls, we waited for them almost an hour at the loby just to see them depart from hotel to the stadium. And for the first time of my life, i can see my ft island boys face to face when they walked out from the lift and walk to their van. That was my dream comes true since i first knew about them back in 2008.Both of us were very happy and felt like wanted to faint when we first saw them in the lift.*exaggerated*
After seing them gone, we went to our hotel room and prepare ourself for the concert which was held on that night at Huamark Stadium,Bangkok.

Me outside the stadium.excitation!

The concert was superb~!!We cried our lung out to sing with them, as we were understand what they sang.Language barrier did not happened here because we primadonna(the fan of ft island) despite of difference in language we’ll sing together as we can read, and talk in Korea language. The concert lasted within 2hours and a half, and we felt really sad because we are going to leave them, and who knows maybe this is the only one in a lifetime experience to watch them perform in concert.

After the concert.me and sue,that was a satisfaction smile~

On the next day, we spent our day at Grand palace, the place where the palace and government building of Thailand in the past were located.I was amazed with the design of the palace and the temple there.Stepping in the area,make me felt like i was living in the period of time where king and queen is the main ruler in the country.We also took a ride of tuk-tuk to go to the jetty where we took a boat there for river cruise. The river cruise was fun as we ride between the houses floating on the river chao phraya.The experienced was priceless to see people doing their house chores like washing dishes and clothes by the river, and also seing kids swimming in the river and waving to us friendly as we passed by them.

At grand palace

River cruise on chao phraya river

We also visited the Gems Gallery and I bought a sapphire blue ring there, sue bought a nicely cut red stone ring.After doing some shopping of souveniers for family and friends, we took a cab to the airport because our flight that night was at 830pm.Although the trip was only 2 days and one night, we were very satisfied because we managed to watch our ft island boys performed live and even get a chance to see them face to face at the hotel~!!!
One of our dreams come true by flying to Bangkok with Air Asia, and i wish my other dream which is to visit Seoul,Korea will become true too.Moreover Air Asia also already provide flight to Seoul and i hope one day i can be on plane again with Air Asia to Seoul,Korea.
Who knows, maybe there is one more chance for me to meet ft island boys again!


  • Nguk

    after reading your exciting visit to Thailand make me want to go there too. All the while i dont want to visit thailand because i always think she is a unsafe place to visit but now you change me feeling. i think i would love to visit Bangkok very soon. it seem easy to go around and airasia really give us reasonable fares. thanks for your sharing and i am looking forward to visit Thailand with expectation.