I am a regular AirAsia patron, having flown with AirAsia to Bangkok, Bali, Langkawi, Kuching, Phuket and many more. My experience with AirAsia started many years back even before the re-branding of AirAsia to the current red & white plane and an official low cost carrier.

Even after many journeys with AirAsia, this “made in” Malaysia budget carrier never failed to amazed me. Every time I fly, there is something new & better…it is either a new menu on board, special memento items for sale, seat selection and now the new entertainment on board!

I have just booked myself for my next trip to Gold Coast and this will be my first trip with AirAsia X. I just hope that this long haul budget carrier will keep up the promise of AirAsia and cannot wait to fly in October 08. Just a small comment though on my booking….my husband has inadvertently booked a kid meal for our return flight instead of the international Asian meal. I called up the guest support to request for amendment to the meal but were told that this cannot be done due to system restriction even though the price is the same. Strange! I suppose we just have to bear with the kid meal and probably order another meal while on board.

I hope in future I can book my tour with AirAsia too…then it is really a one stop travel centre. Looking forward to my Gold Coast trip.



  1. Since you mentioned that there is always a new surprise listing at the menu on board. Would you support or vote for a “Yes” to list up a kind of imported excellent quality pastilles total in five (5) real fruity juices which is No. 1 in EU and are sugar free, tooth friendly with a healthy image ~ freshens up breath and clears up throat. Where all of us can enjoy it anytime, anywhere with it’s convenient box size. So would you vote for it?

  2. Hi Mei Ling, when is your departure date to OOL. Let me see how I could assist you with the kid’s meal thingy.

    Vikneswaran T.
    Call Centre

  3. Mei Ling Reply

    Special thanks to Vikneswaran of AirAsia. Managed to resolve the wrongly ordered kid meal! This is really A class customer service. I hope more Malaysian firms would follow the foot steps of AirAsia. Bravo!!!

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