Hi Everyone!!!

AirAsia X really made my wish come true when it offers flight to Gold Coast. It was a memorable experience with its friendly cabin crews and smooth ride for 8 hours of flying.

As I still remember until today, it was a windy and breezy night when I arrived at Coongalatta Airport.

Stayed at ocean view room at Mantra Legend Hotel and it was one block away from the beach. Oh… how lucky I am to be there.

At GC, I took a short round trip. Went to Movie World and got so excited of the theme park. There were many things to do and see. There are 4D Shrek, Scooby Doo and the Gang, took photos with Catwoman, Batman and not forgets Marilyn Monroe. I didn’t get my feet on Lethal Weapon and Superman RollerCoaster.

I went whale watching at the Seaworld Whale Watch. The journey was great and managed to see humpback whales. But I was sea sick. I went to Seaworld after that. I really loved the dolphins and sea lions show and amazed at how intelligent they were.

I even went to Q1 Deck which is considered as the tallest residential building (78 floors) in the world. It was marvelous and breathe taking.

Overall, although it was a short trip but managed to do many things. I went to Alma Park Zoo and saw koalas and kangaroos. I even went to the Conrad casino to try my luck but went back empty handed. 🙂 No big deal because it was lots of fun.

I wished to have the same experience once again in GC and I’m looking forward for many great promotions by AirAsia and AirAsia X. I LUV U as you made my wish come true!!!!!….



  1. Karen Reply

    thank you…. the pictures are nice cos GC is a beautiful place

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