Today was my 1st time viewing Airasia blog. By reading few of the articles from the blogger, I do like to share some experince of Airasia as how I see Airasia growth.

At the begining of Airasia who was lead by Dato Tony(The Great World Class Entreprenuer), Airasia were pretty tough as they were lot of complain of flight delay for more than 7~9 hours and thats no queing system control where everyone were afraid of no sit by rushing to plane to hunt for best seat.

As a frequent flyer of Airasia, I see the growth from the past history of Airasia. A 100% private company(non goverment supported company) growth with the global change & crisis, I’m sincerely salute to Dato Tony of his great leadership toward the company & the country contribution for every ones can fly…with Airasia. Great revenue not just from Airasia but also benefit to the country & peoples of Malaysia. Tourism, transport operator, retailers, food & beverages, Hotels, etc… name it….its really help to lead MALAYSIA to the next lever of wellknown (To some people from other country may not think off Malaysia people are still leave on the tree no more….Ha..ha)

I personally looks good for Airasia group of compamy that’s help to growth the econmy of Malaysia by giving all Malaysian not just a chance to fly but to join the big family as “1 Malaysia” to growth faster & I do believe 1 day…..Dato Tony face & Airasia will appear in the cover page of Forbe or Fortune Magazine.

I still remember 1st time when Airasia offer 0 Fare promotion, the online system were 100% jam. Lucky enough by the end of the day l manage to pre book my 1 year travelling with less than RM 1,000 for 2 times 2 way fly to East Malaysa(plus inland travel tawau, KK, Miri, Bintulu, Kuching), 2 times Penisular Malaysia to Langkawi, Kelantan, Jakarta for 2 person, Bangkok for 2 person. When I share with my friends they find hard to believe me.

I told them, I manage to get less than RM80 for flying to Kuching/miri/kk/tawau/KL. It’s cheaper than taking bus. 11 years before, I went to Bangko/pattaya by flying with Thai airways in a tour group which cost me around RM 750, but after 11 years I still manage to fly to Bangkok/pattaya by Airasia plus local tour package which cost me less than RM700 (Shout funny right!!!)

Believe it, with Airasia; for sure every one of us are affortable to fly. Save the money for next trip with Airasia for more new route to fly.

Really appreciate with Dato Tony who bring us joy for travelling with Airasia


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