Adding on to Riki’s post on the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009, I was there in the evening around 7.00PM to 9.00PM. Here are more pictures taken… Enjoy!

The tiny objects floating in the air are kites! Click on the image for a better view. Overlooking behind is the Putrajaya bridge.

Riki’s favourite hot air balloon floating in the air surrounded by kites!

Well, I prefer the orange balloon instead..

The highlight of the night is the “Night Glow”, where the hot air balloons are lighted randomly..

The place is overcrowded with visitors, especially photographers. Look! Everyone is trying to get a shot of the hot air balloons.. Hmm, pointing their super huge DSLR cameras. =p Maybe it’s time for me to replace my handphone camera to… Haha..

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  1. Cool pics, Carrin. I like the mini balloon in last picture. The pink elephant remind me the pink flamingo 🙂

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